I Redesigned My Tumblelog: A Brooklyn Art Critic’s Notebook

… and I’m starting to wonder if I should ditch WordPress in favor of Tumblr for my personal site. I’m undecided but I’m leaning toward Tumblr.

My personal blog shouldn’t have to be as involved as an institutional site like Hyperallergic and right now in the WordPress format it feels a little like a burden.

It’s called “An Art Critic’s Notebook.”

4 responses to “I Redesigned My Tumblelog: A Brooklyn Art Critic’s Notebook”

  1. houri Avatar

    Hrag, this looks awesome! I’m still trying to experiment with Tumblr! You are truly a trendsetter!

  2. libhomo Avatar

    I like this one better than the Tumblr thing, but I’m kind of old fashioned about this I guess.

  3. Paddy Johnson Avatar

    Most media personalities just use tumblr.

  4. […] I Redesigned My Tumblelog: A Brooklyn Art Critic’s Notebook http://hragvartanian.com/2010/07/17/redesign-tumblelog/ […]

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