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A painting by David Pettibone
A painting by David Pettibone at Greenpoint Open Studios 2010
  • This is too good. In Japan, Jersey Shore‘s title is “Jersey Shore: The New Jersey Life of Macaronia A–holes” #
  • I’m really enjoying @Adnan_Z_Manjal‘s tweets that are criticizing and assessing this season’s fashion collections. #
  • I fuckin’ hate lazy artists. Though I love all the others. #
  • Where is that? Chelsea? Wall Street? Central Park? NuMu? Your studio? Your own mind? #confused // RT @Powhida: Into the heart of darkness. #
  • Maybe I should tweet name of artists who list their studios as open during Greenpoint Open Studios & when I get there they aren’t. #shaming #
  • What we need is online civics. Though talking about “civics” to Americans can sometimes be a nightmare. #readyforbacklash #

Tweets from Greenpoint Open Studios 2010

End of Greenpoint Open Studios

  • Photo: Possibly worst graff ever? (Leonard & Metropolitan) #
  • I guess I need to submit it here. Thanks, Tim! // @tmccool: @hragv #
  • Photo: This spot on Grattan is ALWAYS a favorite. The “unofficial street art museum” of Bushwick. #
  • My new word of the day: Mezcalier. #
  • I’m at the hottest bar in Bushwick: Mandie’s. #
  • If you don’t know … Mandie’s is the coolest art piece in NY right now. #
  • I just discovered a Sasquatch gloryhole. OMG. And yes it is art. #
  • Really enjoyed Greenpoint Open Studios this past weekend. Specifically impressed w artists who were so open to bloggers & tweeters. #GOS2010 #
  • Pics from last Saturday Nuit Blanche in Brooklyn: via @hyperallergic #
  • John Cage “Silenced” on YouTube? by @chaykak Do the composer’s aesthetics transfer online? #
  • Enter NOW & Win Tickets to the MoMA Premiere of @Art21?s “William Kentridge: Anything is Possible” #
  • What Does Facebook’s New Photo Viewer Mean for Artists Online? #
  • At Assoc of Professional Art Advisors’s “9 Lives: What’s Next for the Art Market” @ Matthew Marks. Curious what will be discussed. w @Veken #
  • Now @lindsaypollock asked panelists to grade art market to in scale of 1=1990 — 10=2008. 2 people said 6.5. #
  • Todd Levin days he’s hearing more & more artists calling him desperate to sell work cuz spouse ill or someone loses job, studio threatened… #
  • James Cohan says there’s lots of discussion among dealers about what prices they should charge. Should they peg them to auction prices, etc. #
  • Cohan says talking to art advisories often more useful than talking to other dealers. Cuz dealers aren’t always candid w one another. #
  • Pollock mentioned Lehman auction last week had Hirst est at 800k-1.2m & bidding didn’t go past 280k. Sothebys said they sold it 4 days later #
  • Panel says not a good time to buy Hirst. #
  • It feels like I’m at a stock advisor meeting. Kind of surreal. #artascommodity #
  • Todd Levin says it’s the gallerists job to make sure auction prices are good. Cohan says he sees auctions as an “opportunity.” #
  • VIP Art fair. Cohan says Mary Boone signed up today & she’s the 90th (or did he say 9th?) to sign up. #
  • Cohan says he doesn’t advise buying art w/out seeing but 45% of stiff we buy today is somehow online related. He says collectors r diverse. #
  • Sorry I had to laugh after my last tweet. Collectors are diverse?!? LOOOOOOOOLLLLL #thisisgood #
  • Question to Michele Quinn. Are people buying art online? She said while working in Vegas she was geographically challenged & needed to. #
  • Cohan says art on Internet no different than having a catalogue sent to your home. #
  • Panelist Michele Quinn, art advisor, says “New York art world is about perception.” Also discovering that not everything happening here (NY) #
  • Quinn says Las Vegas, where she’s from, 50 years behind LA in terms of art. #
  • Cohan says his brother who runs his Chinese operation speaks fluent Mandarin, they Skype chat all the time. Chinese timid buying Western art #
  • Half of Cohan’s clients in China are in Beijing, other half in Hong Kong, Shanghai & Korea. #
  • Cohan says Chinese clients remind him of his aunt. They all ask why he doesn’t have a child. #
  • Todd Levin makes fun of Dan Colen show or does he like it? I’m not sure. Very strange. #
  • They asked panel for shows they recommend. Following have come up. Group show at Wallspace, McCracken show, An Le at Hauser & Wirth… #
  • I have to say that @lindsaypollock is a good moderator. Though I want her to ask Cohan something biting. #
  • Q: Do u consider what u do curating? A: There’s curatorial sensibility. Not about closing deal but building something w personal meaning. #
  • Levin says he’s not an artist so when he curates he reviewed he doesn’t care. Then relates a bad review on blog story. #
  • Levin says that reviews don’t impact his private client business. So he doesn’t care. #
  • A dealer asks about the fact that auction houses are undercutting dealers (thru private deals) cuz they only take 10% unlike dealers. #
  • No real answer but Levin says advantage of auction houses is that they have access to all collectors & global ones …unlike galleries. #
  • Cohan says you can’t an artist reputation on 1 gallery shows, eventually always go beyond one gallery if artist is to become successful. #
  • Audience asks re: new dynamics in auction vs galleries. Advisor says I’m good times auction hses do great! In bad, private deals dominate. #
  • Quinn says there is better art inventory in private sale than auction right now. #
  • Cohan says that people should approach auction houses because they have ability to make deals as much as gallerists. Hmmm… #
  • Q: Isn’t it impossible to cover world since it’s getting so big? A: Cohan says art market already decentralized. People should b specialists #
  • Cohan mentioned there are art auctions in Sweden where artists getting 500k prices and we haven’t heard of them in NY. #
  • Banks aren’t back in art market but they are financing people’s private collections. #
  • First Facebook reference of evening. #
  • Cohan says there is no ecommerce on VIP fair site and 18-20 works per dealer & work will be presented online in relative scale to real size. #
  • Once VIP fair client interested they connect w dealer. They can iChat, Skype, screen share. #
  • IMHO VIP art fair is a computer program foe people who don’t know how to use web. #
  • And it’s done. Hope you all enjoyed! #
  • Amazing collection of protest signs from last Sat’s progressive protest in DC, by @epsteinian #
  • Holy crap, @artfagcity is only $147 from achieving her goal via Kickstarter! GIVE NOW! #
  • Oh Mayer, you’re so wrong. John Mayer: Nobody on Twitter creates ‘lasting art’ #
  • Oh @kanyewest, what can’t you do?! // RT @hyperallergic: Kanye West’s Online Aesthetic Invasion by @chaykak: #
  • Deconstructing Google’s logo (pic) #
  • What a stressful day. Looking forward to the Schroeder Romero Shredder opening tonight in Chelsea. On my way now! #
  • Did you enter yet!? // Win Tickets to the MOMA Premiere of Art21?s “William Kentridge: Anything is Possible” #
  • Photo: My name according to Starbucks today. 🙂 #
  • Aww… //@felixsalmon: @Powhida/@TylerGreenDC piece just arrived from framer & I LOVE it! Proud to be its new owner! #
  • The Next New Thing? 2010 Greenpoint Open Studios (pics & commentary) #gos2010 #
  • Evil whose name we must not speak…or play // Representational Politics, Video Games & War via @hyperallergic #
  • At @MuseumModernArt‘s AbEx show. Curators chatting about the era. #
  • Who doesn’t love Barnett Newman? Esp @MuseumModernArt‘s collection! #
  • Debating with @chaykak whether the @MuseumModernArt‘s or NGA’s Rothko’s are better. #
  • AbEx photos precursor 2 street art photo ex @lunaparknyc @foodofthefuture @JakeDobkin A Siskind, Chicago 27 (’60) #
  • More I see of Isamu Noguchi, more impressed I am! Detail of “Even the Centipede” (’52) wood new each installation #
  • This sculpture deserves many books & articles written about it…a film? Noguchi’s “Stone of Spiritual Understanding” (1962) @MuseumModernArt #
  • Poor Mark Tobey. How did he become so marginalized in AbEx? So sad. Mark Tobey, “Edge of August” (1953) #
  • The short films by New Zealander Len Lye is a breath of fresh air in The Club gallery. #
  • Is anyone else having problems with the @twitter button on their blog? The counts don’t show up properly on our blogazine. #
  • Isamu Noguchi’s “My Pacific (Polynesian Culture)” (1942) & Louise Nevelson’s “Sleeping Figure” (1950) look great #
  • That last tweet I sent out 2 hrs ago but disappeared from my twitterfeed, showed up retweeted by @LNFoundation via @Echofon…what happened? #
  • Dear Twitter, I’m not happy with you today. Everything feels buggy. #
  • Someone needs $ // @artnetdotcom: NY Post: Adam Lindeman selling 14 works at Phillips in London next week #
  • What I wish @Tumblr had… #
  • My thoughts on the Marc Newson show at @Gagosian // Designed to Move #
  • 4 Serious Republican Presidential Candidates & Authors on Fox News Payroll – A Politico article recently… #
  • Sign up for @Hyperallergic‘s newsletter & win tix to @MuseumModernArt premiere of @Art21?s Kentridge film #
  • How Pat Tillman’s War-time Death Was Used as War Propaganda – Pat Tillman‘s brother Richard Tillman appeared… #
  • OMG, I think I just found another amazing piece for #thesocialmedia #
  • Best moment of the night at Like the Spice gallery. #
  • OMG, best night Eva at Like the Spice gallery! Great show. #
  • Art Work Attacked in Colorado Museum via @hyperallergic #
  • In caase you missed it, art attacker says it was for religious reasons // Art Work Attacked in Colorado Museum [UPDATED] #
  • Why would someone subscribe to a newsletter & then mark it as spam when it arrives? #
  • You’re good. / RT @epsteinian: @hragv confused rage? boredom? puzzling. #

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    Cohan’s comments are interesting – hear more when he speaks at “Collect+Art+Delete: e-commerce and the art market” tonight at 6:30pm at FIT:

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