Links & Comments (2010-10-16)

Some “street writing” found north of McCarren Park
  • Does Park51 Architecturally “Sanitize” Islam? #
  • Tonight’s Brooklyn Rail’s 10th Anniversary party. I’m on my way. #
  • My interest in ideas related to art schools = almost zero #
  • What a prick // NY Gov hopeful Carl Paladino blasts gays: ‘Nothing to be proud of in being a dysfunctional homosexual” #
  • “Duke Fuck List” vs. Tracey Emin via @hyperallergic #
  • Now we know they care when you provide good graphics! // RT @Powhida: @hragv when common people fuck, no one cares. Get that girl on Bravo. #
  • Canadian Thanksgiving plans w/ @veken. Fatty ‘Cur in the Burg! #
  • Some really hilarious women’s shoes, incl one that looks like you stepped in gum. #
  • Greed…I mean, agreed //@MarcDSchiller: By taking down Banksy’s YouTube clip Fox destroying all + buzz for Simpsons that came in last 24 hrs #
  • I was interviewed last week – via email – by Alan Lupiani and here’s the resulting blog post. #
  • Announcing the Winners of the “William Kentridge” Film/DVD @Art21 Contest via @hyperallergic #
  • Chinese Artist Bleeds For Democracy [NSFW] via @hyperallergic #
  • Didn’t he also show @ Mitchel-Inness last season? /@lindsaypollock: Zach Feuer to represent painter Joe Bradley w Canada. They’ll share him! #
  • The G train sign that we are all expecting one day: #
  • Pics still etched in brain. Goes to show perf.s need good documentation. // Chinese Artist Bleeds For Democracy [NSFW] #
  • The only thing I really like about midtown is men who wear elegantly tailored suits. There aren’t tons but the good ones are great! #
  • Just found more great art for #TheSocialGraph … dude, this is going to be fun! #
  • Discussing w @rudyhuxtable & @chaykak that online experience of @MuseumModernArt‘s Abramovic exhib = more intimate, felt “closer” than IRL. #
  • Photo: And today Starbucks finally spells my name right! #
  • I love great art conversations that excite my brain. Just got great insight into early net art. #
  • Photo: One of the picturesque alleys of TriBeCa I rarely get to see. #
  • Author doesn’t pick up on difference between graff & street art // Graffiti Art Earns New Respect in Moscow – #
  • Who wants to join me to protest everything Rabbi Yehuda Levin ever does from now on? #bigotsgetoutofmyneighborhood #
  • I’m so excited I want to explode! #
  • We just got the new Apple TV & look how much smaller it is compared to the previous one. WOW! #
  • Started as photo essay of @Guggenheim‘s Classicism show but—SURPRISE—I had a lot to say // When Modernism Ruled Europe #
  • I’m very proud of this! // Update on Watercolor “Graffiti” Artist #
  • Agreed, @konradprojects. @julieannetorres rocks. You should tweet her your support for the crazy graff court case! #
  • Just curious. Is anyone still using foursquare? I stopped. #
  • RT @artfagcity: Required reading. // @melissagira: Political Memo: “Whore” Is No “N-Word” #thingsIneverthoughtIdlinkto #
  • You’ll Be Able To Watch President Obama’s Town Hall Without Leaving via @techcrunch #
  • Regarding foursquare // RT @NDriskell: @hragv I use it in restaurants to get free food, but that’s about it. #
  • Turns out MIT had its own Fuck List in 1977! // RT @artbystander: @hragv check it out: MIT Had Its Own via @deadspin #
  • Hamburgers: The Economics of America’s Favorite Food: #
  • What art critics are saying about @MuseumModernArt’s “Abstract Expressionist New York” exhibition? #
  • Kyle (@chaykak) tries to make sense of Art Review’s 2010 Power 100 using graphs #
  • Talking about the use of Twitter in the arts community. But the restaurant is so loud I can’t hear anything. Oy! #
  • Just thinking how awesome @Guggenheim is going to look w Chaos & Classicism on display inside & videos for #YouTubePlay on the facade. WOW! #

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    Congrats on the Rail’s anniversary party.

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