Links & Comments (2011-01-08)

Chew on Roebling

  • Storefront’s Jason Andrew admitted he’ll be taking off his shirt for last minute visitors. Geez, he’ll do anything to drum up collectors. #
  • The Storefront New Years day event is great. Lots of art, people, coffee, & strudel. #
  • Kevin Curran’s “Keg Stand” (2010) at Storefront seems fitting for New Years Day. #
  • A view of the @metmuseum lobby today. #
  • N9th & Roebling, layer of new work #
  • I’m glad I finally got to see the Paul Thek retrospect at @WhitneyMuseum. Everything he did went against the grain of trends. #
  • Adore this is in #rank stream // @AskTheQuran: #Islam does not look on #humans #race, #gender #rank or #nationality #
  • Those early Paul Thek meat boxes are pretty cutting edge. He foreshadows a lot of what was to come. #
  • I like the sound of that // @Powhida: @hragv religion without people might actually work! #
  • Just in case you didn’t know, @chaykak is heading @hyperallergic for few more days while I’m on staycation. He’s doing great, isn’t he? #
  • Finally some insight into who is actually playing Farmville. Inmates. #
  • Heat is still on @MOCALosAngeles & Jeffrey Deitch // Artists & Veterans Protest Deitch at MOCA Geffen #
  • Agreed, people should voice their opinion! // RT @vandalog: It’s awesome to see people taking to the streets to protest. #
  • Chew on Roebling #
  • #
  • Disturbing insight into @SenJohnMcCain by biographer (@Cliffschecter): “He’s not a statesman, nor has he ever been” #
  • Is America Ready to Confront Its Artistic Taboos? via @hyperallergic #
  • A new Japanese mini-mart just opened on N9th between Bedford & Driggs and I’m in heaven. #
  • I love his reasoning // @Adnan_Z_Manjal: This is whack: RT @NewsSaudi: #Saudi man first to divorce wife via Twitter – #
  • Agreed, just good to get the juices flowing in the AM // RT @Powhida: @joygarnett this discussion isn’t very good or helpful. #
  • Merry Armenian Christmas everyone, if you haven’t bought me anything, don’t worry there’s still time! #
  • Some thoughts by @chaykak w tweets from this AM by many of you // Ben Davis Sez Art Criticism Isn’t Dead, Just Maimed #
  • Funny I did few months ago. // @museumnerd: Just had long chat with an artist on pros & cons of being contestant on #WorkofArt Tough call. #
  • Wow, no one has wished me happy Armenian Christmas, except @chaykak. You’re all a bunch of decadent heathens!!! #
  • Welcome a new LA-based writer to @hyperallergic, @hydeordie! // Eli Broad Museum is the Target Superstore of the Future #
  • Glad Kardashians gets it /@translator82: @KimKardashian I love gaghant babba!! ?Shnoravor surpt dznunt my fellow armos! #ArmenianChristmas #
  • Go, Chris! // @garsevanian: just found out I was appointed as Glendale’s newest Commissioner on Status of Women! Getting sworn in a 4! #
  • Hiring people feels good. Yeah for good things! #
  • Little know fact: I own a religious tee & wearing today 4 Xmas. Helping afflicted is best of Christianity IMHO. #
  • Did you know that Starbucks has a separate logo in Saudi Arabia? I didn’t: #
  • Not sure what I think of the fashion choice of the woman on the left. Hmmm…oh, Billyburg you’re so complex. #
  • Nights best line. Friend turns 2 waitress, says “Ur pretty, there’s so many ugly people in NY.” She says, “I c u’v been drinking hater-ade.” #

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