Links & Comments (2011-01-29)

Best I "Star of David" Jew York I've seen in ages

  • Today, @Veken & I are traveling around w our anthropologist. She joined us meeting @starwarmodern, @brainpicker & @jlamontagne for a drink. #
  • Everyone should have a personal anthropologist to avoid faux pauxs. You never know when you’re going to step into unknown cultural mores. #
  • Prediction: anthropologists are the new therapists. #
  • Yo @Powhida, Just saw your art work in a bar in the Woolworth Bldg. #
  • Our anthropologist just left us, that was a tiring session. #anthropologustarethenewtherapistsbutyoudonthavetopaythemsotheyrebetter #
  • Sometimes I wonder if words alone are arcane. #
  • Jon Jackson’s LA billboards are pretty fantastic. Talk about leaving with a bang. #
  • This is my dream come true. Jersey Shore goes to Italy? @heartasarena @joygarnett #
  • Now this is a spin class I’d take // Damien Hirst Leading Spin Class at Davos #
  • The @NewMuseum‘s Condo show looks pretty awesome // First Look: George Condo Unveiled at New Museum #
  • Fil eunder: posters I really really want. This one from Yee-Haw Industries, “I’m the OTHER kind of Socialist.” #
  • How I’m watching the State of the Union address with @Veken. #
  • Hoping Obama announces Brooklyn can become its own republic. Yes We Can… #SOTU #
  • That Dow Jones graph in enhanced online version was cool. Graphics are pretty awesome but a little too PowerPoint. #SOTU #
  • If I was an artist I’d aspire to design Obama’s lapel pin // @cmonstah: Washington: Keeping the tacky lapel pin industry alive. #SOTU #
  • I miss her, too // @TwoCoats: I miss Nancy Pelosi #sotu #
  • Europe is great but how much do I care about what they think about the Wojarowicz/Smithsonian story? Zero. #
  • Oh look, @chaykak pretending to work. #
  • Did anyone think that it was a bad sign that all the media sponsors of the VIP *ONLINE* art fair were only print publications? #
  • You should def check out @scotinoz‘s book if you’re into #streetart “Melbourne Street Art From Artists’ Point of View” #
  • Regarding @BrooklynMuseum‘s upcoming “Tipi” show—which sounds awesome—I really they should have a family move in. #
  • Dear @BrooklynMuseum, will you allow me to sleep in your Tipi? I would LOOOVE that. #
  • A show worth checking out this Friday at @MuseumModernArt // Performance Art Through the Lens #
  • In 1998, I lived in Beirut until September, went to Yerevan to make an experimental short film, & moved to NYC. #
  • In 1998, I did ecstasy in a Syrian souk shopping for a kelim, kissed a guy in a bar full of Hezbollah & visited Krak de Chevalier. #goodyear #
  • I.Must.Have.Now. // Ai Weiwei Sunflower Seeds at Sotheby’s: $120,000, Chinese “Fakes”: $.25 #
  • Go @NYCLU! // US Photogs Now Free to Photograph Public Space, Federal Buildings #
  • This snow rocks. I’m really loving this month. #
  • Funny report from Jeff Koons/Damien Hirst/Olafur Eliasson Davos event // WTF is ModernARTization at Davos? by @black_von #
  • How to know you’re a dilettante: you think art isn’t about life. #
  • “See through Sham Populists – Vote Progressive!” by @lunaparknyc #
  • These photos are gorgeous // No Vacancy in Vintage Vegas by @missmaro #
  • Happy to see protests in Egypt but hope Islamic fundamentalists—who are strong there—don’t use this as opportunity to seize control. #Jan25 #
  • The Facebook Setting You Should Change as Quickly as Possible #
  • It was fun! // @elbowtoe: Busy morning clarifying my answers in interview @hragv did for my upcoming book. Time for lunch, then collaging. #
  • Al-Jazeera: Is the Egyptian Museum Under Threat? via @hyperallergic #
  • Quick, someone check if CNN’s lede on Egypt protests is that some pop singer just canceled an Egypt concert or something. #
  • Unbelieveable // @writepudding: Haunting infographic explains how people (women) get stoned in Iran: #
  • Obama is now speaking about the Egyptian protests & says that they have some “universal” right incl. assembly & speech. #Jan25 #

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