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Bäst gets a cat hood on Roebling

  • Suspicious of Hawass report about looting at Nat’l Museum. He’s part of gov’t & wants to portray image of gov’t as source of safety. #Jan25 #
  • These images make my heart break // @hyperallergic: Breaking: Images of Egyptian Museum Damage #
  • Holy shit, Hyperallergic is on the frontpage of the Guardian. I’m going to have a coronary. #
  • We have over 1,000 on @Hyperallergic website right now & this is where they are coming from. US, Poland, UK, Spain… #
  • I’ll 3rd. Haven’t watch but can’t wait /@artfagcity: 2nd that /@cmonstah: @TwoCoats nice TedX talk. thanx 5 mention! #
  • More Shocking News // Former Egyptian Museum Director Says Looting Inside Job, Fire Danger Over, Memphis Museum Looted #
  • You gotta give it to them, that they give good “ad” // Mr. Brainwash…or Banksy Storming Oscars on La Brea? /@markbilly8 #
  • LOL // @SultanAlQassemi: Al Jazeera: NDP member says “millions of Egyptians want Mubarak to stay, they don’t need to come out on the street” #
  • True // @thebenstreet: Genuinely hard to tell difference between vandalised Egyptian statue & old Egyptian statue, eg: #
  • Just spoke to @DannyRamadan in Cairo, his post for Hyperallergic is awesome & it goes live tomorrow 8am EST. #
  • Ran into a neighbor who thought we had moved because we had changed our wifi network name. She didn’t recognize the new one. #21stCproblems #
  • A first-hand account from Tahrir Sq by @DannyRamadan // @hyperallergic: Art and Revolution During the Egyptian Protests #
  • As a big Flickr user, not sure what to make of this // At Flickr, Fending Off Rumors and Facebook – #
  • Quote by @mikeelk on HuffPo’s “corporatist style” that “always favors big business &…elite voices” #
  • Dear @RobertMackey, I can’t find a way to contact you via your website. I have a correction for the link to @Hyperallergic. #
  • I think it’s funny that a link from FOX Nation sent us more traffic today than a link on NY Times. #lifeisstrange #
  • In other news, a link from a Polish paper brought us 3 times more traffic than front page of Guardian this past weekend #mediaisachangin #
  • Wow, looks like Artinfo using fake datelines for articles. Unless, they have their reporters in Egypt. Doubt it. #
  • Wow, looks like Artinfo using fake datelines for articles. Their NY writers are using “Cairo” datelines. #
  • Sad news // Pyramids of Giza Reportedly Damaged via @hyperallergic #
  • New pics by @DannyRamadan, also explaining his attack // In Photos: Walking in Cairo During a Revolution #Jan25 #Egypt #
  • National dictators, I mean leaders, shouldn’t talk about themselves in the third person. Just sounds crazy. #Jan25 #Egypt #
  • The last photos taken by @DannyRamadan before he was forced to leave // Saying Goodbye to Egypt #
  • What I love about Twitter is that you are exposed to variations of English & local expressions from around the world. #globalvillage #
  • Unverified Tweets: Egyptian Museum On Fire Keeping up with Egyptian Museum news @Hyperallergic #Jan25 #
  • Infographic: Social Media & Unrest in #Egypt #
  • This took me forever but it’s done! All Creative Commons images //Flickr Images from Revolutionary Cairo #Jan25 #Egypt #
  • The Daily is a good idea but kinda lame. I hope they make surfing it much faster. #norevolutionjustamagazineontheipad #
  • The funniest comment I’ve had on my personal blog is ages #Banksy #
  • Armenian church, northwestern Iran: #
  • Yo @Powhida you’re quoted here // @rwetzler on Angry Art Letters on the Lower East Side #
  • Exactly // RT @Powhida: @hragv Am I a hermaphrodite because I keep fucking myself? #failure #
  • Proud to publish @merelvanbeeren on this important topic /With Founder Gone, What’s Future of Merce Cunningham’s Studio? #
  • Can’t imagine more poetic thing to take place today in Egypt than Silvio Berlusconi voicing support for Hosni Mubarak. #Jan25 #manhasnoshame #
  • I can’t believe people are trying to spin the VIP art fair as a “success” of any type. The whole point was the tech & it wasn’t good. #
  • Re: Berlusconi/Mubarak love-in //@vr_quarksoup: But is their love as strong as Leonid Brezhnev & Erich Honecker? #Jan25 #
  • Are Gawker redesigns hurting the company? Stats suggest Jalopnik’s pageviews are down 25-33%. #blogstuff #
  • Egyptian obsession with pride & fear of looking bad is silly. Hawass says “rumors are aimed at making the Egyptian people look bad” … huh? #
  • Good to know: Starbucks Trenta cup holds an entire bottle of wine. (photo) #
  • It’s up to $4.40! Seems pricey. // Hosni Mubarak for sale on eBay — via @ArtThreat: #Jan25 #Egypt #

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