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Will Ryman sculpture at 59th & Park

  • Things I love. Hans Haacke’s “Ice Stick” (1966) is a tall six-foot refrigerated column. #
  • Sorry artists but the idea of purchasing an “archival inkjet” print does not sound attractive to me in the slightest. #
  • Great point! // RT @rejinl: @hragv I agree, and we need to stop conflating #printmaking and printouts. #
  • Photo: Books make (you) “think” #
  • The infamous Kenneth Cole tweet becomes a street art piece at a Kenneth Cole store in SF’s SOMA district. #
  • Denver Art Museum = A+ // @duanelinklater: wow great concept, “I want to signal that there are artists on this floor,” #
  • Me too // @AlizaySteinberg: I am probably going to sign off of Twitter tonight…cuz …[of] the Superbowl and I could honestly care less. #
  • Trying to like The Daily but it’s too slow & buggy. Thinking I’m over it. #
  • Secret confession, I only want to go to this week’s CAA conference to find out who’s sleeping with who. Any tips? #
  • Don’t blame me, @thebenstreet did it /@starwarsmodern: @hragv ur trying to get my goat. “Why is sculpture so boring?”: #
  • Why hasn’t someone told me about Takashi Kanzaki before? A gay live triangle between two guys & a ghost? I love it trashy. #
  • Might start using it again if I get discount /@hyperallergic: @WhitneyMuseum & @Foursquare Create Ticket-Discount Badge #
  • Taiwanese animators just did AOL buying HuffPo & the part about Arianna Huffington’s bisexual ex-husband is priceless! #
  • The hunger for pizza knows no limits // New York’s 12 Most Extreme New Pizzas #
  • Link: #
  • Join Us Tues @Hyperallergic HQ for Nostalgia for the Net, hosted by @jomc & @melissagira w @ericmortensen & @katiebakes #
  • Blogging as outpost of thoughtful writing… #
  • I don’t think you should read anything @JeremySapienza, just check out the babes on Google Art Project: http:/… (cont) #
  • Best art press release subject line I’ve gotten all day, “Is it highbrow? Is it lowbrow? No, it’s Monobrow!” #LOL #
  • Checking out the Blind Dates show at Pratt Manhattan. Post-Ottoman artistic encounters. #
  • “Navelstone” (2010) by Linda Ganjian & Elif Uras best object. Vibrant. Personal. #
  • At the CAA conference & lots of bad haircuts. Art begins at home, people. #
  • At my 1st #caa2011 session, already heard about non-Western identity, gender, post-colonial remembering, hegemony #
  • More buzz words: decorative, violence of West &non-West, mediated orient, sovereignty, “ceremony of loss” #caa2011 #still1stsession #iamhome #
  • I think I have a crush on the speaker. South Asian women w Anglo-Indian accents who discuss art are hot! Atreyee Gupta, Univ of MN #caa2011 #
  • The Q&A starts out awesome: “theories from the age of empire” used to problematize. #cannotmakethisup #caa2011 #
  • Just heard the crisis in art history talk at @caa2011 – honestly, I have no interest. #chronictopic #
  • To clarify, I just heard about discussion at Crisis in Art History & that it was packed. #stilldonotcare #
  • Not sure how to take that. I’ve avoided CAA stuff post grad school / @TwoCoats: CAA is my sartorial home. #
  • Sorry @MOCALosAngeles Blu censorship not going away // LA Street Artists Not Letting Deitch Off the Hook #streetart #
  • It’s funny how people react when they feel threatened even if they have no reason to be. #
  • WOW! Power to the peopl! // RT @petitemaoiste: #Egypt @hragv #
  • Ok, please don’t let the #Egypt change me a military coup. #Oy #
  • Some good insight into the situation in #Egypt & what the Muslim Brotherhood actually is: #
  • Just got out of Retna opening. That wasn’t an art party but a fashion party. #
  • Word of the Day: Mubarak (an ass that won’t quit) #
  • At copyright & CAA panel. “You don’t have to declare fair use to be covered by it.” #CAA2011 #
  • Btw I’m at the “Copyright, CAA, and the Next Century” talk. #CAA2011 #
  • Learning so much about fair use & art history. Art historians really are the shock troopers of copyright issue. #CAA2011 #
  • “Are artists who refuse permission practicing a form of censorship.” IMHO YES!!!! #CAA2011 #
  • Just met Renaissance scholar from Tufts who when I said I was blogger didn’t think I’d be interested in her work. Boy is she wrong! #CAA2011 #
  • All this intellectual property & copyright discussion at #CAA2011 is amazing. Art historians are so with it. They see the BIG picture. WOOT! #
  • We have misconception that ancient artists were poor & uneducated, which is true. #CAA2011 #
  • Many artists in Ancient Greece were well paid & hailed from rich families. Some were even paid intellectuals. #CAA2011 #nothinghaschanged #
  • There was town in ancient Greece that had copyright on cuisine. When someone invented dish they retained copyright for a year. #CAA2011 #
  • File under: Who knew?! // Salvator Rosa, 17th C artist, tried to break free of patronage of his era. #CAA2011 #
  • Salvator Rosa often made copies of his own work for fame not $$$. He even defended Domenichino’s “copying” of Agostino Carraci. #CAA2011 #
  • Rosa considered himself a master worthy of copying. That’s a good way of looking at it. #CAA2011 #
  • Freedom for #Egypt #
  • Photo: On the L train. First Avenue Station. 6:48pm EST #

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