Links & Comments (2011-03-05)

"Faded Rainbow Contortion" (2011), "Silver Lining Contortion" (2011) and "Obsessive Contortion" (2011)

  • Most of what keeps getting labeled Queer art isn’t all that interesting to me. I got sick of that label after college. #
  • Usually—not always—an excuse for low budgets & badly written scripts. Label is just useless. // @Adnan_Z_Manjal: but worst is “Queer Cinema” #
  • This zapatista dog is adorable. Elizabeth Gilchrist, “Si Se Puede” (2011) at Capricious Space. #
  • Must’ve missed this b4 but there’s “emerging Japanese Artists’ Exhib” at Williamsburg Art & Historical Exhib. #
  • Mai Sakurai “My feelings become a certain someone, & are expressed. It is very vague, uncertain existence.” ummm… #
  • Thomas Broadbent’s “Robots on Shelf” watercolor at Front Room gallery. #bringsoutthenerdinme #
  • Dear artists. How long do you think I should spend at your exhibition before I write a review. #justcurious #
  • Sure // @artbystander: @hragv will you publish the responses to this on @hyperallergic please? It’s a great question! #
  • Great point // @nathanielstern: I think contemporary work needs more reflection than affection. > 30 mins experience, > 3x thinking/writing #
  • Good answer. Cha-ching // @elbowtoe: @hragv I think it depends on how much we pay you 🙂 #
  • Thankfully with you I don’t have to. // @Powhida: @hragv I’m amazed you can spell “brilliant” #
  • Heard tonight is Hogar Collection’s final closing party. It’s sad when an 8 yr space closes. #
  • Saw this piece at 17 Frost tonight. Soo, Jersey Shore. It’s by Moody, I think. #
  • I will // @jmcolberg: @hragv You gotta ask the same question again, but ask critics. #
  • That didn’t take very long for The @Daily to become a right-wing rag. Murdoch’s so-called journos are shitting all over Wisconsin workers. #
  • How did LA survive?!?!? // @writepudding: The Great Snowpocalypse of 2011 in Los Angeles #
  • Classic response // @manbartlett: @hragv But to answer your question, if ur writing about it I expect at least 24 hours. 😉 #
  • I wonder. I’d have to research that // @nateXhill: @hragv has a critic ever been kidnapped by an artist? Oh the possibilites!! #
  • I’m game. RT @nateXhill: You could kidnap him and tape his eyes open for 24hrs clockwork orange style. Torture the critic till they break. #
  • I’m in / RT @manbartlett: .@nateXhill @hragv & make him listen to “9 Beet Stretch.” Though I think this is becoming a new work unto itself. #
  • At the Landing Jam show in Dupont St in Greenpoint. It’s all about spaces of tension. #
  • Whoa // @thegarance: To answer the follow-up q, Andrew Sullivan and team are leaving @TheAtlantic to join Newsweek/Daily Beast. #
  • Pierogi is showing at Armory? Does he always show there? Don’t know why I’m going blank on that one. #
  • Thanks! // RT @artfagcity: Pierogi showed at The Armory last year too. #
  • I think @artfagcity has lost her mind. Her swipe at my twitterfeed to ridiculous. I guess she doesn’t “read” or “see” politics. #
  • Or Margarita Week! #LOL #
  • I really don’t understand. // RT @artfagcity: @hragv Oh hey – that wasn’t meant to be a swipe really. My twitter is the same as yours. #
  • I know what @artfagcity is upset about. I didn’t invite her out for Margarita Week! Paddy, am I gonna have to ask you out on a tequila date? #
  • A kickstarter worth supporting! // After the Financial Collapse, Help Support a Fascinating New Photo Project #
  • Btw, the salad bar at Delmonico’s today was delicious! Though I wish they’d change their brand of olive oil. // ahem @artfagcity #LOL #
  • Though @artfagcity, I think you should be aware that I actually tweet on 3+ other twitterfeeds too. @hyperallergic @araratmag @agbu#
  • Correct version of the Hermann Nitsch review by @ContempExt is up now. Sorry for technical difficulties. #
  • My had a panic attack. We are closing on our new apt in two weeks. I need to pack. ARGH! Can’t wait to hang the art though. #
  • Some new media art just reminds me of Williamsburg 2002. #
  • Umm…scary // elisacarmichael: How cool is this? Mark Jenkins setting up at @VOLTAshow. via @simmyswinder #
  • More creative shows please // The Tension In Between, A Landing Jam in Greenpont /cc @pocketopia #
  • I am over crack. // RT @artfagcity: Me: Are cats over on the web? @wrbrand That’s like asking if people grow tired of handjobs and crack. #
  • The infographic that spoofs infographics: #
  • Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique // @forwardretreat: Poll: Whats ur fav deadline-is-approaching-OMG-I-cannot-drop-this-ball writing music? #
  • I think snail mail is more than dead. Why do I even check my mailbox? It’s all junk mail, every day. #
  • Awesomeness // @indi_gone: @hragv i like sending smail mail. if you dm me your address i will send you a small random surprise 🙂 #
  • It’s official… I need to befriend more old people & mail artists. Tho’ I do get some awesome couriered stuff. #solutiontoboringsnailmail #
  • Go @ggreenwald for calling out the @nytimes for their double standard on the use of the word torture & other things: #
  • So true, you get what you give. // @bklynharuspex: @hragv you could try writing a letter — sometimes that gets you one. #
  • From Armory “Photogs/camera crews must have permission from individ. exhibitors b4 photo…ing artwork & must b accompanied by an Armory…rep.” #
  • I’m hoping that Armory stipulation is a joke. #
  • Getting ready for the beginning of art fair madness. Coffee…check, camera…check, press pass…check, sanity…ummmm… #
  • I’m tweeting over at @Hyperallergic for my time at the @theArmoryShow today. Check it out. #
  • AFC intern Corinna Kirsch decided to masquerade as Robert Mapplethorpe for @theArmoryShow LOL…@artfagcity #
  • And @chaykak chimes in first… Making Sense of the 2011 @theArmoryShow Cacophony #
  • Wondering why @NYTimesFriedman is a douche? Read his column: …now this: …why @nytimes, why? #
  • Some of the lovely modern art on display at @theArmoryShow // 20th C Moderne at the Armory #
  • Some of the lovely modern art on display at @theArmoryShow // 20th C Moderne at the Armory #
  • Means you’re not attending? TOTALLY understand that. RT @HeartAsArena: For @thearmoryshow I’ll be following @hragv‘s lead from last year. #
  • Photo: Malia Jensen’s “Sketch Book for Architects” (2010) at Artware Ed. (Ed. Of 100) @PulseArtFair #
  • Proof of the very sad state of American corporate media. #
  • Ever wonder who those people wandering the fairs are? // Who Goes to New York Art Fairs? Emerging Collectors at Pulse #
  • Sign that you have an ice coffee problem. #
  • He’s soo right. // @artbystander: @hragv think of the environmental wasteland you are contributing to! Get a reusable cup for God’s sake! #
  • You’re right. 360 pics of Madison protests // @drawclose: @hragv I think you’d like this photography of WI protests— #
  • Today is Global Ukelele Day & there’s a party at the Bowery Hotel at 8pm. #whoknew #
  • If you’re around 20 Jay St. may be worthwhile. #
  • The Dependent fair is ridiculously packed. There’s a line outside the hotel. #
  • The Independent wins the “most pretension” award. First fair where people are refusing to be interviewed. #
  • Tommy Dodge at CRG gallery are WOW vibrant. They are painted but almost look like collages. #
  • Tonight, at the Dependent fair I met a guy that I first met on Chatroulette while trying it out with @jomc — that was a first. #

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