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Mommy Issues

  • I love my jobs. #
  • You know you want to see what Brooklyn’s 1st art fair looks like, right? Some pics /Brooklyn’s First Art Fair #
  • Photo: “Liberation from dictatorships ultimately relies on people ability to liberate themselves.” —Street… #
  • #24hClerk My husband said he dreamt he was wandering art fairs of all types. #
  • Today is your last chance to snag a @20×200 New York Art Fair Survival Kit. Tons of great stuff… #
  • Have you seen Olek’s riff off of Banksy’s balloon girl? Pretty funny. @lunaparknyc #
  • Photo: The Amy Lincoln still lifes in the back of Storefront gallery, Bushwick. Not surprised 3 of 5… #
  • Can someone explain why soo many artists don’t label their art works with dates? #
  • LOL…funny // RT @popart84: @hragv some artists believe their art transcends time? #
  • A better view of Amy Lincoln’s small show at Storefront Gallery. Pretty lovely. #
  • I also really liked Thomas Micchelli’s “Bivalves” (2011) up at Centotto gallery in Bushwick. I like the hanging. #
  • If only, mostly irritating // @AlizaySteinberg: @hragv artistic mystery? #
  • Ouch // RT @Q_Raider: @hragv self-centered, faux timelessness #
  • hehe // @CharLi51: NEVER D8. 4 2morrow u wish whatever u did today u’d done BEFORE jerk next to u, who claims they did it last year. #
  • This is the first year I have to pay tax and I don’t get anything back. #hopethisdoesnotbecomeatrend #
  • Ok, our fair coverage is over. I’m exhausted and I want to die. [actually, one final post by @rwetzler on the way 😉 ] #
  • That’s @chaykak‘s post // @Powhida: @hragv I have one comment to make on your blog about Graham Gilmore, he’s got a decade at least on me. #
  • This has @black_von written all over it! // King Phillip IV Signs Autographs at the @MetMuseum #
  • Term JUMP THE SHARK is really inadequate when describing @CharlieSheen please @anamariecox come up w 1. #
  • One of our fav takeout joints told us there’s a shortage of eggplant in NY…he can’t buy any, so no babaganoush & eggplant salad til then. #
  • Sick at home today so anyone have any films or tv shows they’d recommend I watch? #todayisaboutrecovery #
  • Photo: Near Union Square, Manhattan #
  • Got our new @hyperallergic business cards. Sweeeet. #
  • Wow, got my bill & it’s pricey to call Cairo during a revolution. 4.6 minutes = $27.19 + taxes. I wonder if Mubarak’s people got my money. #
  • Things I found in the Surrey Hotel. #
  • And @rwetzler breaks it down // A Populist Attack on the Art World Pulls Punches //cc @Powhida @jen_dalton #
  • I say MORE bike lanes! // How one New York bike lane could affect the future of cycling worldwide. via @guardian #
  • Dear @StephenMarche, I really enjoy your articles but I always sense a darkness in your writing that confuses me. #complexities #
  • Archeologists Criticize Smithsonian Over Java Objects – #
  • Hmmm … thoughts on the “Other” #
  • Tomorrow feels like a major day of transition. We’re doing a walk-thru of our new home. #anxiety #excitement #
  • Last night @veken dreamt of Michelle Obama, the White House & the Superbowl…oy #signsyouaremarriedtoanAmerican #
  • My interview with @AABronson about the General Idea show in Paris // Paris Gets the General Idea #
  • Today, @chaykak introduce me to La Loupe, 2 kids from Oberlin who moved to Beijing & sing folk music in Chinese. #OfcoursetheyarefromOberlin #
  • New apt will be great. Now if the IRS would cooperate & send us the form the bank needs!!!!!! ARGH #
  • On days like today, best thing to watch is “Towering Inferno” (1974). Now, THAT is great symbolism about the demise of Modern architecture. #
  • I can only assume this is art. But is it #streetart ? #
  • How I feel today. via @chaykak #
  • Bring it! … along with your Montanas & Snowmans. // @lunaparknyc: @hragv meet you there at high noon tomorrow and the duel is on! ;p #
  • I’m humbled. // @nateXhill: @hragv Death Bear has done so much. I cannot explain his power. There is nothing he cannot do. #
  • I continue to really enjoy this work of #streetart near our office // Kinetic Street Art Poetry by NohJColey #
  • Enjoying south Williamsburg a lot tonight. This area is experiencing a culture boom. Art. Music. Restaurants. #

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