Links & Comments (2011-04-09)

  • If you haven’t seen @mrtoll‘s newest street sculptures in the Burg, you should. They look straight outta Mario Bros. #
  • flapjack-theking asked: What is your favorite cartoon character? #
  • Looks like people are bringing the statue offerings of Campbell’s Soup // @ToureX: New Warhol statue on Broadway. #
  • Twitter smaller than you think: “There are only 1.5 million accounts on Twitter following 512 or more accounts.” #
  • ! // @chaykak: UPDATE: US State Dept calls for Ai Weiwei’s release, Chinese arrest is “against human rights” #aiweiwei #
  • The Empire State Building is red & white in honor of Japanese disaster relief. #
  • WOW, you can’t make this stuff up / Gauguin attack update! Painting is “homosexual,” attacker is a “CIA operative” #
  • I don’t have internet at home for two weeks and its starting to get to me. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #
  • Yo @kristoncapps, love that commenter called you a Tea Party art critic … LOL — I’m never had that lobbed at me yet. #
  • From what I’m hearing Jeffrey Deitch’s ART FROM THE STREETS at @MOCALosAngeles sounds like its going to be meh & more graff than street art. #
  • I love when people from DC & LA duke it out over art. Kinda funny (read the comments) #
  • Proof that hipsters will inherit the earth. #Libya #hipsters via @felixsalmon #
  • Enjoyed this by @scotinoz // @hyperallergic: Australian Millionaire’s Museum Tries Something New (And Old) #
  • Good ol’ @chaykak takes a gander at & reviews @MuseumModernArt‘s iPad App for catalogues. #
  • Just got an email w following footer, “I try to check my email twice a day—at 10am & 3pm. If ur request is urgent…give me a call instead.” #
  • #FreeAiWeiwei / @hyperallergic: Ai Weiwei Watch: Post-Arrest Studio Photos, Economic Crimes #
  • I #
  • I’m impatiently waiting for @kristoncapps‘s list of artists he would rather have China arrest other than Ai Weiwei. #
  • It wasn’t a mistweet, I was tweeting about an Anne Truitt column 😉 // RT @wrbrand: mistweets captured in shame forever RT @hragv: I #
  • Photo: STICKER IN THE ‘BURG — I’m guessing JD is LA MOCA director Jeffrey Deitch, and the sticker is about… #
  • That’s friggin’ hilarious! // @lunaparknyc: @hragv Curly sez, “Hrag Vartanian is the most important street ar… (cont) #
  • Shameless pimpin’ for his spouse 😉 // RT @Powhida: Full disclosure, my wife has excellent ceramics in this show. #
  • I’m interviewing Roger Gastman a co-curator of LA MOCA’s Art in the Streets today. Is there any questions you’d like me to ask him? #
  • My interview with @RogerGastman regarding @MOCALosAngeles‘s Art in the Streets show & his new #graffiti book: #
  • It’s always a good thing when the US gov’t averts being overthrown by right-wing extremists. #

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