Links & Comments (2011-06-04)


  • Fast starts tomorrow. Today I don’t feel so good 🙁 //RT @veken: @hragv didn’t even last 1 hour on his 3 day FAST. #notsofast #
  • I’m sad // Pioneer Spoken-Word Musician Gil Scott-Heron Dead #
  • Def worth a read // ‘Art in the Streets’: MOCA’s ‘Art in the Streets’ overlooks L.A. history – by @KnightLAT #
  • NY Times’s Stelter: In Joplin, Mo. ‘my best reporting was on Twitter’ #
  • All the zombies are in Williamsburg tonight for the NYC Zombie Walk. #ilovezombies #
  • Fast. day two. I’m still alive. #
  • Great overview by @anxiaostudio starts today! // Time for the Western Art World to Join Chinese Social Media? Part 1/3 #
  • Leave it to @natexhill to push the boundaries of race, gender and commodification in art. // Milk Does a White Body Good #
  • Chinese is the first language I want to learn because of the cool stuff I’m missing by not knowing it. #
  • Cutest (and most encouraging) thing eva. via @mfortki #
  • A fascinating look at tech in Ethiopia today // The Unconquered Nation, Crippled By Bureaucrats #
  • Pew survey: 13% of online adults use Twitter – That’s up from the 8 percent of online adults who identified… #
  • The Facebook you vs the real you: #
  • I just had 2 large art works I’ve had in storage for ages delivered to our home. So excited to see them up. #pleasuresofart #
  • The Mail Art we’re receiving now is getting really really meta. #
  • Awesome video of Allora & Calzadilla’s “Gloria” (2011) at @USPavilion11 //@hyperallergic: Is America Tanking in Venice? #
  • Yes, it’s 2011. Allora & Calzadilla’s tank has a twitter acct. & just RT’d me //@USATankGloria: Tanks for the mention! / #

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