Links & Comments (2011-06-11)

A wise Overunder quote

  • And we’re off for #BOS11 … expect some tweetage and check for posts during the day! #
  • I’m living on the edge. Accidentally are a hazelnut. #iamadork #
  • Video: Andy Jordan’s “You + Me” (2011) At 319 Scholes, Brooklyn, part of the NYU Tisch ITP Program thesis… #
  • My imagination went wild w this one. Looks like an owl wiping up after giving rim job to a cat. #itishotouthere #BOS11 #
  • Boris Raisin’s “Godzilla Does Right” (2011) at Nurture Art. #BOS11 #
  • This one studio has an open liquor bar for visitors. Where the hell am I? Poor artists? Yeah, right. #
  • The historic 18th C Onderdonk house has a sculpture garden for #BOS11 Come check out this off-the-beaten-path gem. #
  • Book sculpture by Carrie Carino #BOS11 #
  • The view from the Bushwick Lit fair panel arts writing panel. #bos11 #
  • Street art is starting to become a very vocal enemy of dictators. Love it. // Anti-Gaddafi Street Art Pops Up in Libya #
  • An incredible interview by @_artmachine // Robert J. Lang On Origami, Sarah Morris Lawsuit #
  • What a great line: “Early in the 20th C, e e cummings was as hot against materialist society as only a poet li… (cont) #
  • Yo @ARTnewsmag, you must be doing well if I can’t find a copy of June issue in midtown Manhattan. Rizzoli is already sold out of it! #
  • Lots of questions about Gay Girl in Damascus and her “disappearance” #
  • The biggest (and perhaps only) reason Storify sucks is because it suffers from ugly. #
  • Hope to see you Friday // Come by @Hyperallergic HQ this Friday during #WalkaboutNYC #
  • LOL: “Walking along…High Line, it’s almost possible to hear property values rising” // Tour of High Line’s NEW Sec 2 #
  • The #mailart show that @kwadkins are I are planning is going to be awesome. We just went over the exhibition design and I’m loving it. #
  • Sweet mention of #TheSocialGraph in @ARTnewsmag // Social Media Art’s Social Revolution #
  • Good goal // @museumnerd: Goal for day: Learn to pronounce Apichatpong Weerasethakul His @newmuseum show is great! #
  • If I ever move to suburban, I want something like this // Eyebrow House Takes Suburbia Into the Space Age #
  • I am bored. #killmenow #
  • This story is very bizarre // WI Gov Replaces Multi-culti Painting With Civil War-era Work #
  • I’m at a meeting. Where are you? // @AntiPainter: @hragv I’m bored too. #killusboth #
  • Huffington Post passes NYT in web traffic – WOW … The Huffington Post had more unique visitors (35.6… #
  • The fact I write & look at art during the day usually means I’m overstimulated. Guess I shouldn’t be surprised I’ve trouble falling asleep. #
  • Wow, Alabama is a hot bed of xenophobic crazies. Who knew!? </sarcasm> #
  • Best line heard tonight on N6th: “I don’t fuck you so I don’t know how you get it in.” #

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