Links & Comments (2011-06-25)

Two aliens

  • Last night’s festivities at @hyperallergic HQ // And the Envelope Please…pics from “Presents” Mail Art Opening – #
  • At a rooftop wedding in the West Village. Lovely! // cc @nriggle #
  • This is pretty darn picturesque. #
  • An interesting view of Palazzo Chupi & the Richard Meier condos on the West Side. #
  • Just had to explain to someone that David LaChapelle & Robert LePage are not the same person. #mygooddeedoftheday #
  • Tweet back at ya // @tavit: Tweet #graspingfortwitterrelevance #
  • The new East River Ferry seems super popular. Check out that line. #
  • Public Assembly is having a community book swap today. Cool idea. #
  • We’ve already sold 60, get yours before they run out! // @hyperallergic: Only 20 PRESENTS mail art zines left! #
  • I’m sure why I never noticed how serene McGorlick Park is. Birds chirping, Polish people lounging, wild lawns, dense canopy of trees. #
  • Wait. Now I’m itching. Fuck nature. #concretenotplants #
  • Bradley Manning is a hero! #
  • Only 3 copies of the mail art zine left! Don’t say I didn’t warn you… #
  • Video: Jon Stewart vs. Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday #worthwatching #
  • So true // @museumnerd: Congrats on breaking 1000 followers today to a great art writer and one of the nicest people I know: @heartasarena #
  • Being at Barnes Foundation is pretty fantastic. It can also feel dizzying and suffocating. #
  • I was most disappointed by the Chardins at the Barnes. They were just alright, but I guess no one goes there for those. #
  • I’m dying to know the story behind this // Brooklyn Museum Nixes Street Art Show – #
  • Ouch. I know people who disagree. Still have to see it myself. // @artbystander: @hragv It’s not a secret. Art in the Street sucked. #
  • BREAKING: Ai Weiwei Released on Bail via @hyperallergic #
  • Geez, it’s gray out there. // @starwarsmodern: The average color of the New York City sky, updated every 5 minutes: #
  • Pass the @DreamAct now! // Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist Jose Antonio Vargas Reveals He Is An Illegal Immigrant #
  • NYTimes asks its readers to identify Nazi-era photo album and get’s the answer in less than a day! #
  • If all goes well I’ll be live on Al Jazeera English at 5:30p (15 min). You cab watch here: #
  • Make that possibly sooner // if all goes well I’ll be live on Al Jazeera English at 5:30p (15 min). You cab watch here: #
  • Thanks, James // @wagnerblog: @hrag of @hyperallergic on Al Jazeera discussing current #ai ?? (cont) #
  • OMG…nothing is a reality check like hearing that one of your friends was robbed in the lobby of his apt bldg & stabbed 3x in the leg. #
  • Read this &her next tweets/ @alexiskmanheim: Thinking about how the quality of light unique to a certain place can be as evocative as scent. #
  • This is the second time I’ve heard this in a week // @_rosiegray: Everyone go buy tix to sleep no more IMMEDIATELY #
  • What if some critics aren’t looking in the right places? // The Art Kids Are Not Alright – #
  • Nothing like nastiness to spoil your mood. #
  • My take on #NOS // A Hot and Colorful Day on the Northside, report from Northside Open Studios #
  • AJE just posted by interview regarding Ai Weiwei’s release #
  • To the businessman (prob from out of town) who just negotiated with a pedicab driver to take him from 58th/Park to Cooper Union. Good luck. #
  • So proud of my tweets, well, except this one // RT @black_von: 53) @hragv #100tweets #
  • Nothing like going to a hospital to make you feel anxious and emotional. #
  • I’m the trailer park of Twitter // @black_von: @bhoggard all hi-brow & @hragv all lo-brow #100tweets #
  • Thinking of starting new tumblelog, called @Powhida‘s BosomWatch. Pics of William+bosoms. It’s inspired by quote here: #
  • This was the funniest thing I saw during my tour of Northside Open Studios last weekend. Perfect for an art event 🙂 #
  • I think trying to be a minimalist in your life is like an eating disorder. You’re never minimalist enough and there’s a lot of purging. #
  • Something I never thought I’d say on the phone today, “Will we be doing body shots off of the zebras during the cocktail hour?” #
  • A friend just suggested that Ai Weiwei is a bear. I can totally see that. #grrrr #
  • Obama Comes Out to Jeers at LGBT Fundraiser #
  • Past Kent by water #
  • Come on people, New Yorkers are impatient. Pass it now!! #samesexmarriage #
  • I’m at the Thievery Corp concert and they lost everyone when they started talking about God. This is Brooklyn. No God here. #
  • Almost 50,000 people watching the #SSM vote. #
  • It has passed! #samesexmarriage #SSM The universe is in harmony. #
  • Thanks, we’re psych’d // @kn0thing: Hey, gay citizens of New York, congrats on getting equal rights as me! It’s about time. #

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