Links & Comments (2011-07-02)

Eviair & Poland Springs Air Masks on Bedford

  • I’m reminded today that freedom is hard won but absolutely worth it. #
  • I’m trying to figure out which one or ones to buy from @black_vow‘s new social media art project // #100tweets #
  • WOW…sure is. That baby’s sold // @vandalog: That is a BIG sales dot. #
  • Happy LGBT Pride Everyone! ? #
  • And Pride in NYC begins! #
  • Just broke up a potential fight between guys waving Israeli flags & video cameras & members of the Workers World Party Pride group. Tense. #
  • Where’s the party? Here it is… #nycpride #
  • Stormtroopers come out! #starwars #nycpride / cc @starwarsmodern #
  • If you use this word you can probably be assured I’ll tune you out: heteronormativity. #
  • Int’l Criminal Ct = arrest warrants for Gadhafi, son & Libyan intelligence head // UN: Libyan Rebels Now Have Initiative #
  • Just asked a friend, “Is that the London Review of Books in your bag?” She responded, “It’s the NY Review. I’m literary, not a communist.” #
  • Some days are shitty but guess what, I love making good stuff out of shit. On the bright side, I didn’t get stabbed today. #
  • Dude, soooo excited about our new guest editor! #
  • I’m going to have nightmares…I’m talking about the Franco part //@hyperallergic: Spot Kalup Linzy’s New Musical Vagina #
  • Enlightenment comes to those who wait. #
  • Anybody have Google+ invitations to give? I’m really eager to try it out. #
  • The Twitterverse rocks! Thanks to all of you!! #
  • Artspeak be gone! // @mfortki: The truthiness of artspeak. “You Stupid Kunst!” (video) #
  • Street artists doing the right thing //Breaking: Millionaire Extorts $$$ From Poor Artist, Street Artists Strike Back – #
  • And give them validation that they’re important // RT @Powhida: Tip of the day: make art about other people’s professions. #
  • Gender Is Dead! Long Live Gender! via @nickriggle #
  • Help rule about who or whom // How To Correct Twitter’s Grammar #
  • As always, @mfortki is on top of Voina news. Though why attack liberals when they aren’t the ones jailing you? #oy #
  • Sweet, my post on the street art revenge just hit @kottke WOOT! #
  • Wow, “The rate of forcible rape…peaked in 1979 at about 2.8 per 1000 population…In 2009 the rate fell to 0.5.” #
  • Yup! “If I have to explain to someone why Bklyn is better, they don’t deserve to fucking live here.” -@jakedobkin #
  • Mammoth day confronts me today … pretty excited! #
  • Happy Canada day! Some thoughts on learning to be Canadian thru art #
  • Friggin’ Yankee…LOL // @HeartAsArena: In honor of Canaday, I’m-a ask if it’s normal to NOT put salt and garli… (cont) #

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