Links & Comments (2011-07-09)

  • That’s right, baby // RT @jandrewARTS: No, @hragv it isn’t easy. #
  • I’m crushed that NY state doesn’t consider pole dancing art… 🙁 // Required Reading #
  • The MTA’s LED boards at Bedford Av embrace abstraction. #
  • The love of fireworks is universal // The Art of Fireworks – #
  • I hate the idea of leaving New York for 2 weeks. #
  • I always pack too many toiletries. I must aspire to a level of cleanliness that I’m unable to attain in real life. #
  • I’ll never forget experiencing his “50 Days at Iliam” for the 1st time at the @philamuseum // Cy Twombly Dead at 83 #
  • Hmm… @gregorg: Good. NY needs one again. RT @architectmag: Well-traveled art critic Michael Kimmelman will be NYT’s new architecture critic. #
  • I’m really really going to miss my iPhone. #
  • Hanging out at de Gaulle on a chaise lounge & surfing the web …missing @veken already. #
  • REPENT, you social media sinners! #LOL #
  • WOW //@terakopian: NewsoftheWorld: bereaved relatives of 7/7 victims ‘had phones hacked’ No excuses; this is ridiculous. #
  • Advice to people applying for a job. Google the person you’re writing. It might tell you the person you’re writing to isn’t a woman. #
  • I was in a bar last night and I ran into a friend and asked if there was currently a gay bar in Yerevan and he replied, “you’re in it.” #
  • Just penned a response to @artfagcity‘s Twitter Art post. Will go up in the AM New York time. #
  • Yo @gregorg your limited edition wristband USB is proving useful during my trip, thanks! #
  • My response to @artfagcity‘s post // Missing the Point About “Twitter Art” – #
  • Armenia doesn’t have Twitter on cell phones so I can’t SMS tweets. I feel disconnect from my tweeps. Wifi’s the only thing that’s saving me. #
  • Amen // RT @anxiaostudio: @hragv At least it’s not blocked altogether 😛 #
  • Shocker of the Day: Qatar World’s Biggest Contemporary Art Buyer via @hyperallergic #
  • LOL // RT @tmccool: 4 hipsters dead, 17 wounded RT @LESN1: Yarn bombs explode at Sawdust Festival #
  • Good morning, Yerevan. View from my hotel room. #

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