Links & Comments (2011-08-06)

Bear/Mole on Wythe

  • William @Powhida‘s third installment…feels a world away from NY. // Dispatch from Sheboygan: Week Three — #
  • Sept. 11 Revealed Psychology’s Limits, Review Finds – #
  • Sad I wasn’t able to get to la for Art in the Streets show. Life got in the way. Irony is I’ll be there in a month or two. #
  • Twitter is what I look at every morning and every night in bed … for better or for worse. #
  • Sleeping with a Zeo is pretty rad. Documenting your sleep is the future, isn’t it? #
  • Ridiculous. Chats? LOL // @DannySeesIt: NYC caught napping while Cairo partying among world’s most 24-hour cities #
  • Goes without saying that nonfiction writers benefit more from blogging // 3 Reasons Why Novelists Shouldn’t Blog. #
  • The lesbian heroes of the Norway massacre. #
  • Looks amazing, I wish I could go. Btw, check out the artists on display. // Unexpected Artistic Wonders in Upstate NY #
  • It’s starting to peeve me off that Roberta’s is at EVERY art event. #
  • This story if BIG! // Breaking: Julian Schnabel’s Abode Fading from “Pompeii Red” to “Venetian Pink” #LOL #
  • Fight the power! // 50 People Get Naked for Art on Wall Street, 3 Get Arrested – #
  • This will be a great resource for all of us // NEW Bi-monthly Visual Arts Guide Set to Hit New Orleans #
  • Reporting from the front line // FROM THE PROTEST: Sotheby’s Anti-Union Games, Dupes Art Handlers #
  • Why does no one send me to Asia? Why always Europe? #FirstWorldProblems #
  • WHAT?! // @nydailynews: Dad admits burning child, beating w spatula, stuffing him in oven—cuz he thought kid took $20 #
  • Liking is odd // @artfagcity: @hragv That article has 24 likes. #
  • South Asian man behind me just described New York (his first time here) as a mix of Bombay (Mumbai) and Las Vegas. #really #
  • US dollars in one pocket, Euros in another, random Swiss francs & Armenian drams mixed in…I’m starting to feel like a transnational hooker. #
  • Yes, and I have your credit card & it is being charged per tweet // RT @chrisrusak: Will you do bachelor parties and poker nights? #
  • I’m an excellent actor. I get into the role // RT @YerevanPolly: @hragv I’m concerned that you would know what one feels like #
  • My best podcast yet! // A visual journey thru @MuseumModernArt’s @TalktoMe2011 show & interview with Paola Antonelli #
  • The pavement graffiti in Paris is pretty nice. #
  • This bird wheatpaste is quite nice & surprisingly in a tony hood of Paris. #
  • Operators await your calls // RT @chrisrusak: @hragv 1-900-HRAG-A-LOT #
  • My first official quote in @nytimes, bring out the crack & poppers! // Kalup Linzy and the Art of Being a Character – #
  • If you missed my podcast, here it is // MoMA’s Paola Antonelli Imagines the Future of Objects #
  • One thing I have to give Paris credit for is that it has a hell of a lot more graffiti in tony neighborhoods than New York. #lovingit #
  • Ghost writers // @artfagcity: I could really use the magical ability to write 750 words an hour. How do I get it? #
  • There are never enough Degas ballet paintings in the world. This one at Musée D’Orsay. #
  • Love this work by Fernand Khnopff, titled “Future” or “Young English Woman” (1898). #
  • Awww…a MoMA exhibition just spoke to me! // RT @talktome2011: @hragv, @hyperallergic, thanks for the generou… (cont) #
  • Just checked out Vik Muniz room at Hotel Lutetia, Paris. #
  • What, you don’t like crazy old white guys? // @magdasawon: It is time to put Charlie on medication and I don’t mean medical marihuana #
  • Parts of Paris feel trapped in amber. #
  • Thanks for getting a lap dance in the name of art, dude //@manbartlett: My Myla DalBesio article/interview is up (NSFW) #
  • This was me tonight in Paris. #

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