Links & Comments (2011-08-13)

  • Note to the world. It’s not about you. #
  • I can’t get used to the smoking in Paris cafes. It’s disgusting. #exsmokerconfessions #
  • I’m feeling the type of melancholy that only comes from walking around Paris alone. #
  • My definition: waking up not know where your glasses are & finding them in another hotel room // RT @VickiRais… (cont) #
  • Brent, I think you’re an alcoholic #LOL // RT @HeartAsArena: @hragv I once lost my glasses only to find that my grandmother was wearing them #
  • Tottenham hit by riots and looting – in pictures via @guardian #
  • A beautiful comparison of works by JMW Turner & Sean Scully // LABS: Bedrooms in Venice #
  • I’m off to the Louvre … a moment I’ve been looking forward to ALL week. OMG, can’t wait. #
  • If you ever question the greatness of Chardin, just stare at this painting at the @MuseeLouvre. Pure.Genius. #
  • May I be so bold to claim this was the very first “dick in a box” gag? Egypt, c. 350 BCE at @MuseeLouvre #
  • Space Invader, in terms of #streetart absolutely own central Paris. He’s everywhere. #
  • Video: A fantastic cubist sculpture by Henri Laurens, “Le compotier de raisin (Bowl of grapes)” (1918), at the Centre Pompidou in Paris. [UR #
  • Photo: A bubble near the Centre Pompidou #
  • And so goes the signs of failure for yet another major -ism, capitalism. #
  • Marcel Jean’s “Le spectre du Gardénia” (1936/72) is a creepy work that evokes late 20th C. S&M culture. #
  • CNN should be ashamed of what it has become. Crappy Novelty News. #
  • Some positive changes in Jamaica for LGBT artists but I admit to being impatient. // Something Queer About Jamaican Art #
  • Just when you thought people couldn’t suck more than they do // Drug Traffickers Blamed in Disappearance of Amazon Tribe #
  • Good question: Why is art at mom & pop coffee shops overpriced? via @hydeordie #
  • BREAKING! /@black_von: Salmoning I presume /@cmonstah: Terry Richardson heading west on Spring St on a bicycl… (cont) #
  • Off to celebrate @veken‘s birthday! #heisawesome #
  • If you use LInkedIn, you should read this & decide if you want them to use your name & image for third-party ads. #
  • Is Helvetica a panacea for signs? You judge: #
  • This painting by François Boucher, “Le déjeuner” (1739), has been stuck in my head ever since I saw it on Monday. #
  • Hey dude at Bedford & N7th, doing your daily Islamic on an opened up pizza box just seems wrong. #
  • Yeah, kinda over it /@jmcolberg: I think this is way too generous a discussion of Google St View & artists in question: #
  • So, sad // RT @hyperallergic: In Latest Sign of Apocalypse, China Lecturing UK Over Web Freedoms – #
  • Is it just me or have the UK street artists been unusually quiet during the #LondonRiots // cc @vandalog @Beneine @VNAmagazine #
  • That’s it? Isn’t the silence strange? // @vandalog: @Beneine @VNAmagazine Yeah all I’ve seen so far from anyone is this #
  • Ok, that the fastest blog 2 book transition ever. Photoshoplooter is now selling a book on their homepage. #
  • I had no idea that typing in by accident is such a scam. #
  • J’adore // RT @mfortki: Minimalist Marvel Superhero Posters #
  • If you have any suggestions for us to post here, let me know // @hyperallergic Launches Curated Page on @Kickstarter – #
  • First a Fairey mural is vandalized with clever graff & now this? I can’t handle Fridays // @felixsalmon: “Onc… (cont) #
  • Nothing like getting a press listing about an artist who will be suspended from a hook and asking his audience to beat him. #ilovemyjob #

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