Links & Comments (2011-08-20)

Storm moving in.

  • Go, Nancy! // @JasonSohigian: Nancy Kricorian’s new novel scheduled for Fall 2012, you can follow her here @nancykric & #
  • Nothing like oysters in the middle of the night. Thank you, Hotel Delmano. #
  • Secret confessions: I’m in love with a blipster. She’s awesome. #
  • Did I miss a memo? Whaeb did Brooklyn become a total lesbian playground? #gayagendaisfabulous #
  • Life. #
  • Worse part of reading blogs by non-writers is they ramble. Then again, tons of writers do that too, as if word count contributes to quality. #
  • Why don’t people outside American put ice in drinks. #goodquestion via @joannkim217 #
  • Great. Another art org screwing unions. #
  • You mean like responding to your tweet? // @jmcolberg: Has anybody else noticed how one’s productivity is actu… (cont) #
  • Resources for Male Survivors of Sexual Violence or Assault #
  • True // @MarcDSchiller: The problem w social media is that u tend 2 spend more time sharing other people’s creativity than creating ur own. #
  • The Empire State Building inspires awe in me every friggin’ day. It is an urban mountain peak. A Western version of China’s Yellow Mt. #
  • Geez @BMWGuggLab. Talking about urban comfort & ejecting homeless person? Very telling /How Comfortable Are U, Really? #
  • I’m going to admit something really deep and personal to all of you today. I miss Hipster Runoff, even though I hated it. #
  • Nice, posted another one in Req’d Reading on Sun: // @nuart11: riot, sign of the times #streetart #
  • You’re right. I unsubscribed when he “retired,” I missed that he “returned” // @joannkim2… (cont) #
  • Btw, I still hate Hipster Runoff // cc @joannkim217 #
  • The perfect marriage of the internet’s favorite fodder, cats, and the #UKriots #
  • Some good perspective on the Luhring Augustine opening in Bushwick by @artfagcity. Not necessarily a good thing people! #
  • You must be a terrorist and you must hate our freedoms, Ms. Monstah // @cmonstah: I’m not so sure about all these 9/11-themed art shows… #
  • If case you’re wondering. I’m tweeting so I can avoid working on a Powerpoint presentation I have to complete. #
  • I look forward to the day when theists aren’t so comfortable spewing their anti-gay hatred on the subway. #
  • Dread Scott Is Bringing the Wars Home #
  • I really hate going to Manhattan. #
  • There’s someone on Facebook impersonating @Powhida? Bizarre. Profile says speaks fluent douchebag, tho I know for fact he speaks it slowly. #
  • Seems like funny mix // @chaykak: Pace plans show of artists using/responding to social media: wonder how @hragv feels #
  • Strangely it’s ying yang, this ends up making someone else adore you // RT @AleksandrJohn: You’re nobody until somebody hates you. #
  • J’adore name of new nail salon across from @hyperallergic HQ #LOL #
  • I’m really enjoying tonight’s event by Andrew Norman Wilson. Kind of voyeuristic. #
  • Amen, sister // RT @AntiPainter: Stop coddling the super kitsch. #
  • Look at @SwannGalleries (aka auction house) showing off the @mfaboston bought from their African American auction. #
  • Things I can live without: a gander at Micheal Jackson’s art studio. Boring. #
  • New York Press is dead? I wonder how long until Village Voice follows. #
  • CJR News Corp. Buries a Whistleblower via @cjr #
  • My cabbie just admitted to me it’s his first day on the job. Oh, and he has no vowels in his name, it’s “Md.” I thought my name was tricky. #
  • Are you listening to the song, Zac? // @Zacharycohen: Cocaine! #
  • Observation: the L train is a lot more Hispanic and East Asian at 7:30am than 9:30am. And the 5 train is more East European than usual. #
  • A nice view up Sixth Ave with Robert Indiana’s LOVE in bottom right corner. #
  • Some humorous street art across the street from @MuseumModernArt‘s 54th St entrance. #
  • I’m so glad these street art versions of Manneken Pis have showed up again in Williamsburg. This makes me happy. #
  • Best line I’ve heard all day comes from a French colleague: “The idea of Europe is new even in Europe.” #
  • And the virtual becomes physical. #angrybirds #
  • Storm moving in. #

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