Links & Comments (2011-09-10)

  • OMG, I just sat through the first ever art & social media panel that did NOT mention @jerrysaltz … has the art world finally moved on? #
  • About an aspect of social media from @CADaily, “Social media softens the sense of rejection people feel from art institutions.” #awesome #
  • LOL // @HeartAsArena: @hragv The art world already had. It’s the people on panels who were holding on. #
  • Hello, Aquavit hangover. I see you coming tomorrow. #
  • Hanging out in Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens. So lovely. #
  • Last night at Tivoli, Copenhagen. #
  • A glimpse of one of the revolutionary murals in Christiana yesterday. Our tour guide was the utopian community’s #
  • “The Dream That Never Dies, Longing for Freedom” mural in Copenhagen’s Christiana colony. #
  • Vilhelm Bissen’s “A Lady. Emilie Marie Rovsing” (1891) at the National Gallery of Denmark #
  • A picturesque alley in Christiana, Copenhagen #
  • A work in the Nathalie Djurberg show at GL Strand, Copenhagen #
  • Wandering around Copenhagen, I encountered statue of many people I’ve never heard of. #
  • Detail of the door of the Danish Royal Ballet school…aka coping a feel. #
  • Some photos from Copenhagen // Graffiti Writers Fail to Obey Controversial Fairey Mural in Copenhagen #
  • If you don’t know this, then you should. @HeartAsArena is one of the best people you could hope to meet in New York. #
  • The entrance to Free Christiana, Copenhagen. What a magical and unique place. #
  • Impressed newscaster (@MHarrisPerry) can talk to pundit (@Eugene_Robinson) on major network (@msnbc) about @BarackObama & they’re all black. #
  • Rooftops of Free Christiana, Copenhagen #
  • I woke up the last two mornings in Copenhagen to find a Turkish aircraft carrier outside my hotel window. It was #
  • View of the main bridge in Christiana, Copenhagen #
  • View of the banana house in Christiana, Copenhagen #
  • Another view of Christiana’s banana house, Cooenhagen #
  • Met Opera’s music director has a back injury and NY Times sends a news alert? I wonder what it would take for a visual art topic to get one. #
  • Smartphone addicts have something new to look at // @hyperallergic: Hyperallergic Goes Mobile – #
  • Spotted in Tivoli on Saturday night. Not exactly sire of that shape is supposed to look child-like or sexual. #pr #
  • I’m eager to write longforn again but being an editor isn’t exactly conducive to long periods of uninterrupted concentration. #
  • I’m a fan of Armsrock but I never see his #streetart any more but it was nice to see this mural in Copenhagen. #
  • Wait, the Patriot Act was for terrorism no? Guess not. #
  • Want to join the North African revolutions? This US college math student did & now he’s a sort of mascot: #
  • A curious makeshift mailbox on N8th Street #
  • Actually @TylerGreenDC, the @ArtGalleryofOntario has had a tumblelog for over a year & they actually use it regularly. #
  • Opps, should have tweeted @AGOToronto for that last tweet 🙂 #blush #
  • New Report: Washington Hgts & Inwood are far safer places to live than Greenwich Village & Meatpacking District #
  • Yikes, what did it say? // @kristoncapps: Looks like @MetropolisMag scrubbed 9/11 Truther column it ran earlier today: #
  • Loren Munk at his opening at Leslie Heller in LES #
  • That’s a tough one // @elbowtoe: Early Vuillard vs. Late Bonnard. Who would win? #
  • My first instinct was Bonnard but those Vuillards encourage me to look forever // @ErikParra: @hragv late Bonnard #thatisatoughone #
  • I think this is exciting that @gothamist is publishing some long form nonfiction available for purchase. Can’t wait to read it. #
  • Great title (and news): Copyright Troll Righthaven Goes on Life Support #
  • Photo: Brilliantly simple. (via IPhone Whales) #
  • I hate truncated RSS feeds. Useless. #
  • The Burg or Death // Join the Williamsburg Every 2:ND Friday Art Crawl – #
  • Liked this vandalized election poster in Copenhagen // Different Color, Same Shit #
  • One of the Bryan Hunt sculptures that just popped up on Park Ave. Haven’t heard this artist’s name in ages. These #
  • I think the word to described @Veken and my Kindle reading list is diverse. #
  • Look, it’s @wrbrand and some cock. #art #
  • And the rain begins with @joannkim217 & @UglyArtRoom après Chelsea galleries. #
  • Dear WashPo & AP, your headline is a joke, “AP: Specific but unconfirmed terror threat received for New York or Washington.” #
  • Yuck // @jonnymoon: Dick move, yfrog #
  • Hope in Chelsea #
  • Angry Birds #streetart on 14th St/Meatpacking #
  • Ok, 29 followers away from someone getting a free cocktail! #
  • Clever idea // How to Get Notified When Your Favorite Runway Looks Arrive in Stores #
  • Dear Russia, please never stop being this awesome. #
  • Wow, the Ian Pedigo catalogue by Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery is really gorgeous. Perfect union of form and artist’s style. #
  • Carbs are everyone’s enemy // RT @rejinl: Apparently there is a threat of a carb bomb? (I may have read that wrong.) #terroristplot #
  • Just discussing with @sugarintosyrup that “vomit” sounds pretentious in an art context. #knowledgeispower #
  • This is getting interesting // @meadmclean: @hragv it does sound pretentious. Sort of like Manzoni/Serrano. More message than medium. #
  • I guess it’s…on the ground? //@LauraIsaacArt: @hragv Just read the review. Interesting…Been discussing puking imagery w/ few friends lately. #
  • HAHAHAH…ok, you win. // RT @LauraIsaacArt: @hragv Well… You could say “it’s been coming up!” #
  • 339 synonyms for puke // cc @LauraIsaacArt @laeliamitchell #
  • Dear Tumblr, your users are freaky and need therapy.s #
  • Oh look, it’s tumblr // RT @museumnerd: I’m sort of addicted to the image-heavy format of @ArtDaily #FF #
  • Someone just proxy baptized @veken into Mormon faith—LOL. I’m assuming it’s a joke. Hey @gregorg & @jandrewARTS, is it? #
  • Just got an email re: newsletter “…love that Siamese kitty with…piercing eye-rays! Whose painting is that? Inquiring minds want to know.” 🙂 #
  • I called to confirm that @veken is alive and NOT Mormon. I guess not everyone is perfect. #
  • Bedford Ave still life. #

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