Links & Comments (2011-10-08)

  • I don’t understand people who want to be bloggers but have no way to personally contact them on their websites, etc. #bloggerfail #
  • Clever sign with a math edge: #
  • I’m being idealistic tonight, can’t stand the thought of the hundreds who got arrested for #OccupyWallStreet La lutte continue. #
  • From #BringtoLight festival. #
  • Wythe Ave graffiti referencing Alphonse Mucha’s famous 1898 Job cigarette design #
  • I’m going to admit it. I’m over de Kooning. Great artist, but don’t get much out of him anymore. #
  • How much does it really cost to attend a football game? A lot! #
  • The Kenny Scharfs on the wall of Niagara bar in the East Village. @ Niagara Bar & Lounge #
  • Coolest minimalist wallet owned by @richardmccoy SWEET!!! #
  • The first Irish car bomb I’ve witnessed. #
  • Yoshitomo Nara at East Village’s Niagara bar. #
  • Good morning, world. So much to do, so little time. #
  • Even though the app is named iMondrian I don’t think it looks like the work of the De Stijl artist. #
  • Love that feeling when that happens /@imtopher: @hragv pretty good, wandered brooklyn for graffiti photos and learned about some new artists #
  • WOW…the FOX News interview at #OccupyWallStreet that WASN’T aired. #
  • Wow, @YerevanPolly just made my day by telling me that Al Jazeera just did a major story on #OccupyWallStreet and interviewed Carolyn Mugar. #
  • For those who don’t know, Carolyn Mugar is MAJOR activist from 60s & organizer of Battle of Seattle WTO protests. The big guns have arrived. #
  • I hate when I miss a burlesque festival. Oh wait, no I don’t. #
  • It’s as if the place is screaming “America, America!” // Scrutiny of Arkansas’s Rich New American Art Museum Begins #
  • Yikes // RT @rothkono: @hragv The Chairman of NGA’s Trustees, Wilmerding, has made millions as Walton’s consultant. #
  • I love Frans Hals // @ToledoMuseum acquires an “important” new Hals #
  • Perhaps @rothkono may want to elaborate // @kristoncapps: @rothkono @hragv Millions? #
  • I need a nap before this concert. And I need a good cry. And a puppy. Oh, and world peace. #
  • Today was a first. I don’t think a sports site ever linked to @hyperallergic before. eat your heart out @TylerGreenDC #
  • On the Lower East Side, 10:10pm #
  • Hanksy on Rivington #streetart #
  • Can’t sleep tonight. Been working but I’m afraid this will end badly. #
  • Pretty funny. One link on Artforum gets Hyperallergic 5 visitors, another similar link on NBC Sports on the same day get 400. #
  • Our first report from the Western front regarding the #OccupyUSA protests // A Look at Art Activism at #OccupyLA #
  • Memo to world. If someone quits something. Don’t try to win person back calling them “rash & imtemperate”…just reinforces why they quit. #
  • The phone signal at #OccupyWallStreet is hard to use. Its smartphone city here. Trying to tweet pics but to no avail. #
  • The price in PriceWaterhouseCooper. #streetart #
  • Now that’s a steak. #
  • My tumblr dashboard is coming up Steve Jobs. #RIP #
  • I love that my cab driver offers his passengers a science book to peruse while they reach their destination. #
  • Liza, aka @sugarintosyrup, as a Flintstone #carnivores #
  • No good / @nancykric: Arrests of over 100 Kurdish politicians, activists writers, and intellectuals in Turkey yesterday #
  • Clever // @rejinl: Oh no! RT “@FakeSarahPalin: Yet another Jobs lost during the Obama administration.” #
  • In Montreal and this place is sleepier than I even remember it. Nice, quiet, chill. #
  • Holy shit, is today one of those days? I’m outta here. #
  • Beautiful day in Montreal. #
  • An alley in downtown Montreal. #
  • Bizarre crane on Peel Street, Montréal #
  • Trippy pylons on Sherbrooke, Montréal #

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