Links & Comments (2011-10-22)

  • I thought I finally had a chance at reaching #1 this week among my Foursquare friends and then I realized I was f #
  • There’s a Steve Jobs Foursquare badge? Who knew! #
  • A work by Adam Niklewicz at Black & White Gallery /Project Space #Williamsbur @ Black & White Project Space #
  • St Vartan’s Armenian Apostolic Cathedral in Murray Hill, Manhattan. #
  • Waiting for the East River Ferry at E 34th Street. @ East River Ferry Terminal East 35th Street/Midtown #
  • I love that this shwarma vendor at Smorgasburg brought a record player instead of an iPod. @ Smorgasburg #
  • Worship Kitty #streetart on N1st Street #williamsburg #
  • Gold man in Central Park @ Naumburg Bandshell #
  • Reading in Central Park #
  • Armenian dancers putting on lipstick on Central Park. #
  • It’s by @QuelBeast‘s work // @imtopher: Gaia’s work in Brooklyn? #streetart #
  • Armenian dancers in Central Park (@AGBU Dance Ensemble) #
  • River God, 1-2 CE Gandhara (present day Pakistan) at Asia Society, NYC #
  • Finally checking out @creativetimenyc‘s Living As Form. #goodvibe @ Essex & Delancey #
  • Good, inspiring video that is unfortunately titled “The Hot Chicks of Wall St” but you’ve got to admit that’s catchy. #
  • Agreed // @lunaparknyc: a pox on antisocial assholes that steal from libraries! #
  • The Hyperallergic team has been tracking that story for ages. Glad it’ll converge again. /@manbartlett @artfagcity @occupywallstnyc in reply to manbartlett #
  • Hey @CoryBooker will you be checking out some art in Newark this weekend? //Newark Open Doors Studio Tour Preview – #
  • At the art handler’s protest at Sotheby’s and wish there were more art people. #WhereIsThe99 oftheArtWorld? #
  • More updates /@hyperallergic: Fight Returns to NY as Locked Out Art Handler’s Continue Protest Against Sotheby’s – #
  • What the hell is wrong with people? Btw, I’m so glad I’ve finally found @silverjocelyn on Twitter, has @_rosiegray been treating you well? #
  • Pathetic /@bhoggard: Wow. Gov Cuomo compares his opposition 2 millionaire’s tax 2 his dad’s opposition 2 death penalty #
  • I guess every human isn’t valued equally in some countries // Israeli Soldier Swapped for Hundreds of Palestinians #
  • Advice to the wise: respond to crazy with crazy. It makes it all a lot more fun! #
  • OMG, brilliant! // RT @melissa_ful: @hragv As James Brown said, “I don’t know karate, but I know crazy.” #
  • In the 59th Street Eastside IRT station #
  • Nothing like sushi and Twitter. Thank you everyone for watching GOP debate so I don’t have to. #
  • A Russell King & Royce Bannon sign on Roebling. #Williamsburg #
  • This is getting insane // @moneyries: This is happening. Cue the livestream! RT @AlecBaldwin: On my way to OWS. #
  • My reservations about this whole Occupy Museums thing // Is Occupying Museums Misguided? – #OWS #
  • Now EVERYONE should follow Defne, because she’s awesome & a wonderful curator //@defneayas: I did it! Unlocked. Feeling stil fragile! xxx #
  • Wait, u got one 2? Where’d u go? /@roniginach: Maybe only thing I miss about college/Go to College, Get a Masterpiece! #
  • Good question // @roniginach: @hragv considered forfeiting college degree to keep artwork (i.e. running awa… (cont) #
  • Do they realize how fitting that term is for u! //RT @jandrewARTS: @villagevoice has named me “NY’s Best Exhibitionist” #
  • What did I miss? // @Markart: Free Lindsay Lohan! #
  • Wow // @Toure: RT @JesseRodriguez: Libya’s prime minister is now confirming Muammar Khaddafy was killed #
  • The fact that ETA, the Basque Separatists, have given up violence gave me goosebumps. #Amazing #
  • Lindsay, u crazy…no, really /Lohan turned away from community service shift @ morgue after showing up almost hour late #
  • This is what I’d non-ironically call folk graphic design of the Long Island variety. #
  • The WaPo’s ArtsPost blog seems to agree that Occupy Wall Street’s museum boycott is a misstep. #OWS #
  • Go #OWS // Occupy Wall Street Joins Art Handers’ Protest at Sotheby’s #
  • Cute overload // Video: Adorable Red Pandas Can’t Stop Kissing #
  • If he has issues & working on it =fine; he thinks he has no issues…run! // @BeirutBoy: 2 Date or not 2 date PSYCHO dude #
  • Incredible story of a dying girl in Beijing and the only woman who helped her (and the ensuing backlash). #
  • Comments on @Gothamist‘s #occupymuseums post should tell you what lots of people outside art world thinks about idea. #
  • I wish them luck but whatevs //@ChesterCopy: @hragv & as someone who is inside the art world, I agree w/ them. #occupymuseums cheapens #ows #
  • The Hipster Cop is less interesting after we learned so much about him. #
  • OMG, @_rosiegray‘s report from the community board 1 meeting re: #OWS is worth a look. #
  • Um…no! /@soumiyalakshmi: Isn’t that always the way with men? /@hragv The Hipster Cop is less interesting after we learned so much about him. #
  • HA! RT @vjanbazian: “@hragv: The Hipster Cop is less interesting after we learned so much about him.” narc… #
  • US Troops are leaving Iraq!?!?!?!?! WOOT! But I’m not going to celebrate until I hear @jeremysapienza‘s opinion. He always knows the skinny. #
  • WOOT!!!! // @joanieStudio: On tv now!! Obama ends war in Iraq!!! #
  • Tho I wish he didn’t support an illegal invasion of Libya //@joanieStudio: @hragv His foreign policy accomplishments are pretty impressive. #
  • Via @sugarintosyrup … best Zuccotti Park piece, “Zuccotti Park Is Not a Nightclub” #OWS #
  • Of course /@mfortki: Guerrilla Girls to @ANIMALNewYork: “We’ve been ranting about this for over 25 yrs!” #OccupyMuseums #
  • I supported Obama in 2008 for 2 big issues: health care reform & end to Iraq war. The first was meh, but the second… let’s see. #
  • It’s not the same thing. It’s art world talking to itself now. //@blither: @mfortki and @hragv #occupymuseums recognizes its lineage! #
  • Shouldn’t Karen Archey (aka @findings), an unpaid blogger (one of many) at @artinfodotcom start #OccupyArtinfo in order to ask to be paid? #
  • If u read evry 3rd letter it’s secret love letter 2 me 😉 /@wrbrand …gonna add angry tweet but…wrote…adult shit instead #
  • My response to @wrbrand‘s response // The Myth of Government Funding for New York Museums – #
  • This is awful, she never even discussed politics on the air // NPR Gets Radio Host Fired for Occupying #
  • Agreed! // RT @elledub_1920: @alizaysteinberg @petitemaoiste @hragv i think the real question is are the pp… (cont) #
  • Sister of Pussy Ham or brother of Dickchicken? #williamsburg #streetart #
  • Piles of bricks #

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