Links & Comments (2011-12-10)

  • Fake AbEx works at center of federal investigation :: @jandrewARTS: incl. #JacksonPollock & #RobertMotherwell #
  • Dear Miami, Your crappy smartphone service may be reason enough for me not to come back for #ABMB next year. Everyone is complaining. #
  • In Wynwood, Miami #
  • A classic car in Wynwood, Miami #
  • Another night I’m bedridden as a result of a bad empanada I ate at the #Seven party Thursday night. #FML #
  • Jeff Koons basketballs at the Rubell Collection. #Miami #
  • When you don’t watch broadcast tv it’s amazing how it feels less like the holiday season. #
  • Dude, finally someone has written the family history of Kim Kardashian. I.Am.Now.Complete. #LOL #
  • It’s a conceptual project I’m guessing // RT @easelarts: @hragv Does it explain why they are celebrities? I still haven’t figured that out. #
  • A Visual Guide to US Income Distribution by State #
  • This news about the secrecy law made me very sad — A Law That Shames South Africa #
  • I’m tired of the whole art is overpriced genre of art writing. Honestly, it’s a bubble we know it. So was Victorian art at one time. #
  • Can someone explain to me why the LikeArtBasel show was so bad? @artfagcity @wrbrand? #
  • Damn you Twitter for being able to translate Chinese, Japanese and Koren but not Russian! #slackersocialmedia #
  • Day 4 of my wretched stomach problems. Damn you #Seven and your empanadas! #
  • So over bots // @wrbrand: @Powhida @hragv gonna make a bot that finds all the nouns in your tweets and replies “fuck [NOUN], so over it” #
  • You know how those of us in art world love to say that there’s so much bad art? Being home sick watching Netflix proves it true of film too. #
  • Perhaps the most brilliant (and campy) @Foursquare status update ever? #
  • My new doctor’s office has a moody textured abstraction in the waiting room and it’s original. This may just work out. #downwithbadposters #
  • Why do people think blogging is easy? Finding people who are actually bloggers and not just writers is hard. The key is dialogue! #
  • Honestly, @hrag you’re starting to get to me. When I sign up for a web service and my name is taken. I ALWAYS know it’s by you! 😉 #
  • 142-yr old Williamsburg church torn down: /via @michaelpinto #
  • We’re all winners, Mr @Powhida //EXCLUSIVE: Video of a Secret Meeting of Jerry Saltz & Charles Saatchi in a Sauna #
  • This is new. I’m getting pr about shows that took place last week in Miami today. #
  • That’s great news! </sarcasm> // @jakedobkin: At this rate, I’m almost certain to have a press pass before @gothamist‘s 15th anniv in 2018! #
  • Left the house for “work” this evening and I come back feeling like crap. #FML #
  • Only 138 mins left to support this great @Kickstarter project //Artist Makes Enviro Art That Helps Urbanites Eat Better #
  • Signs the world hates me this week: 1. Lab lost my test samples, 2. My pharmacy can’t give me my prescription cuz their computers are down. #
  • So, THAT’s what it is! //@HunterMFAThesis: @hragv sorry, mercury retrograde can be a real bitch sometimes #
  • I can’t believe how excited an email that announced that Artisanal Premium Cheesecakes Have Arrived just made me. #Igotissues #
  • Just found out someone I knew from 2001 died of pneumonia at the age of 35. People are still using that line? Geez. #
  • Totally worth the trip to @metmuseum // Skip Rockefeller Center and See the Met’s Tree – #
  • If only US judges would be this bold // Judge ruled Police ‘Were Agressors’ during Toronto G20 #
  • Reason #234 567 to love Williamsburg: Even when your holiday shopping no one wishes you Happy Holidays. #
  • Mys #
  • My building has the ugliest menorah known to man. Thinking of starting a collection with my neighbors to rectify the situation. #
  • I’m feeling sane again. Just decorated our holiday tree. Not perfect but nice. What to put on top …hmmm #

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