Links & Comments (2011-12-17)

  • Sound ominous //@TwoCoats: Omg don’t let those kids climb on the Serra #killerart #
  • I know everyone is saying this but the GOP candidates are embarrassing. Gingrich’s recent anti-Palestinian remarks are outrageous. #
  • “Scientific” journal censors what we already knew: Jews & Palestinians genetically same. via @Adnan_Z_Manjal #
  • If I wasn’t on antibiotics and recovering I would so want to go drinking right now. Hint @powhida #
  • This is the first year I’ve had a Christmas tree in our apt in ages and it does feel festive. #likingit #
  • I still don’t have a topper thought. //@joannkim217: I broke my adult xmas tree virginity this year too. It gives me a warm feeling inside #
  • True of many web commenters in general // The 20 Unhappiest People You Meet In The Comments Sections Of Year-End Lists #
  • Let the games, begin! Stop by and say hi! // Yo, @bkbazaar (Brooklyn Night Bazaar) Starts Thurs Dec 15 #
  • My Sunday plans incl. going to see @metmuseum‘s Xmas tree and nativity. I love when Italian art gets TOTALLY dramatic. #
  • But the drama is the best part! //@TylerGreenDC: I haven’t seen the 15thC Venice show yet, but I suspect it’s unfortunately drama-free. #
  • Today’s must-read. Interesting take on role of art in Syrian uprising. //@hyperallergic: Revolution and Art in Syria – #
  • Truman Capote getting a rub down. #WTF #
  • Go, Wisconsin! 500,000+ signatures have been gathered to recall Gov Walker. #
  • There is so much hipster marble (aka plywood) at @BKBazaar …1st day crowd has been great. Crowd started to die down. #
  • I realize I don’t use the word easel a lot in art writing. Which is strange considering how ubiquitous it is. #
  • Chad Silver’s hilarious teddy bears, created under his label, ? Is Lame. @Hyperallergic at @BKBazaar #
  • You know what’s better than the Internet? Sleep. #
  • Hand-printed baseball injury cards by artist Amelie Mancini at @BKBazaar #
  • The new Twitter app seems rather slow. #
  • Downloading the New Yorker in iPad is excruciating. It takes forever. Hurry.The.Hell.Up. #

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