Links & Comments (2011-12-31)

  • Aww…I’m creeping into every aspect of your life! // @hydeordie: @hragv I found you on WWF #
  • What a year! // The Most Popular Hyperallergic Posts of 2011 – #
  • Thank you! /@laeliamitchell: best wishes for another great year /@hragv: The Most Popular Hyperallergic Posts of 2011 – #
  • Crystal clear // @Queen_UK: For the avoidance of doubt, Gin O’Clock starts now & finishes at 9am 27th Dec. Your Christmas Queen loves you. #
  • I really had a great Festivus. Now onto Christmas Eve. #
  • This Christmas it may all be worth it because I convinced @veken to wear this tie. #mwaaahahaha #
  • Talking Points Memo is one of my favorite sites, here are their Top Ten Posts of 2011 – #
  • Santa arrived for the kids. #
  • Im so in // RT @letsgetgizzy: Do a shot every time you get a “Merry Christmas!” mass text. (via @adrenalizing) #
  • The Talking Points Memo post (top 10) earlier had a bad link. Try this #
  • I just got a pot pourri holder for Christmas. Please kill me. #
  • The horror! //RT @4rilla: I got a Santa soap dispenser, when will it end? // @hragv I just got a pot pourri holder for Xmas. Please kill me. #
  • I have to say that the fact that the web kind of sucks tonight made me realize Christians or pseudo-Christians must control the internet. #
  • Tattooed Lady on Berry #streetart #
  • I finally broke down and started playing Words With Friends. My username is ‘nak11211’ add me if you want. 🙂 #
  • I prefer my tv reviews in zines // RT @felixsalmon: Portlandia is very funny, and this profile is extremely good. But… #
  • Depends on type /@jmcolberg What incentive is there 4 a writer to spend a lot of time producing content when nobody wants to pay 4 content? #
  • These Lisbon Christmas lights by Pedro Sottomayor, José Adrião & ADOC are a nice take but a little restrained IMHO. #
  • There’s a US senator (Stanbenow, D-MI) who has a negative net worth? Finally, someone who understands her constituents! #
  • Dear @tumblr, it is now obvious that you hate @felixsalmon less than me. #
  • 99% sign in Greenpoint #OWS #
  • You’d rather do what? #streetart #
  • I don’t understand artist/writer residencies. Who can afford to take a month off and not make money? / cc @jmcolberg #
  • When I didn’t have my green card it was impossible to imagine doing a residency. Being tied to a full time job was a must. #
  • Was it just me or was Grace Glueck’s anecdote about Frankenthaler at a 1985 White House dinner just bizarre and inappropriate? #
  • New York Mag’s best NY restaurant list is soo Manhattancentric and #yawn Honestly, I am tired of French food. #
  • LOL //@reelaesthete: try living in France for 5 yrs u’ll get really tired of French food+miss Mexican+laugh at what passes for French in US. #
  • I used to think was a celebration of long form writing. Now it is making me think it is more like a memorial. #
  • Some kids are doing some form of breakdancing 3.0 to the music of MGMT in Union Sq station. #thesecrazykidsareawesome #
  • Can’t wait to see NY Group Show tonight! // RT @Ms_Kianga: It’s amazing what can get done when you leave the house at 6:30am… #
  • Wow, Mongolia has really changed, hasn’t it? #
  • D’oh! My bad. Thanks for correcting me // RT @vr_quarksoup: @hragv It’s China (Inner Mongolia) #
  • Wait, SOM may not design the new Cornell/Technion tech campus? What a friggin’ scam. #
  • Not surprised. She’s more popular than may want to admit //@TylerGreenDC: NYT’s Frankenthaler obit is 8th-most-emailed story today. Huh. #
  • Video: Armenians & Orthodox Christians fighting in Bethlehem’s Church of the Nativity . …happens almost every year. #
  • Awesome // Ultimate Praying Championship in Jerusalem: /via @NanoreB #
  • Was 2011 the year of Zaha? Got to admit that’s an impressive list. #
  • Amen, but wait … what is schadenfreude then? // RT @Toure: Hating is childish. #
  • Agreed // @jmcolberg: NY Times misses the point here: – lawsuit is not about art, it’s about money #
  • Hilarious // For @hyperallergic the best non-art of Kianga’s @NYGroupShow (via @carla_gannis) #
  • Pamela Council’s “Blaxidermy Nail Ball, Hot Blooded” (2010) at #KEP @NYGroupShow #
  • Everyone who doesn’t know who James Rizzi is, please raise your hands! #
  • Good stat to have // @guardiannews: Japan streets ahead in global plastic recycling race #
  • Aww … sweet // @choisunyoung: @hragv I know James Rizzi but he doesn’t know me. 😉 #
  • I really liked this room at @nygroupshow featuring works by Chris Moss, Alana Bograd & others. #kep #
  • I enjoyed the video table at @nygroupshow featuring works by Elisa Kreisinger another artist. #kep #
  • Check out @TheMorningNews which has a list of 2011’s most important events. They asked tons of peeps incl yours truly. #
  • Good to know // RT @kaannazli: The Grand Lisboa casino in Macau is probably the world’s ugliest building #
  • A friend & colleague drew my attention to this article in a Lebanese-Armenian magazine. Honestly, would you take #
  • FYI @gregorg // RT @jandrewARTS: @hyperallergic #mercecunningham @ParkAveArmory was amazing. Can’t wait to see it again tomorrow! #
  • My Reno cab driver was trying to talk me into experiencing the local brothels. He seemed disappointed I had no interest. #cabbiepeerpressure #
  • I figured // RT @michaelpinto: { economics } @hragv the cab driver probably gets a cut for each brother visitor #
  • Awesome, nowhere to go but up! // RT @JeremySapienza: I am bankrupt. No I mean spiritually. #

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