Links & Comments (2012-01-07)

  • Free stuff! // @NewYorkology: Free transit cards will be handed out today at 5pm at 2nd Ave/86th St & Broadway/125th St #
  • Tired teddy. @ CVS Truckee #
  • An Elvis Presley nutcracker. #
  • The Lake Tahoe bride. @ The Ritz Carlton Highlands, Lake Tahoe #
  • The bride is wearing silver Uggs. #LOL That’s my BFF #
  • I think I’ve fallen in love with this vodka luge. #thisiwanttomarry #
  • Happy New Year’s for my friends and family on the East Coast but I’m
    3 hours behind. 😀 #
  • Here’s a resolution for more reality and less pretend. #2012resolutions #
  • Best groomsmen present ever. Cuff links with my name in Arabic. Live them. #happynewtweers #
  • Creepy // RT @black_von: Love. RT @artbystander: His and hers #
  • New Year’s resolutions include more drinking, less talking and more action. #
  • I don’t know who Anderson Cooper’s demographic is but it definitely isn’t me. #
  • It’s a bad sign when you can’t even relax on vacation, isn’t it? #
  • Fair use zealots are as boring as copyright ones…and usually just as self-serving. #
  • You’d think with this view it would be easier to relax. @ The Ritz Carlton Highlands, Lake Tahoe #
  • Can’t wait // RT @starwarsmodern: Assisting @black_von in the studio prepare #100tweets for her show at @dumboartscenter #
  • Getting out of your comfort zone is always a good thing in the long run. #vacationwisdom #
  • As a Canadian I’m ashamed to admit I am not amazing at ANY winter sport. #myCanuckshame #
  • The Northstar resort gondolas are really well-designed. @ Northstar-at-Tahoe™ Resort #
  • A kindred spirit //RT @easelarts: @hragv I will also admit to not being good at summer sports either #artsperson #
  • I second that //RT @magdasawon: Hola dear @gregorg actually no thank you. I do not want to follow The Murdochs tweeting. #
  • My pick here too //@fredbenenson: @theMorningNews also compiled 2011’s least significant things:
  • Wow, @veken has the same resolution //@juliaxgulia: My New Year’s resolution is to learn to code w/ Codecademy in 2012! #
  • In case you missed this // The Best North Brooklyn Street Art of 2011 – Originally published last month in @WGNewsArts #
  • The lounge/lobby is quite impressive. The hotel is empty and it feels l @ The Ritz Carlton Highlands, Lake Tahoe #
  • Spotted Paul Vallinski’s “Blue Butterflies” on two walls of the main lo @ The Ritz Carlton Highlands, Lake Tahoe #
  • The latest financial threat to US museums // Museum Troubles in Boston, City Wants More $$$ #
  • #WTF Mountain Dew can turn mouse into jelly: Pepsi; soft drink giant declares gross fact amid lawsuit  – NY Daily News #
  • Sadly it isn’t mobile compatible // RT @manbartlett: mic check at Grand Central, NOW >> #
  • Spotted Mike & Doug Starn’s “Alleverythingthatisyou” (2006-7) behind the front desk. #
  • Newt Gingrich is an idiot. Iran has never invaded a neighbor and his attitude towards that country is uninformed and extremism. #GOP2012 #
  • When I saw these paintings by Claire Grill —”Tents” (2009)—I totally thought they would look right at home on @TwoCoats #
  • Sounds about right // RT @harikunzru: RT @PGourevitch: A tie -for real or effectively – is a santorum win. #
  • Santigold at Williamsburg Music Hall sold out in less than an hour? That’s impressive. #
  • Correction, it took a few hours to sell out Santigold but impressive nonetheless. //cc @Toure #
  • Can someone help @CeeBee out? //Can you identify this artist for me? Recent exhibit in Chelsea …forgot who it was #
  • Thank you! //@Kadist_AF: @hragv @CeeBee Jim Hodges! #
  • Art crimes // Work Stolen from Woodward Gallery Project Space in LES – #
  • Legal work needs another word too //@viewfromaloft: @Saber tweets “Calling art that hangs in gallery street art is ludicrous”…wants new word #
  • This story was my early Armenian Christmas present // Clyfford Still Painting Gets Lap Dance in Denver – #
  • COMIC: Famous Chairs #
  • Wow, @black_von is mucho flexible. #thingsyoulearnatabar #
  • Merry Christmas all my Armenian peeps! #
  • This story had me laughing all day…”Thank you, Armenian Xmas Jesus!” //Clyfford Still Painting Gets Lap Dance in Denver #
  • It’s always strange to celebrate a holiday that most people in US don’t observe. You can either feel invisible or empowered…it’s up to you. #
  • Jesus Christ!!! // @black_von: @hragv Happy Jesus Day Mr. Vartanian! #
  • “You shall love God with all your heart and your neighbor as yourself” Matthew 22:34-40 // @black_von: @hragv Christ The Lord! #
  • I love when my video games have #graffiti This one is Zombieville 2. #
  • About time! // FBI finally changes definition of rape to incl. men and not only women. #
  • Some days art makes me smile endlessly … in a good way. #
  • Yup/@black_von: Yep /@magdasawon: @karenarchey …gonna 2nd this. Matt Gleason is a “bloviator” idiot. Huffpo there r better people not to pay #
  • The @Mixel periodic table! #hilarious #

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