Links & Comments (2012-01-14)

  • Sad story // Chaplain Evicted From Home; Occupiers Come To Her Support #
  • I’m at a bar in Hoboken and I’m having a good time. #lifeisfullofsurprises #
  • OMG, there are so many guidos here. I don’t know what to do. Maybe a shot? #
  • Hilarious! // RT @lizzwinstead: The straights of Hormuz are against gay marriage #NHDebate #NBCFBDebate #
  • I just discovered @prplst is Manhattan-based and I broke off ties as my Manhattan quota is full. She’s been added to a waiting list though. #
  • Maybe that’s the brand…er, I mean plan //@Powhida: @hragv If he wanted immortality, Gogo should become a corporation, they are people too. #
  • What do you do when your spouse is getting on your nerves by interfering with your sleep but it’s too much effort to bury the body? #
  • “Hey, @veken, don’t you think you need to take a bath?” //@MikeRiggs: @hragv Make it look like an accident, call 911, & go back to sleep. #
  • I’m going to Bushwick tonight. That is all. #
  • LOL, for dinner and art viewing // @mcallaghanart: @hragv Why? Can someone talk you off the ledge? #
  • Fern, sleeping at @Nortemaar #
  • What a combo! On N6th St. #Williamsburg #
  • Honestly, @artinfodotcom … enough with the slideshows already! #
  • I do watch some dog videos you know, I’m not a speciesist //@elbowtoe: @LMagArt @hragv you know, I thought he watched way more cat videos… #
  • My new weekly Armenian news summary started today on @ararat // News & Views #
  • VIDEO: Shit Straight Guys Say To Gay Guys #
  • Storify isn’t very useful. I find it ugly too. #
  • YUM, @veken & I were there this AM. Great but $ //@chaykak: Toby’s Estate coffee shop opens on N6th/Berry in W’burg! #
  • PHOTOS: Remembering how bad it was in NYC in the 1980s and 90s. #
  • A bizarre American-obsessed corner of Switzerland. The Confederate flag is the most unexpected. #
  • Today in awesome… an abandoned cold war missile base in the Adirondacks (looks straight out of James Bond) #
  • Look at you, @theBoBartlett with your Little Collectors (aka @lcartupdate ) prints. #
  • Help! // @cmonstah: Is there anyone in B’wick/W’burg w/ cable that will let me come to their house to watch hubby on public access at 8:30p? #
  • Beautiful stuff // The Future of Food via @itscolossal #
  • Quote: “Hot startups that pop up on TechCrunch all have at least five Chinese versions…” #
  • The Paris is Burning reference is the best IMHO // Shit gay guys say to their cats #
  • Dear @Gothamist + @jakedobkin, thanks for ruining Toby’s, my local coffee shop that JUST opened. Now it will always be full. I hate you. #
  • What a great line in TPM: “The weapon is one short and unfortunately homophonic word: Bain.” #
  • I’m sending a spy to find all your local joints and going to publicize them myself // RT @jakedobkin: @hragv the future belongs to crowds #
  • From tonight’s #artstech meetup event I spotted this as I left. #
  • Today on As the World Turns…Shady bishops, nuns & dealers // Nuns Lose a Long Legal Battle Against Two Art Dealers #
  • Whoa // RT @RobbStoneStar: @hragv Never turn your back on a nun. Ever. You have to keep fighting till the bitter end. #
  • A work in @NorteMaar‘s current show brought up lots of questions // When Paintings Are Easily Reproduced – #
  • I know this feeling // RT @art21: That last tweet was an exercise in navigating auto correct. You win, phone…this time. #
  • Done //RT @jonnymoon: @hragv Someone needs to make an art terms dictionary for smartphones. I nominate you. #
  • What % would cat videos be? //@HollyKnowlman: Photogs & Their Time? <-I want to make one for social media coordinators #
  • Yoko Ono and Occupy Wall Street Collaborate On a Wish Tree Project #OWS #
  • Our big announcement is out, I’m really excited! // Introducing Hyperallergic Weekend, Deepening the Conversation – #
  • More books, performance… 🙂 // @rafaelgallegos: @hragv does this mean more performance focus from Hyperallergic? Congrats on the expansion! #
  • An interesting legal issue regarding my post yesterday about a copied painting // Is Alfred Steiner’s #
  • Fox News crony, Sun News TV, shut out of Canada #
  • A view of a Will Kurtz sculpture at Mike Weiss Gallery #
  • Another shot of a sculpture by Will Kurtz at the Mike Weiss opening. #
  • More Will Kurtz sculptures at Mike Weiss #
  • In the crowds of Mike Weiss gallery, the colorful human-scaled sculptures of Will Kurtz seem to blend in. #
  • ?! // RT @RT_com: Millionaire CEO breaks waiter’s finger for “bad service” #
  • Incl. an amazing interview with Cariou’s lawyer // Will Round Two of Cariou v Prince Change Art Law Forever?? #
  • LABS: What is this new religion based on copying? The Kopimists #copyright #
  • So, @Powhida … are you doing the dot challenge? Should I book our tickets to Hong Kong? #
  • Everyone has something to say about Hirst. I simply feel apathetic // Spotty Comments of the Day: Hirst-a-palooza – #
  • I finally checked out the Carsten Höller show at @NewMuseum #
  • The only art historical reference at the Höller show? Calder, of course. @NewMuseum #
  • The sparseness of the show gave it an air of slow boredom. Carsten Höller at @NewMuseum #
  • Mushrooms by Carsten Höller seemed out of place at the @NewMuseum show. #
  • Good point. Did occur to me in the space // RT @thebenstreet: @hragv …surely the merry-go-round is a riff on Charles Ray? #
  • So far 2 // @artfagcity: @hragv Carsten says he doesn’t know if what makes is art, so…not surprising…show isn’t filled w/ references imo. #

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