Links & Comments (2012-01-28)

  • More original tweets by @gregorg and less RTing! #mydeclarationfortheday in reply to gregorg #
  • I don’t understand why the new version of Tweetdeck desktop has taken away some functionality from the previous version. #
  • Today in architectural gimmicks, a “30-story tall operable window” in this skyscraper by SOM. #
  • I’m catching up on my Jersey Shore watching and then I came upon this scene. #ithinkilostbraincellsbuticannotstop #
  • I think I’m at the perfect party. Liquor, disco ball, Eva Peron picture…and all in Brooklyn. #heaven #
  • An artist’s sneakers and his sculpture. They match. #BenGodward #
  • Love him /@jmcolberg: “Why do u ask a question, then act surprised when I give an answer?” Barney Frank smacks down…Q #
  • These playing cards are perfectly revolutionary. #
  • It’s not every day that your spouse gets mentioned in an Azeri conspiracy theory about starting a pride parade in Baku. #
  • I’m on this panel, if you’re in CT please come! // Poster Boy Is Subject of Panel Discussion this Saturday – #
  • This is a surprise // @araratmag: France has passed the bill that would criminalize Armenian Genocide denial. #
  • Agreed //@nancykric: @writepudding As Freedom of Speech fan I’m ambivalent, but as granddaughter of genocide survivors…headline is thrilling #
  • It’s telling that some are offended by France’s Armenian Genocide denial law but no one is saying anything about their Holocaust denial law. #
  • Another take on @BogartSalon panel from last Thurs I moderated. This is written by @Ruschka for @capitalnewyork #
  • “…it’s not often reporters actually get to yell ‘Stop the presses!’ and mean it.” #
  • OMG, this is like a lost episode of Portlandia. #
  • Just so you know, I will be thoroughly disappointed in Portlandia if they don’t at least vacation in Brooklyn, the motherland. #
  • I vote that @artcombinator has the best Twitter avatar ever. #
  • “It’s so much easier to be an artist than a political activist, everyone likes you.” —S?awomir Sierakowski, @Guggenheim‘s Yael Bartana talk #
  • LMAO // Is Damien Hirst Lazy? Someone in Paris Thinks So – #streetart / …& @mfortki‘s stonerific review of Hirst in LA #
  • I think “editor” has become the new “curator” of 2012. #omphf #
  • LOL //@starwarsmodern: No one is going to accuse me of editing my blog. /@hragv: I think “editor” has become the new “curator” of 2012. #
  • LOL /@black_von: I know she’s a politician and also speaking in Deutsch, but Merkel is a waaaay better speaker than Medvedev last year. #WEF #
  • If I watch one more time lapse video of a street or graffiti artist doing a mural I may have to stab someone. #
  • Universal rule: never underestimate how nasty some people are. #
  • So true. // @mrhopthescissor: @hragv never overestimate how that nastiness guides who you are. #
  • The end of an era // The end of Culture Pundits via @bhoggard #
  • Just called someone a “data whore” and he said he preferred “data sex worker” … LOL #
  • Here’s an oldie but a goodie. If you ever want to know how to pronounce my name, listen to this: #
  • It’s refreshing when some people are honest about things // Cynthia Nixon On Being Gay: “For Me It’s a Choice” #
  • Does AARP think I’m old? Should I be worried? Though I kind of want the travel bag. #
  • In agreement // @TwoCoats: Agree/ MT@Powhida: Amazing that ‘genius’ is associated w contending w big fucking space in visual art…# #
  • This #GOPdebate is depressing and crappy. Them talking about space is pathetic. I like the fighting though. #
  • The #OccupyWilliamsburg banners from a few days ago. They’re gone now. #OWS #
  • I love the Palestinian-American GOPer question. Proves Republicans are ridiculous. #GOPdebate #
  • Makes me think of the novel “Perfume” by Patrick Süskind // Smells Like Art, A New Frontier for Art? – #
  • SFO now has a yoga room. Ommm #
  • No it’s stuff that goes inside them /@magdasawon: …old Roxy is…new Hauser&Wirth so bigger art can be made at least…not another luxury…condo. #
  • More scent art! // RT @MADMuseum: @hragv Yes we are going to do it in fall 2012! #
  • HA! Awesome // RT @rhonierika: i love @FountainArtFair. You should too. #
  • Refugee chic? // RT @felixsalmon: The BBC Radio studio in Davos. @reddy #
  • So sad that today has come 🙁 // Goodbye, For Now, @sugarintosyrup‘s last day at Hyperallergic – #
  • Hey, my brother’s mushroom/herb farm website is live. So proud of my farmer bro. Check out Prima Terra Farms. #

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