Links & Comments (2012-02-11)

  • Brunch time. @ Cafe Colette #
  • A very conceptual #OWS sign. @ Hyperallergic HQ #
  • Workspace: @Veken and my desks. @ Hyperallergic HQ #
  • A very honest Russian protest sign: #sadbutfunny #
  • One of my faves in a while. It just looks insane. // Buff job on Wyckoff and Starr #
  • Something I learned today: there’s a neighborhood in Queens named Malba. – #
  • Off to the Neuberger Museum for the Davis/Gorky/de Kooning/Graham opening. Here I come Westchester! #
  • Two egg beater paintings, one by Stuart Davis (left) and the other by Willem de Koonin @ Neuberger Museum of Art #
  • The world needs more sculptors. #
  • This is an old meme but a good one … and now updated! #SocialMediaExplained #
  • This is a first for me. Hawaiian delivery for lunch. #
  • A view of Doug Wheeler’s “SA MI 75 DZ NY 12” (2012) @ David Zwirner Gallery #
  • Look at @DavidZwirner gallery’s Doug Wheeler installation. #
  • Os Gemeos on W 21st Street @ P.S. 11 William T. Harris Elementary School #
  • Who owns Warhol’s Banana? #
  • Stress is a pain. #
  • “New study also suggests…Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms…may now be more influential than its [US] counterpart.” #
  • I hate to admit it but sometimes shopping therapy works. #
  • I remember visiting the Antoni Tapies museum in Barcelona and thinking, “I should’ve gone to the Picasso museum.” #
  • I think it’s quite civilized that MediaTemple offers you a choice of hold music when you call them. Wait, no dubstep!?!?! Animals. #
  • I think I’ve just found the perfect jello shot vessel. #
  • We come from different worlds //@mediatemple: Hold music requirement: No bleeding of ears or mushing of brain. Glad u like feature though. #
  • That’s better /RT @mediatemple: @hragv Lol. I’ll put the request through. So far all that’s been requested is this ^ML #
  • N7th & Bedford. #Williamsburg #
  • The 10 top cities of @Hyperallergic readers today. What a curious mix. #
  • What a shocker! Not. // Mitt Romney Wants to Cut Already Measly Funding For the Arts. #GOP2012 #
  • Don’t get Paddy angry! //@artfagcity: This makes me angry. /@hragv: Shocker! Not. Romney Wants to Cut…Arts Funding #
  • Just in case someone forgot, I just wanted to remind you all that I’m gay … and Canadian. #surprisenews #
  • They’re also Canadian. But they’re sicker than I am. They CHOSE it. I had no choice /RT @12pt9: @hragv Do your parents know you’re Canadian? #
  • Yeah, yeah, I’m sure you have “Canadian friends” too. Typical. // RT @moosh13451: @hragv I love gay Canadians! #
  • I’ve heard of ur kind. I think they’re called Beaver Chasers…wait, that’s something else. //RT @moosh13451: @hragv Guess I’m a Canadian Hag. #
  • I wasn’t prepared // @starwarsmodern: @hragv “The Unicorn & the Dolphin” (Exactly what you imagine, but so much more) #
  • Time to vacation in Baku?! “contest will bring…demographics…not…popular in Baku —journalists, Armenians & gays.” #
  • Today’s @Hyperallergic readers came from here (in order). We haeven’t had an Asian city in the top 10 for ab #
  • Fight the power! /RT @liza_eliano: @hragv someone said in my elevator today, “jello shots are so played out.” I was about to scream “NEVER!” #
  • Good morning, US Coast Guard. #
  • Steve Jobs’ FBI file is pretty awesome. I want to see mine! #
  • An Armenian book from 1947 that was just translated by someone I know that I’m excited to read. The #
  • How have I never known about this site: thank you @hyperallergic commenter: #
  • Jersey City is so desperate for press that they’re “hosting” a Jersey Shore spin-off. LOL #
  • Good to know // RT @museumnerd: @HragV, regarding giant Richard Serra in Qatar, next to @QtrMIA… I’ve been in it! #
  • This shitty week won’t end fast enough. #
  • Street art hacks on Success Academy charted school ads in the Bedford Ave L station. Williamsburg, B #
  • I miss the CBC. #ImissbeinginCanadasometimes #
  • Ugh //@hyperallergic: We are sorry for the downtime tonight. We had a corruption in our database & are working to restore all…posts ASAP. #
  • The server ordeal is finally over. Hizzah! #
  • A Greenpoint distillery is making a Dorothy Parker brand gin. #brilliant #
  • White limousine at the corner of N6th Street and Kent Ave. #williamsburg @ Edge Apartments #

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