Links & Comments (2012-02-18)

  • EJ Hauser, “Staggeringloans” (2011) @ The Journal Gallery #
  • Santa is a socialist. #streetart #
  • All Day Long by Adam Kurtz #
  • Totally //@melissa_ful: @hragv Can I get a t-shirt illustrating a fan so I can stand next to you when you wear your
    Shit Is Coming tshirt? #
  • I adore Chris Martin // Under the Sign of the Gnome #
  • HAHAH! Take a photo, please! // @silverjocelyn: @hragv at #NFYW and Terrence Koh is dressed like a crazed yeti. wish you were here! #
  • Fixing up my reading room. Works by Blanco and Jane Kaufmann. #
  • Cleaning makes me want to make lists. I’m organizing a salon-style hanging on the large open wall in my read #
  • WTF? I’m in the running for “best Jerry” &”best Franco” in @artfagcity‘s AFCRPAAaA…not sure what to say other than VOTE #
  • Um, thanks? // RT @HeartAsArena: @hragv When I vote for Herman Cain in that category, Hrag, know that it’ll be a vote for YOU. #AFCRPAAaA #
  • Why isn’t the news of 4 News Corp employees arrested for bribery bigger news here? #
  • Awesome! // RT @mcallaghanart: @hragv It’s on NPR, WNYC, right now. #
  • Marina Abramovi? just said Rem Koolhaas will be designing her Hudson, NY property. Now she just has to raise $8 million. #
  • Abramovi? is designing a chair with Koolhaas. She also working on the “Abramovi? Method.” This @art21 event is pretty interesting. #
  • Glenn Ligon says AbEx first inspired him to be artist. De Kooning specifically. / @art21 Season 6 preview #
  • Christmas sweater, skateboard, trucker & wool caps, dogs w sweaters, tweeters, app developers…yes, it’s a coffee line in Williamsburg. #
  • Wait, Blue Bottle doesn’t weigh their pour over coffee while they make it? How 2011. #firstworldproblems #
  • Ok. Someone just walked in with silver hair and a ukelele. I can’t handle this. #
  • I prefer the term celebration // RT @jamesrquinn: @hragv this is what happens living in williamsburg. your life is a parody of itself. #
  • God that’s beautiful. #graffiti #Williamsburg #
  • Just found @LACMA‘s checklist for “In Wonderland” online…why don’t all museums & galleries post their checklists? #
  • “If you see someone in a bar reading a book, they’re a hipster.” #
  • Hate to break it to you, dude … but // RT @artbystander: @hragv That’s bullshit, I read books in bars and am so far from being a hipster. #
  • True // RT @cmonstah: @hragv reading an iPad in a bar is way more hipster. #
  • Ben, you’re snarky. I like that. //@thebenstreet: @cmonstah @hragv tweeting about relative hipsterishness is way more hipster, even. #
  • Occupy is everyday in the Burg // @artbystander: @hragv Don’t you have an occupy Wall Street party to throw in you Williamsburg hipster pad? #
  • I don’t know if I’d live this outside a street art context, but here it’s pretty beautiful. #williamsburg #s #
  • Another one by the same artist on the Bowery. This one is an interspecies affair. #streetart #
  • Ok, has everyone voted for me as Best Franco and Best Saltz?!?!?! If not, why not??? Do it! (please 🙂 ) #
  • You rock, Sharon! // RT @TwoCoats: OK, @hragv –I just voted for you for everything #
  • You mean…make sure you vote for Hrag when you vote!! HA! /@chaykak: Make sure you vote in the @artfagcity art awards! #
  • Ok, this is a problem // RT @Powhida: @hragv I’m only judging via JPEG…for any of it. Definitely no animated GIFS. #bouncingballs #
  • Has anyone used Windows 365 for work? #
  • Mwwwahaha //@artfagcity: Okay, @hragv now has more votes in a single category (franco) than any of the other nominees. #
  • I’ll be there! // RT @ManBartlett: Reminder! #ArtsTech panel will be livestreamed here by around 7:30ish: #
  • Thank you for everyone who voted for me!!!!!!! I think I won both. Now if only the judges— @Powhida @jen_dalton …—don’t rob me of my reward! #
  • I wonder who would win that // RT @Powhida: @hragv I hear there’s an award for the judge who is the biggest dick. cc @artfagcity #
  • I love turds // RT @Powhida: @hragv @artfagcity Are the trophies for the winners cast aluminum Urs Fischer turds blown up 200%? #
  • Love this @Tumblr graphic at tonight’s #ArtsTech event #
  • If social media is a “public space” then what kind of space? Town square? Mall? Casino? Sidewalk? A few of them? #ArtsTech #
  • “You can’t tweet louder than someone else but only more.” —Shane B #ArtsTech #lovethis #
  • Look who is tweeting from the front row at #ArtsTech @juliaxgulia !! @ Pivotal Labs #
  • HA! So are we going to see Disneyfication soon? Ugh //@NoGoPhoto: @RachelWells @hragv it’s Times Square in 1985. Porn everywhere. #ArtsTech #
  • “Sometimes you have to make something ugly for people to take notice.” —@ryder_ripps #ArtsTech #
  • Looks like @Ryder_Ripps and @therealhennessy are getting serious at #artstech #
  • Front row at the #arttech meetup. @ManBartlett @ryder_ripps @therealhennessy @sbrnnn @amberhawkswan @annie_werner #
  • Good question: “How do you differentiate your online audience from your collector?” #ArtsTech #
  • Someone provides supplemental commentary on the May Day general strike stencil in the Bedford Ave L station. #
  • It’s my name day! /@translator82: Today is Vartanantz aka the Armenian Church feast of St. Vartan… who fought to the death for their…beliefs #
  • Oh oh. Why is Comedy Central suspending this week’s tapings of Colbert Report? #
  • I love this idea by @artpractical …pissed I didn’t think of it first! // Subscribe to Art Practical’s Mail Art Series #
  • Winning what I do …. booyah! //RT @artfagcity: Some careful analysis of the #AFCRPAAaA nominees. cc: @powhida @hragv #
  • Strangest facts in AP’s “Interracial marriages in the U.S. hit all-time high” story in Daily News today #
  • The cover the of the NY Times is devoted to Gary Carter, instead of say, let’s see, war in Afghanistan, Syrian unrest, GOP losing their mind #
  • Like you could even recognize one if you saw them anymore // RT @Powhida: @hragv every time someone voted for you, an outsider died. #
  • No //@StephenTruax: Does it…matter to cariou…prince…or…courts, that 400 people are sitting in this auditorium talking about their decisions? #
  • Ben Godward’s sculpture at “What I Know” is definitely a stand out. #
  • I’m pretty psyched to travel the Chelsea/Bushwick journey tonight …and let me just remind you all that all roads travel thru Williamsburg 😉 #
  • Subway performer in Bedford L station. Great way to start Friday night. #Williamsburg #
  • I was surprised there weren’t more people at Luhring Augustine Bushwick but a great space! #
  • Necklace by Andrea Bergant as worn by @jandrewarts @ Norte Maar #
  • I have no idea who this stencil is supposed to depict. #streetart #bushwick #

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