Links & Comments (2012-03-03)

  • Love the idea of a bike basket cushion. #williamsburg #
  • A forgotten corner. #williamsburg #streetart #graffiti #
  • Faile between two totems on Wythe #streetart #williamsburg #
  • It is now totally possible to do all you clothes and shoe shopping in Williamsburg without leaving the hood. #thingsyoudiscoveronaSaturday #
  • Snow! Finally!!!! #
  • Our cab driver is trading bisexual sex stories with @veken. This night is not going the end well. #
  • Big half-naked guy on Houston. #manhattan #
  • Encountered an MBA from INSEAD who just moved to Bushwick. #signsitisalmostover #
  • Isn’t Liz that woman from all those Warhol paintings? #
  • My daughter has done good 😉 // RT @joannkim217: Communicating about art online with @hragv of @hyperallergic: #
  • RT @hyperallergic: #OWS Arts & Labor Working Group Calls for End to Whitney Biennial By 2014 – #
  • Just got back from Whitney Biennial. Seemed all over the place. Some strong work but I wouldn’t call it unified. #
  • Here we go again… 71% Americans think Iran already has a nuclear weapon. #dumbpeople #
  • Wow, I don’t think this convo between Marilyn Minter and Cindy Sherman sounds very 99%. #1 artists #
  • I think the Triennial is better than the Biennial this year. Haven’t seen the Annual yet. #
  • Best line of my John Chamberlain tour tonight at @Guggenheim, “He’s not just the crushed car sculptor.” #LOL #
  • John Chamberlain’s earliest car part sculpture at @Guggenheim retro. #
  • It really is hard to reconcile the radical art ideas of 1960s w/ most of the art produced them. All became corporate fodder & looks mundane. #
  • Nice view // @mfortki: NYC from space #
  • Has it really come to this? “Dozens of people were on hand to bid farewell to the rock.” #
  • Silliest Heizer title: “On tour with the rolling stone: Giant boulder visits 22 cities on its way to art installation” #
  • HA! // RT @artologica: @TwoCoats @hragv As Donkey said to Shrek: “I like what you’ve done with that boulder!” #
  • Yikes // RT @robroychalmers: Damnit my paint is frozen again. AHHHHHHH I just want a little bit of heat in my studio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #
  • Katherine Mojzsis sent me this pic of Jersey City liquor store bracing for new Snooki show #
  • Does anyone know an artist who uses game theory in their art? #
  • John Chamberlain, “Luna, Luna, Luna (In Memory of Elaine Chamberlain)” (1970) at @Guggenheim #
  • The sexiest trio of John Chamberlain sculptures at the @Guggenheim retrospective, classic works from the 197 #
  • Looking at the Chamberlains across the atrium were the best view of the works. Their ragged forms looked gre #
  • Looking at the Chamberlains across the atrium were the best views of the pieces. Their ragged forms looked great. #
  • Why? // RT @JMYJAM: Deleting Instagram #
  • True //@markbilly8: …hate…u can’t turn an image upside down on an iPhone. Sometimes u want to see smthg upside down. Like a Baselitz ptg. #
  • This is the first time someone had to cancel a phone meeting with me because of a tornado warning. #
  • Yo … if you’re around today around 4:45pm, check me out on @WNYC‘s All Things Considered. I’ll be doing art reviews for the next few weeks. #
  • It’s funny that I was on radio last Fri too & hardly anyone mentioned it. I think you’re all too busy listening to Rihanna. Admit it. #
  • Canucks rule! // RT @NoGoPhoto: @hragv no, just Canadian… (I kid! I mean, look at @PatKiernan. You guys were made for media) #
  • Funny leather jacket @ Tumblr #

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