Links & Comments (2012-03-17)

  • Creepy cool ring on @jahutchins finger. @ Artisanal Fromagerie & Bistro #
  • Jamie Powell, “Turn That Frown Upside Down” (2012) @ Small Black Door #
  • Marni Kotak performing to Baby X in the Microscope Gallery at Fountain Art Fair, NYC #
  • Antoinette Johnson, “Bitter Sweet” (2012) @ 950 Hart Street Gallery #
  • A view of Julie Tremblay & Sarah Butler’s “The Commons” show @ botanic gallery #
  • Kevin Curran, “Make Peace, Peacemaker” (2012) @ Norte Maar #
  • Kevin Curran, “Rothko Blanket” (2010) @ Norte Maar #
  • Detail of Elizabeth Riley’s “Tabletop Cityscape” (2010) @ Storefront #
  • Bäst(?) mural on Faile studio. N6th Street #williamsburg #streetart #
  • What a great vibe tonight during Bushwick #BeatNite … @NorteMaar & @jandrewARTS did a great job! #
  • I just can’t do another day of art fairs. I’m done. Sorry fairs I never saw … it’s not happening. #
  • Anyone want to go bowling and listen to this tonight? // Williamsburg Salsa Orchestra at Brooklyn Bowl: #
  • Inspiring //RT @veken: I want you to stop being afraid #
  • Love all of it // 50 Weird Snacks Found in New York City Bodegas #
  • “Key staff from Al Jazeera’s Beirut Bureau have resigned citing ‘bias’ in…channel’s stance on the conflict in Syria.” #
  • The tech hubs of Africa #
  • Not sure why anyone cares about the new SO-IL building for Frieze’s NY fair. The renderings look dull dull dull. #
  • Randall’s Is.? Ugh //@agasab: @hragv Thank you! Completely agree. Also seems like a terrible set up for an art fair. #
  • Amen // RT @Nikksters: @hragv Not to mention the crowd circulation (or lack thereof) is probably going to be a nightmare… #
  • Pretty funny help wanted sign on computer shop. @ Mikey’s Hookup #
  • We’re in shock…and confused // @hyperallergic: Today is the first day ever … and we mean EVER … that Bing was our #1 source of traffic. #WTF #
  • All cuz of Khloe & Lamar? //RT @krikOrianm: According to Google’s… statistics… ‘Armenian Genocide’ was the 10th most-searched term on Sunday #
  • Umm…eww //@joannkim217: croissant w/ coffee & cigarettes. yogurt w/ an entire bag of haribo gummy bears. what happened to my 2012 diet? #
  • It’s pop culture, it’s supposed to be vulgar! #
  • Short Tweet Guide, though does anyone use OH or LMK? #
  • I’m going to admit it’s shocking to see an Israeli flag being burned in Williamsburg. Funny way to celebrate Purim, no? #
  • This makes me weep. // Masterpiece of Brutalism May Face Brutal Fate #
  • I think we should all be allowed to use names of startups, rappers and SMS short forms in Scrabble. #
  • That’s really deep // @reverend_bunnie: @TwoCoats @hragv is it really street art if wearen’t willing to risk arrest? #
  • Digging this visual relationship between Ron Gorchov and Jennifer Reeves @ Lesley Heller Work Space #
  • Harriet Tubman #streetart in #williamsburg @ MTA – Bedford Ave – L #
  • Olek on Prince. Is she everywhere? She’s got crochet-itis or something. #
  • Signs of spring on N11th St. #williamsburg #
  • Tonight at @nortemaar with Ben, Tamara and Norman. #
  • Sitting in at @DrawingCenter‘s state of drawing conference. Not sure where this is going yet. Presentations are obvious so far. #
  • Sorry everyone but phone reception at New School was bad so I’m flooding all my tweets from #drawingcentersymposium now. #forgiveme #
  • Ryan McGinness defines drawing as “recorded gesture” and it doesn’t require residue. #drawingcentersymposium #
  • Oh oh, Amy Sillman just admitted she makes drawings with her iPhone. David Hockney watch out!! #drawingcentersymposium #
  • Jessica Parker Valentine uses her own work to illustrate her lecture. That feels insular. #drawingcentersymposium #
  • Ok this thing got more interesting but the presenters should’ve had more time. #drawingcentersymposium #
  • I love that Terry Winters said that drawing is a precision instrument. #drawingcentersymposium #
  • My report // Tonight’s State of Drawing Panel and Amy Sillman’s iPhone Animation #drawingcentersymposium #
  • Amen // RT @Greenpointers: Sometimes Manhattan feels like one big strip mall. #
  • I love Sudan, but when did she start dating George Clooney? This news cycle is so confusing. #
  • My pick for @WNYCculture this week. I’ll be on the radio again at 4:45-ish. //deKooning art with HaroldRosenberg poetry #
  • How in the hell did the Egyptian Museum get on Reuters best “non-art” art museums? How is that stuff “non-art”? #
  • Yikes /@swissmiss: Ouch! “@daringfireball: NPR Isn’t the Only Outfit With Retractions Due:” #

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