Links & Comments (2012-04-07)

  • I like that 3-1-1 added the ability to help a homeless person but I’m not really sure what that means. #
  • The 311 for homeless works! //RT @HeartAsArena: @hragv Actually, it does. I’ve used it. They’ll be on it. #
  • EJ Hauser’s studio opening in Sunset Park was awesome. #
  • Look, it’s @heartasarena at the Waver show in Sunset Park. #
  • WOW, that’s zany //@HeartAsArena: Yo @hragv. David Koresh bust…from…twisted mind…steady hands of Sarah Peters. #
  • Represents us too //@itscolossal: Nectar Ads (@nectarads) which reps Colossal, has a fancy new website. Check it out. #
  • Last night’s group show at EJ Hauser’s studio was why I love art. Tight curation, lots of visually challenging work, great crowd. A+ #
  • Favorite term of the day, “Brunch hard!” #
  • Any vodka? //@magdasawon: We overshot the amount of beer @Piniakot got for the party. We’ll now bribe critics … #
  • There better be mixers! 😉 /@magdasawon: @hragv there’s some zobrowka left after @therealhennessy & @Powhida switched to beer…you want that? #
  • Not even with vermouth?! //RT @magdasawon: @hragv only a fool would mix zobrowka. It would result in a guaranteed bad review. #
  • Im an iconoclast. Can’t help it. //RT @wagnerblog: @magdasawon – @hragr – @bhogard mixing an ice-cold ?ubrówka with *anything* is sacrilege #
  • We’re not in Kansas anymore. New Moroccan joint in the Burg is swank brunch s @ Cafe Mogador (Williamsburg) #
  • Spotted a whole series of these stencils last night on Smith Street. Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn #
  • Keith Haring #streetart on Driggs Ave. #williamsburg #
  • Just overheard at brunch, “What’s the difference between pornography and art? … The lighting.” #
  • HA! Guess that is the artist’s signature. They’re meh. //RT @elbowtoe: @hragv if you piece them together they form a super ego… #
  • Or price or how person making it feels after it’s sold //@reelaesthete: @hragv I thought the difference between “porn” and “art” was shoes… #
  • Awesome! Where? //RT @akacocolopez: My dreams came true finally met president obama 😀 #
  • Artist @ManBartlett is attending his online gallery opening from his bed. Expect VIP afterparty from under his covers. #
  • The wine and cheese was subpar though //RT @ManBartlett: Wow thank you so much everyone for coming to my opening! #GolfShoes #
  • At the @nortemaar benefit at Michell Innes gallery, Chelsea, Manhattan @ Mitchell-Innes and Nash #
  • At the @nortemaar benefit at Michell Innes gallery, Chelsea, Manhattan #
  • Composers Inside Electronic (CIE) performing “Rainforest I” (1968) by David Tudor @ Mitchell-Innes and Nash #
  • An excerpt of “The Brodmann Areas” at the @nortemaar benefit at Michell Innes gallery, Chelsea, Manhattan #
  • My first spammy comment on Instagram. #oy #
  • Can’t wait. At my doorstep //@Gothamist: Yes! @smorgasburg is back on Saturday, and it could soon have booze. #
  • Great. The Art Market is generating its more evil twin. “Anti-Obama Art Selling For Six Figures” [Buzzfeed] #
  • Photo: Boston University paper apologizes for April Fools’ edition #
  • Bradshaw: Don’t assume journalists have more training than bloggers in truth-telling | Poynter.: #
  • Now THIS is crazy //Arizona Internet Censorship Bill So Ridiculous, Even The MPAA And RIAA Are Against It #
  • Those who don’t do, tweet. #LOL #
  • Yes, it does //@Gennefer: The Diet Coke and side salad cancel out the calories in the burger, right? #skinnygirllogic #
  • I think I’ve come upon a secret cult of people on Instagram who obsessively post photos of juice. #
  • Sharon’s letter to Tamara Gonzales is lovely //@TwoCoats: New post: Raphael Rubenstein asked us to write letters / #
  • A guide on how to fact check social media. #
  • That was U! /@itscolossal: I made this GIF 11yrs ago at internet cafe in Chicago. So funny to see it still circulating. #
  • I am post-tweet, we are all RTers // RT @AlizaySteinberg: RT @gregorg: ‘Im a former video artist.’ We are now post-media. #
  • At Sleep No More @ Sleep No More #
  • Do you know #WhyILoveMuseums ? Because they made my teenage years tolerable. Thank you @agotoronto , @romtoronto and Power Plant! #
  • Pop culture wet dream: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West dating. #OMG #
  • I’m so there // Video Tribute to Mike Kelley This Saturday in New York – #
  • OMG, I had no idea she was on Instagram. #FOLLOWING // RT @ytliriano: @blisster I follow kim kardashian on instagram! #
  • Maybe she’s Warhol & Basquait’s conceptual love child #seemsmorefitting //@Powhida: @hragv If Warhol had a conceptual child, it might be KK. #
  • I ask myself that every friggin’ day // RT @ytliriano: Who is @hragv #
  • Can someone psychoanalyze me and suggest why I’ve been sketches these things in meetings/classes since I was #
  • They bring me calm #tweettherapy // RT @chrisrusak: @hragv Can you tell us about them? Do they mean something to you? #
  • Listening to @nicrad talking about his history of drawing. @ The Cell Theatre #
  • A “reading” of the PSV (per stroke value) calculator at @nicrad‘s performance. @ The Cell Theatre #
  • Detail of Valerie Hagerty’s “Ghost Ship (Small clipper ship) with Chinese Wallpaper (Flood Damage)” (2012) a #
  • A view of @joanieStudio‘s show at Artex today. #
  • We’ve officially declared that Rihanna’s “We Found Love” is today’s favorite song at @Hyperallergic HQ. #
  • I like the absurdity of this project // Click on My Face, It’s Art #
  • Didn’t know he was from Tyler…nice to know //RT @skrapmetal00: @hragv glad to hear students from #Tyler are keeping it real 🙂 #
  • This must end // The Art World Plague of Unpaid Internships – #
  • Whoa @Kn0thing, I’m impressed you’re so big you have your own CHIEF OF STAFF! Dude. #
  • Can someone explain why chalk writing is illegal? //@subverzo: Boooo #hipstercop #OWS #springtraining @OccupyWallStNYC #
  • I just mailed a bag of “gold coins” to Family Business to help them pay their blogger intern. You should too: #
  • HA! // RT @AlizaySteinberg: @hragv do you perchance need an intern? I wouldn’t mind being paid in chocolate gold… #
  • Mike Ballou’s conch shell/animal sculptures are trippy. @ Centotto #
  • At the Hiroshi Shafer performance. @ English Kills #
  • From the Hiroshi Shafer performance at English Kills, Bushwick, Brooklyn #
  • Nothing says art like a blowup doll. Love it. Hiroshi Shafer. @ English Kills #
  • A work by Thomas Micchelli at the Centotto show. Bushwick, Brooklyn #
  • This burlesque dancer just pulled a GOP logo from her vagina and tore it up. #NotKansas #
  • Maurice & Bourgeois performing at Pussy Faggot tonight. @ Public Assembly #
  • This thing is getting wacky. In a good way. #
  • This party is getting a little out of control. @ Public Assembly #

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