Links & Comments (2012-04-14)

  • Just bought tickets to the Hunger Games for tonight at Nighthawk. Which means I’ll be eating dinner during the film. #ironic #
  • False advertising! //RT @chaykak: @hragv funnily enough they don’t face too much hunger! I loved that movie though #
  • There is now Ethiopian food at Smorgasburg. #win #
  • Pics please //RT @tmccool: walking around Boston has become so much more interesting since the anime convention started #
  • Some people will do anything for a fix //RT @BBCWorld: Arrests over kidney sold for iPad #
  • I’ll tune in //RT @jilnotjill: It’s official: I’ll be live tweeting our #Passover #seder tonight. Watch out for the Steinhauers. #
  • Hunger Games review: good, not great. Ending was week. A- visuals. More like an adolescent novel. Wanted to know more scifi backstory. #
  • That’s a mighty big #streetart sculpture affixed to the back of this stop sign. @ Pilgrim Surf + Supply #
  • Occupy Hirst! #
  • Kids searching for unbroken eggs for the Easter egg fights. @ Krichian’s Grill #
  • You know when you wake up on Monday and you just don’t know what is waiting for you at the office? Yeah, today was that day. #
  • Instagram/Facebook deal nets Instagram CEO almost half a billion dollars. #OMG #
  • HA! //@MattRod: Gif response: //Instagram/Facebook deal nets CEO almost half a billion dollars. #
  • Yikes, @Art21 too // @NYT_Arts: NEA Is Said to Cut Aid to PBS Arts Shows … #
  • Awful // RT @amnesty: #Iran To Shut Down Internet Permanently; ‘Clean’ National Intranet In Pipeline #
  • Nope / @jenbee: Serious question: Do u know anyone who has work by Thomas Kinkade? Have you seen it in someone’s home? business? dr’s offce? #
  • Karma always wins. #
  • Wait…is that his way of being “safe”? // RT @Reuters: Santorum pulls out of U.S. presidential race #
  • Simple bird #streetart #
  • I don’t understand organizations that let me know the morning of for an event that evening. Makes.No.Sense. #
  • Wait, there’s a new country in Africa? #
  • D’oh! // Why Grammar Matters in Street Art – #
  • Please … you’re just a whore. Now dance for my dollars // @Powhida: Artists are not supply and audience is not demand. #drawing #
  • Kind of sad that Gawker’s Fox Mole was found out. #
  • I love sushi! //RT @Powhida: @hragv like fly fishing. You always bite. #drawing #
  • Was there even a chance? #
  • I think this TMZ headline must be one of my favorite headlines of all time. Also, I feel robbed as a non-hai #
  • I’m in some pics…HA! //@pussyfaggotnyc: GALLERY: Stunning photos from Friday’s 3-yr anniv by Christopher Gagliardi – #
  • Take part today! //@hyperallergic: Join Our Twitter Conversation with @AGOToronto Today at 11am EST – Follow #ArtHour #
  • Was there a hair in your cup? //MT @RobMaguire: Funny enough, last night I dreamt I was in Yerevan. Wonder if hairy Kim is to blame? #
  • That’s hot (sorry, that’s a catchphrase from another dumb celebrity) /@RobMaguire: @hragv Nope, just a dash of botox and a pinch desperation #
  • Best email subject line I’ve received today, “Do you know tea bag art?” Umm…no? #
  • Hope not //RT @VedereOnline: @hragv does it leave you with santorum-like artistic stains? #
  • It’s amazing to me how bad the online literacy to many people is. Most people can’t tell the difference between different kinds of websites. #
  • I can’t believe I’m going to a Bushwick ballet tonight. Talk about hypergentrification. #
  • Wait, Justin Timberlake is going to Roebling Tea House regularly? GROSS! First the ballet and now this?! #killme #
  • Though I kind of like ballet. It’s really about Justin. HA! #
  • Dear @theBoBartlett , I think your son is on drugs. #12hPoint #
  • Are there any stats as to whether I will catch ebola or worse because some random water drops in Union Sq station landed on my face? #ugh #
  • A view of @NorteMaar‘s The Brodemann Area’s ballet at the Center for Performance Research #
  • Another view of The Brodemann Areas at CPR #
  • Another view of The Brodemann Areas at CPR #
  • Another view of The Brodemann Areas at CPR @NorteMaar #
  • The Cahill remix of Sway’s “Level Up” track totally makes me want to play video games for hours on end. #
  • Another view of The Brodemann Areas at CPR #
  • Dear @CoryBooker you’re amazing…much respect //Newark mayor Cory Booker rushes into burning home to save neighbor: #
  • HA! // RT @kn0thing: Just saw a “Vote Republican” bumpersticker on a Prius. Didn’t see that one coming. #
  • If you want to convert all dead Mormons into being gay, now you have a way! #
  • That’s pretty funny…you can find it in the app store though // @Powhida: If I cut my finger in studio, I’d put some #NewAesthetic on it. #
  • It’s a pretty glorious day. But what I need (to make things better) is a jello shot. #
  • It looks like there’s a new commissioned work by Duke Riley in the lobby of the new hotel in @ Wythe Hotel #
  • Phil Collins #streetart #myversiooffhell #greenpoint @ Greenpoint G Goint #
  • Bugs on a table at a #greenpoint performance #
  • A view of Sex-Food-Death performance at 70 Commercial #greenpoint #
  • A taste of the trippy live video performance at Sex-Food-Death, 70 Commercial #Greenpoint #
  • 25 YouTube Comments That Are Actually Funny – #

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