Links & Comments (2012-04-21)

  • According to Hustler the term is “hos” & not “ho’s” and “come” is the verb, while “cum” is the noun. #knowledgesispower #
  • Woohoo!! //@thebenstreet: Good news! The new Kony video is every bit as narcissistic and manipulative as the last one #
  • More good news. I accidentally ate almonds (in a sauce) yesterday and I’m still alive! Hip hip hooray!!!! #itisthelittlethingsthatmeanalot #
  • Soo jealous //@black_von: Visited the Sammlung Hoffmann this morning, so interesting. Recommend (Sat reservation req’d) #
  • A late night memory from last night in #Greenpoint #
  • Why are the lights on the Empire State Building turned off. They’re supposed to be white tonight. #
  • WTC & Cloud Over Lower Manhattan @ Brooklyn Flea Williamsburg #
  • One thing I refuse to get used to is friends moving out of New York. #
  • Please @KimKardashian run for mayor of Glendale. OMG Hilarious #
  • RT @olympialambert: @hragv @kimkardashian And if that doesn’t work– why not Watertown, MA? 🙂 #
  • This is insane // Swedish Minister Caught in “Racist” Food Art Performance at @Modernamuseet #
  • Nice ad in today’s @Politico by @hrc. Same-sex couples pay more & get less because of discrimination. #
  • Ugh //America’s Screaming Conscience: Romney & Bibi: Middle East Policy By Two Best Buds Walkie-Talkiing After Bedtime #
  • Does anyone else find it creepy that one of Mike Kelley’s favorite songs is titled “Suicide”? h/t @chaykak #
  • U.S. Congresswoman Jackie Speier tells us why Republicans think women should be ‘barefoot and pregnant.’ #
  • New food choices for Manhattan’s park up high // Northern Spy, Bark, Terroir Sign on for The High Line #
  • My interview //Controversial Afro-Swedish Artist Speaks, “It’s a Disturbing Picture But It’s Also a Disturbing Subject” #
  • French Presidential Candidate: “Niggas In Paris, Vote for Me!” #
  • Some theoretical ideas should be labeled with their shelf life date. Like, “This theory will be useless to almost everyone in 10 years.” #
  • I’m pretty excited that my mom arrives today. #
  • My mom just pranked me by calling & claiming me she missed her train to NY. I guess I know where I get my sense of humor from. #
  • I love my life. I just got an email from “the pioneering conceptual walks organization” … WOW, is this a thing? #
  • That’s a conceptual walk! //RT @blisster: @hragv sitting on the couch thinking really hard about running to the cupcake shop… #
  • Art faux pas //RT @blisster: @hragv walking not running. wrong conceptual art movement… #
  • I can’t wait to think about going there //RT @andrewbirk: @Powhida @hragv opening up a gym in Greenpoint called Relational Plyometrics #
  • HA! //RT @magdasawon: The sign on the window of 192 books on Tenth Ave says “this is not a showroom for amazon”. Damn right #
  • Good advice //RT @jilnotjill: @newmuseum Put benches in front of your videos! Give an art critic with a bad back a break. #
  • My favorite Chinese social media service just went mainstream. It’s over. Ugh. cc @anxiaostudio #
  • Who knew!?!?! // The Unknown Sheet Music Covers of René Magritte – #
  • My brother, Puzant (aka Bob), is featured in the April 2012 edition of Sign Media Canada magazine Go, Bro! #

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