Links & Comments (2012-04-28)

  • Painter chic? Martin Margiela is selling paint splattered shoes for $525!?! //Required Reading #
  • Guaranteed to make you laugh //What real women look like doing ridiculous fashion poses: #
  • If only // @davelamorte: @hragv $525?! I can retire on my old reeboks #
  • You’re a trendsetter /@DSKinsel: @hragv its crazy marketing…as an artist i live that paint splattered lifestyle everyday and dnt pay for it. #
  • If you don’t know, @FelixSalmon is a natural in the spotlight. @ Pink Pony Cafe #
  • And nothing like a drink cheers between @black_von and @felixsalmon. Love it. @ Pink Pony Cafe #
  • My mom just told me that my great grandmother used to smoke hashish for her asthma — it was prescribed by her doctor in Aleppo. #
  • Stats galore // Artist Payments at NYC Nonprofits, By the Numbers via @hyperallergic #
  • Huh? @thedailybeast is calling FineArts the #1 most useless major? Then why do they have an art section? via @moneyries #
  • Web browser usage by region. North America is still an IE zone? Really!? #
  • This year sounds like it’s going to be very different // @ArtPrize Artist Registration Now Open, Jurors Revealed – #
  • For one of the publications I work for the writer wanted us to pay $250 for a story that he was also going to post for free on Huff Po…huh!? #
  • I’m so glad I’ll be able to walk by this all the time // New Faile Mural Lands in Williamsburg – #
  • The war of public art vs the food concessions! //Food Court Threatens Alice Aycock Sculpture at JFK – #
  • Today is April 24. Lots of people will know what that means. #remembering #
  • Detail of Arman Grigorian’s “Sasuntsi Davit, Sitting Bull and Buffalo Bill” (1999) @ Gallery Bergen #
  • My mom looking at Vahan Rumelian’s “On October 29th at 12:35” (2006) @ Gallery Bergen #
  • I’d incl: guilt for liking it so much //@paleofuture: at this point “porn” just means something w any degree of aesthetic appeal /@ekstasis in reply to paleofuture #
  • Now Komen Foundation is partnering with “a woman who had people imprisoned b/c their family members wouldn’t date her”? #
  • Oh joy //@RosieGray: @JoseCanseco on his forthcoming website: “”You guys will be able to see me when I’m tweeting.” #
  • Talk about a casual art thief. #
  • Reality meet fiction // “Portland is a top 10 city in terms of number of projects [on Kickstarter].” #
  • Morose title, I know, but it’s what I did on Tuesday // My Mother, Me and the Armenian Genocide – #
  • Cuz you do //@cmonstah: Between Art Basel, Art Basel Miami, Armory…& Frieze NY I feel like I spend all year getting pr about art fairs. #
  • I’m actually kind of excited that I can get to Frieze NY fair via ferry straight from my doorstep. #win #
  • I pretty sad that one of my favorite letterpress studios, Yee-Haw Industries in Knoxville, TN is closing after 15 years. They were the best. #
  • Wait, does this mean Mitt Romney donated to the fight against California’s Prop 8? #WTF #
  • Opps //RT @eeesspee: @hragv no it means the exact opposite #
  • I mean he was FOR it // @hragv: Wait, does this mean Mitt Romney donated to the fight against California’s Prop 8? #WTF #
  • Finally! A thing I’ve been wishing my smartphone would do for ages…allow you to watch live tv #
  • I knew it when it was still Weixin. Sell outs! /@ManBartlett: Anyone else besides @hragv on WeChat? It really is pretty awesome… #
  • Gorgeous // Laser cut seaweed makes the most beautiful sushi ever #
  • Hilariously awesome. And yes, I do hug my computer periodically // The Internet Makes Me Happy #
  • Sima C playing for our small crowd. @ Lofty Party Building #
  • A giraffe in a loft. @ Lofty Party Building #

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