Links & Comments (2012-05-05)

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  • “The fluff under the bed may be described as dust kitties, dust bunnies, woolies or house moss” depending on where you are in America. #
  • So sad to hear of the passing of Aris Sevag, editor at @araratmag . He was a wonderful editor, translator and colleague. #
  • This corner is looking pretty fantastic nowadays. As zany and chaotic as ever. N7th and Bedford #streetart #
  • Hmmm…pizza // @artnotfound: @hragv have you seen the best throw up on Bedford? #
  • Enjoying the Sakura Matsuri festival on a glorious Sunday @ Sakura Matsuri Cherry Blossom Festival #
  • There are signs of some cosplay action at the Matsuri festival. Seems fitting. #
  • Juniperus chinensis “Kaizuka” / style: informal upright @ Bonsai Museum #
  • Junperus chinensis var. sargentii / style: literati @ Bonsai Museum #
  • Cosplay central today at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden #
  • I’m feeling so much sadness re: Aris Sevag’s death. Used to speak to him at least every work day either in person, on phone or via email. #
  • Video: Some cosplay playfulness at today’s Sakura Matsui festival at the @bklynbotanic Garden. #
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  • Writer Stephen King thinks 1%-ers — himself included — should pay more tax. #
  • It’s amazing how when some people talk and talk all you hear is noise. #
  • THIS would be the most expensive house in Brooklyn? #gaudy #
  • A colorful #streetart work made of felt on Wythe Ave. #Williamsburg #
  • I’ll be speaking at this event tomorrow (Wed) night in Manhattan. Stop by if you can. #
  • The Swedes know how to do lunch with midday dance parties, incl. 60 min DJ sets. #
  • Hey @HerbTam, for those who don’t know. Can you explain the show in a nutshell? I’ll RT #
  • Hmmm…I’m not bettting on it //@artfagcity: What are the chances Jeff Koons will sign this Sotheby’s art handler petition? #
  • I am! So is @anxiaostudio @veken @iberob @lauraisaacart @manbartlett @bzyo & @RichardMcCoy //RT @laeliamitchell: : who’s using wechat? #
  • Digging these Amy Yao works from her “Pass” series (2010) @ Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA) #
  • WHAT!?! // Anti-Gay Marriage Bill Created ‘To Protect Caucasian Race’ Says NC Senator’s Wife #
  • What are the top ten most censored countries? #
  • Modernists 😉 // RT @cmonstah: Who make a sculpture of stairs and expects no one to climb it? #
  • How do we keep all these passwords straight? #21stCproblems #
  • OMG…my crush on Kim K continues. // Kim Kardashian tapes Armenian genocide PSA for Glendale #
  • My obit of @Ararat Editor Aris Sevag Passes Away #
  • I must say that the drinks at tonight’s #GuardianChat …precursor of a good event? #
  • Wait, does the Buzzfeed editor think they are in the great tradition of journalism? I love them but they’re not there yet. #GuardianChat #
  • OMG, Juan Williams thinks Fox is successful because its entertaining and smart. Smart?!? #LOL #GuardianChat #
  • The smack down between The Nation & Fox News has begun. “We’re at The Nation and we know that Obama is not a socialist.” #GuardianChat #
  • Good question. / @felixsalmon asks why aren’t the most profitable media outlets funding the best investigative journalism?#GuardianChat #
  • Government and politics encroaching on media? Um, yeah. #GuardianChat #
  • Political campaigns are increasingly seeing itself as media producers, says @BuzzFeedBen #GuardianChat #
  • I love when every day people get asked about contemporary art // Asking Bedford Avenue about Contemporary Art #
  • Adrian Piper, “Funk Lessons” (1983) at Elizabeth Dee at @FriezeArtFair #
  • That’s me! //@juliaxgulia: …another series of responses to #NewAesthetic @zigelbaumcoelho @cnqmdi @hragv @carla_gannis #
  • First impressions of @FriezeNewYork …they did it right and if I was Armory I’d up my game. #
  • Mmmmm…dessert. @ Fernandes Steakhouse #
  • Daniel McDonald, “Credit card offering” (2012) at Bortolozzi Gallery, @FriezeNewYork #

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