Links & Comments (2012-05-12)

A view of Will Ryman's "Roses & Figures" show at Lio Malca Gallery
  • Michaelangelo Pistoletto’s two works at Galeria Continua caught my eye. Loved the stacked of canvases on lef #
  • Awesome. Now @textinstagram is in my Instagram feed. #
  • Check out this collage someone made with @Mixel! #
  • Attn: Foodies. Mario Batali was just spotted by my mom (who just rushed hot to grab her camera) at Smorgasburg. #foodcelebritysighting #
  • Thanks //@KnowNOW_Knowhow: Taken w. @hragv critique of New Aesthetic Revisited: Modernism is old and New is retro! #
  • You doubt it? //RT @Powhida: @hragv thinks Olafur made some waves to toss the water taxi around. #seasickness #
  • Markus Schinwald, “Benno” (2012) at Giò Marconi Gallery, @FriezeNewYork #
  • What are the chances there’s another work at @FriezeNewYork with a head brace? Ran Huang, “Constraint of Sal #
  • A 360 view inside the @FriezeNewYork 2012 fair. #
  • Tom Friedman, “Untitled Consumer Objects” (2010) #
  • Virginia Overton, “Untitled (Mirrors for Randall’s Island)” (2012) at @FriezeNewYork #
  • Stanley Whitney’s “This Side of Blue” (2010) at @TeamGallery, @FriezeNewYork #
  • Nevin Aladag, “Pattern Matching (PM-Red)” (2010) and works from his Carpet Ball series (2010-12) at Rampa Ga #
  • The @DavidZwirner booth at @FriezeNewYork was a minimalist wet dream. #
  • In Bedford Ave, tonight #
  • The lovely Michael Thonet chair no. 14 (1859) has been continuously manufactured since it first was designed #
  • Cinco de Mayo in Bushwick has so far been a disappointment in terms of sombrero spotting. Maybe Williamsburg will be better? #kitsch #
  • One sombrero finally spotted in the Burg. #nightcomplete #
  • Olaf Nicolai’s “Why women like to buy textiles that feel nice” (nd) at Galerie Eigen & Art (Leipzig/Berlin) #
  • Lately, the comments on mainstream media websites covering politics have become more unreadable than usual. #wasteoftime #
  • There’s something very 1970s dystopia sci-fi about this /Is Marina Abramovi? Trying to Create a Performance Art Utopia? #
  • Die, slideshow, die! // The slideshow traffic myth that many websites believe in. #
  • Amen //RT @museumnerd: @hragv Man do I hate those stupid slideshows. Just make it one image on top of the next and scrollable. Thank you. #
  • You feel persecuted as an American Christian? Tell us how much fun you had banning gay marriage in 42 states #
  • What are chances that North Carolinans will ban gay marriage? If they do, can Southerners STFU with the “we’re not more bigoted” crap? #
  • Only 4% of the world population live in areas that recognise same-sex marriage. #LGBT #
  • A sex publisher is suing Tumblr for allowing users to swipe and search his pics: #
  • Women are more likely than men to eye up members of opposite sex while on holiday w their partner, according to survey. #
  • I adore Maurice Sendak and all but does his death really warrant an email alert from the NY Times? My opinion: No. #
  • Yikes, Al Jazeera English forced out of China as authorities refuse to renew press creds. #
  • Pretty damn cool //New Aesthetic Watch: Google Beatbox – #
  • Shit. What bar? //@writepudding: A favorite bar of mine in Yerevan was set on fire… sources allegedly point to possible neo-nazi group #
  • I can’t believe I’m getting home before the sun goes down. Miracles can happen and I only had to leave the house at 6:30am to do it. #
  • Yerevan’s only gay bar gets bombed and gay marriage is constitutionally banned in North Carolina. Today was not a good day for gay people. #
  • Wow, I can’t believe radical American homophobes are going after gay people on Twitter. Legislative bigotry empowers hate I guess. #
  • Freedom from gay people with full rights, I guess // RT @Diggingpitt: Yup, Republicans are all about freedom. Right? #
  • Who can you bet doesn’t know a gay married couple? The people of North Carolina who voted to ban gay marriage. #
  • It’s sad that some people define themselves by who they hate. #
  • Just some of the right wing comments I’ve been getting tonight. #trolls #
  • That was my second favorite. Btw, do right wingers know what camp is? // RT @JeremySapienza: @hragv haha “anti-straight bigotry” #
  • Gorchov, Bourgeois and Holzer in the Cheim & Reid booth at Frieze NY #
  • Wow, still shocked at all the anti-gay bigotry that one tweet generates from right wingers. Here’s some more… #
  • Why hasn’t someone done this before // Artist Makes Real Rainbows – #
  • There’s also this: // @Lucy_McKenna: @hragv this artist comes close! @mrmarkgarry #
  • I still use it too // RT @swissmiss: The new drag-and-drop Flickr uploader is a delight to use. #yesIstilluseflickr #
  • 😀 // @drakejensen: Thank you # PresidentObama you are a President for ALL people #
  • Best event title I’ve seen in a while, “Between Perp Walk and Victory Dance: Thoughts on Sex, Money and Color TV” #
  • What is wrong with Fox Nation? Their title is “OBAMA FLIP FLOPS, DECLARES WAR ON MARRIAGE” #huh #
  • Unbelievable, right? // RT @lyra_k: @hragv well, i declare war on fox nation. #
  • Brilliant, remix!! //@mrhopthescissor: @hragv OBAMA HATES YOUR SHOES! 🙂 #
  • Yup, they changed it. // RT @AntDeRosa: FOX NEWS FLIP FLOPS ON WAR ON MARRIAGE HEADLINE #
  • I did it three years ago…more underground? //Choire: Anyway, thank god I got gay-married last year, when it was still cool and underground. #
  • I have a full house // @remaerdyaD: calls @hragv‘s queerBigotry and raises him 1 antiIntelectual ~ twtr #poker #
  • Should mention it’s mostly queens //have a full house //@remaerdyaD: calls @hragv‘s queerBigotry & raises him 1 antiIntelectual ~twtr #poker #
  • Detail of Ashley Norwood Cooper’s “Battle” (2010) at First Street Gallery in Chelsea #
  • A view of Will Ryman’s “Roses & Figures” show at Lio Malca Gallery #
  • Another view of Will Ryman’s current show at Lio Malca Gallery #
  • And some of Will Ryman’s figures in the “Roses & Figures” at Lio Malca Gallery #
  • Cory Booker rocks // @CoryBooker: Yesterday, it got a little bit better. . . – still so much more work to do. #
  • The story about Mitt Romney bullying someone in high school is awful. How can his unfavorability rating go any lower? #
  • Ouch //RT @JeremySapienza: @MikeRiggs Essentially US foreign policy. #
  • It’s really not cool that Gawker would out a reporter for no apparent reason: #
  • Tonight’s L train outage meant a 25 min trip took 2 hours. Not a relaxing night. #
  • This is hands down one of the funniest things you’ll read today // How to Talk about Art: Cindy Sherman Edition – #
  • That’s a good sign … WOOT! // RT @kylevthomas: @hragv makes me want to become an art critic. That was hilarious. #
  • Really happy the way this Q&A turned out, check out the 360 views. // Six Questions for @MiraSchor About Text & Image – #

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