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This photo of a street sculpture by MRToll was hard earned. I ended up in a fight with a crotchy old street vendor who didn’t like me taking photos near his booth. I told him I had a write to take photos on a public sidewalk. Then he tried to stand between me and the sculpture and threw a bag on top of the street art I was photographing. I got pissed and told him that I’m a working art critic and he was not allowing me to do my job and if he continued I’d lodge a complaint with the city, which probably wouldn’t help his permit.

Then things got ugly. Assuming I was American, he asked if I fought for this country. I said no, but I didn’t feel like I had to. He mentioned he was a Vietnam War veteran and he fought for my freedom. I asked him if he took credit for all the bad wars or just the ones he agrees with?

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  1. Tamara Avatar

    You should have bought all his hot dogs

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