Links & Comments (2012-07-28)


  • Journalism v. propaganda / The Bulgarian bombing is a case in point. #
  • Looks like Swampy hits up the Faile studio wall. I think this is my favorite wall at this space ever. #
  • Memories of #OWS …awwww #
  • An Elle and Shin Shin combo piece at N7th & Bedford #williamsburg #streetart #
  • Love this fish detail. Though not sure ego it is. #williamsburg #streetart #
  • Watching him with is red hair is a little surreal // @CNN: James Holmes is in court right now. Watch it live @CNN TV #
  • Ugh … far right group steals gay couple’s engagement photo and places it in anti-gay hate mailer. #
  • My favorite new Twitterfeed a mashup of @KimKardashian and Søren Kierkegaard — Introducing @KimKierkegaard #ThingsIWishIDid #
  • This is hilarious! Go, Justus! // RT @justusbruns: @hragv Thanks for the support guys #
  • I wish there was a way to listen to music through Twitter or Tumblr … ahem #
  • You can code in rollovers. // RT @chaykak: First time wishing I could use footnotes in online reviews. #
  • How to suck at your religion – The @Oatmeal #
  • I hate brownstone Brooklyn. It’s too green. #hyperallergic #
  • Bedford Ave or the Louvre…hard to tell // Hipsters at the Louvre & Illuminated Hollywood Films #
  • Possibly worst use of GIFs in a blog post ever … pointless // Get to Know Your Gymnastics Team Through GIFs #
  • Now you know what I do when I’m bored #busted // Let’s Play Google Art Critic! #
  • Why is it that people who say they are brutally honest are usually only “honest” with everyone but themselves. #
  • Hahahahaha!!! /// Romney Camp Once Again Warns Of ‘Soviet’ Threat #
  • Just remembered to post this nice pic of @starwarsmodern and @prplst in front of the Aiko mural on Houston. #
  • The nicest thing about the Seagrams Building on Park is the water. #
  • I’m rewatching the Bill Cunningham documentary over @Veken‘s shoulder and this time I really am developing a dislike of him. #
  • Honestly, I don’t know why and it is unexpected. #
  • WTF // Romney, and Aryan Racial Theory as a basis for Foreign Policy #
  • Gaffe Alert! // @AntDeRosa // @mmhastings: British Prime Minister Disses Romney’s Salt Lake City Olympics #
  • My niece’s first published work is an Amazon review … awwwww #
  • The more links, the closer to God. #
  • I have an idea for a new soap opera, As Bushwick Turns. #youjustwait #
  • So great! // RT @TylerGreenDC: The ask vs. the gift says it all: #
  • Wait, what did @KellyCrowWSJ just tweet about @MOCALosAngeles & Deitch? #juicy // Overheard in the Art World – #
  • Diggin’ Aereo. Good service so far. #
  • OMG the Queen looks ridiculous. What was her inspiration — Pepto-Bismol? #2012OlympicCeremony #
  • My favorite Olympic fact is that Canada is the only country never to win a gold at their own Olympic Games. #proudcanadian #
  • Let’s just set him on fire. // RT @magdasawon: Fire Ralph Lauren. #
  • I vote YES!! // RT @soumiyalakshmi: How awesome if #AbFab closed the show? #
  • That grass mound is hideous. Like the set for a WWII b movie. #
  • Apple didn’t have to sponsor the Olympics. This whole thing is packed full of product placement. #
  • I want to see someone drop the torch. #
  • Couldn’t someone have designed an Olympic torch with a push button? London design seems a tad dated. #
  • Thank you, London for not commissioning one of the YBAs to design the Olympic cauldron. #
  • And now for UK Cliche No. 1,345,578 #2012OlympicCeremony #

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