Links & Comments (2012-08-04)


  • Love that someone is lifting up the torch of freestyle in Penn Station. #somethingsneverdie #
  • Just went through the Freedom Tunnel via train and spotted some of the stuff that makes it special. #
  • Same true for art? // RT @RobMaguire: Study proves that music has become more homogenous over the years. Do you agree? #
  • Nothing like a good house remix to change your mood from bad to good. #
  • News in Dumbo #graffiti #
  • This party gave me crabs!!! #Dumbo #
  • Ummmm… Andréa Stanislav’s “White Rabbit, Orange Square” (2012( @ Southampton Fair #
  • Detail of a lovely collage by Romare Bearden, “Sunrise—The China Lamp” (1985), Jerald Me @ Southampton Fair #
  • These small sculptures by Cathy McClure at Edelman Arts are the innards of stuffed anima @ Southampton Fair #
  • An antique row @ Parrish Art Museum #
  • It appears that @veken has finally won and our tv at home is far too large for our room. #televisionthedrugofthenation ?? #
  • Didn’t realize Olympian gymnast parents are the most intense of athlete parents. They look like they’re going to have coronaries. #Olympics #
  • Spotted these poodles made of flowers on a bench in Southampton, NY. #
  • Links please // RT @sarkis01: oh, my new obsession? websites modeled after infographics #
  • I think Mitt Romney would happily start a war if he thought it would win him the election. #
  • Wait, is hell analogue?! // RT @BR1K6: THE INTERNET IS YOUR ONLY SALVATION #
  • What’s his Reddit handle? // @BR1K6: JESUS is my ISP RT @hragv: Wait, is hell analogue?! // RT @BR1K6: THE INTERNET IS YOUR ONLY SALVATION #
  • South America Sees Drug Path to Legalization #
  • Chris Uphues returns to the old Live With Animals building. #williamsburg #streetart #
  • Inside the @ParrishArt Museum #southampton #
  • Brent Owens at the Invisible Exports booth at NADA Hudson was one of my favorite things this past weekend. #
  • David Cary Higginbothan at Blackston, NADA Hudson 2012 #
  • Cal Lane sculpture at NADA Hudson 2012, Hudson, NY #
  • A tumblelog that needs to be invented: That Would Be a Great Art Project. #
  • Exactly // @rejinl: Could we park unused ideas there? // “@hragv: A tumblelog that needs to be invented: That Would Be a Great Art Project.” #
  • Gore Vidal was one of my first literary loves and it didn’t bother me that he was sometimes wrong, since more often he was right. #RIP #
  • Sounds familiar // RT @Pilafji: I have this nice new green shirt that literally attracts stains from across the room. #
  • Why do we use the phrase “corporate culture” when it is the furthest thing from “culture” imaginable? #
  • OMG, I’m soo happy it’s Thursday. #donotaskwhy #
  • Dear @repjohnconyers thank you … that was brilliant // Conyers Speaks Spanish At ‘English-Only’ Hearing #
  • A miracle! #mystarbucksname #
  • Wait, what!? Lebanese authorities inflict “egg test” on “gay” men & make them pay for it? #outrage #
  • HA! I love *$ for Starbucks // RT @vr_quarksoup: @hragv It’s because *$ now has personnel training course on how to spell Hrag. #
  • Unbelievable…seems like a spoof but it isn’t // Tanorexic Mom Stops Tanning, NJ Tanning Economy Crippled #
  • WOW // RT @lunaparknyc: roa by night #streetart #
  • WOOT! Public engagement with public art! // Project Enlists the Public to Document Outdoor Sculpture by Tony Smith #
  • Yum! Oh, wait… // RT @prplst: Happy cows fart marshmallows. #countryhousetheories #
  • Feeling very allergic. For the last month my allergies have been out of control. #

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