Links & Comments (2012-08-11)


  • I think I’ve just discovered the ugliest, most dated website in NYC…when was it designed? 1998? #
  • Who would like to join me in lobbying the city to destroy all greenery in parks so that it alleviates seasonal allergies? #
  • The world is full of potential and at 39 I’m still discovering new directions I never knew existed. #
  • A great little work by MRToll on the same block as @Hyperallergic HQ #streetart #williamsburg #
  • Geisha #streetart in #williamsburg (this is from a few months ago) #
  • I can feel the vomit accumulating in my mouth // Brace Yourselves, Lady Gaga Goes ARTPOP – #
  • Does anyone know a affordable and attractive auction site that a non-arts nonprofit can use? Looking and no luck yet. #
  • Key nuance // RT @akikoichi: Wow, I shoulda hated on Judith Miller the whole time, not the Times. Sorry, Times! #
  • Me too! My bamboo stylus was destroyed in my bag (no idea how) // @LifeSansBldgs: A stylus! A stylus! My kingdom for a pointy (iPad) stylus! #
  • You can watch ALL of The Shock of the New here // Influential Art Critic Robert Hughes, 74, Dies – #
  • My Canadian customs official asked me (earnestly) why Americans are voting for Mitt the Twit (his words, not mine). #YYZ #
  • A view outside my dad’s hospital room window with the historic Don Jail in the foregro @ Bridgepoint Health #
  • A Riverdale backyard #Toronto #
  • A monkey that’s hanging around in my Airbnb room. #Riverdale #Toronto #
  • Dramatic fountain in Vietnamese joint. (The strainers are funny. @ Pho Mi Gia Phung House Noodle Restaurant #
  • Soo true // RT @staycurly: “The world needs more gay ninjas” – @hragv #
  • This club house is like something straight out of The Flintstones …well, if they lived in Canada. #
  • I haven’t been on the Kipling bus in a decade. Never been soo excited to take a public bus before. #
  • Dude, loooove this pic of Obama essentially tagging a wall #
  • What a surprising perfect fortune. @ Pearl Court Restaurant #
  • This trip rekindled my deep love of Toronto. It was a tough but a good trip. #
  • In case anyone was wondering, the Canadian coverage of the Olympics is MUCH more tolerable than the shit we’re watching on NBC. #
  • Umm… wow // RT @elbowtoe: Nobody Puts Bebe In A Corner #
  • I’m in disbelief that Romney is running such a bad campaign. I thought it would be closer. Am I missing something? #
  • What?!?!? // RT @magdasawon: Dear NBC please spare me. Your social media expert is…..Ryan Seacrest? #really #
  • Do you know what would make flights more tolerable? ‘Shrooms. #idonotwantanypeanuts #LGAhereIcome #
  • I used 176.8 MB in 2 1/2 days in Toronto. I feel data obese. #
  • ROMNEY/JESUS 2012 // RT @jilnotjill: @hragv @artfagcity If he picks Jesus, he’ll have the election in the bag. #
  • Oh, Williamsburg, I missed you and every single one of your tattoos. #
  • Off to Asbury Park for @Veken‘s birthday. #
  • My Sponge Bob Squarepants pop and me. #OceanGrove #NJ #
  • Hey @tylergreendc …found it! @ Madam Marie’s Temple Of Knowledge #

2 responses to “Links & Comments (2012-08-11)”

  1. nick kline Avatar

    Hi Hrag,
    I just came across your engaging blog and the image of the ice pop struck me, are you familiar with the work of Meredith Allen? kindred spirits!

    best, nick

  2. Hrag Avatar

    Thanks, Nick. That was EXACTLY who I was thinking of when I took the pic. I knew the art die-hards would get the reference 😉

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