Links & Comments (2012-08-11)


  • I think I’ve just discovered the ugliest, most dated website in NYC…when was it designed? 1998? #
  • Who would like to join me in lobbying the city to destroy all greenery in parks so that it alleviates seasonal allergies? #
  • The world is full of potential and at 39 I’m still discovering new directions I never knew existed. #
  • A great little work by MRToll on the same block as @Hyperallergic HQ #streetart #williamsburg #
  • Geisha #streetart in #williamsburg (this is from a few months ago) #
  • I can feel the vomit accumulating in my mouth // Brace Yourselves, Lady Gaga Goes ARTPOP – #
  • Does anyone know a affordable and attractive auction site that a non-arts nonprofit can use? Looking and no luck yet. #
  • Key nuance // RT @akikoichi: Wow, I shoulda hated on Judith Miller the whole time, not the Times. Sorry, Times! #
  • Me too! My bamboo stylus was destroyed in my bag (no idea how) // @LifeSansBldgs: A stylus! A stylus! My kingdom for a pointy (iPad) stylus! #
  • You can watch ALL of The Shock of the New here // Influential Art Critic Robert Hughes, 74, Dies – #
  • My Canadian customs official asked me (earnestly) why Americans are voting for Mitt the Twit (his words, not mine). #YYZ #
  • A view outside my dad’s hospital room window with the historic Don Jail in the foregro @ Bridgepoint Health #
  • A Riverdale backyard #Toronto #
  • A monkey that’s hanging around in my Airbnb room. #Riverdale #Toronto #
  • Dramatic fountain in Vietnamese joint. (The strainers are funny. @ Pho Mi Gia Phung House Noodle Restaurant #
  • Soo true // RT @staycurly: “The world needs more gay ninjas” – @hragv #
  • This club house is like something straight out of The Flintstones …well, if they lived in Canada. #
  • I haven’t been on the Kipling bus in a decade. Never been soo excited to take a public bus before. #
  • Dude, loooove this pic of Obama essentially tagging a wall #
  • What a surprising perfect fortune. @ Pearl Court Restaurant #
  • This trip rekindled my deep love of Toronto. It was a tough but a good trip. #
  • In case anyone was wondering, the Canadian coverage of the Olympics is MUCH more tolerable than the shit we’re watching on NBC. #
  • Umm… wow // RT @elbowtoe: Nobody Puts Bebe In A Corner #
  • I’m in disbelief that Romney is running such a bad campaign. I thought it would be closer. Am I missing something? #
  • What?!?!? // RT @magdasawon: Dear NBC please spare me. Your social media expert is…..Ryan Seacrest? #really #
  • Do you know what would make flights more tolerable? ‘Shrooms. #idonotwantanypeanuts #LGAhereIcome #
  • I used 176.8 MB in 2 1/2 days in Toronto. I feel data obese. #
  • ROMNEY/JESUS 2012 // RT @jilnotjill: @hragv @artfagcity If he picks Jesus, he’ll have the election in the bag. #
  • Oh, Williamsburg, I missed you and every single one of your tattoos. #
  • Off to Asbury Park for @Veken‘s birthday. #
  • My Sponge Bob Squarepants pop and me. #OceanGrove #NJ #
  • Hey @tylergreendc …found it! @ Madam Marie’s Temple Of Knowledge #

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  1. Thanks, Nick. That was EXACTLY who I was thinking of when I took the pic. I knew the art die-hards would get the reference 😉

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