Links & Comments (2012-08-18)


  • I’m watching a TV interview with Paul Ryan talking about foreign policy and he’s lying and sounds crazy. #
  • Just a reminder people that no one votes for the VP. #2012election #
  • Yes, he did #gaffeprone // RT @RosieGray: did Romney just say “the next president of the united states, Paul Ryan”? hilarious #
  • Presenting a VP candidate from Wisconsin in front of the USS Wisconsin … I vote GOP as the kitschiest party. #
  • Paul Ryan’s speech is already boring. #thatwasquick #
  • Some rogue taxidermy by Minneapolis-based artist Serena Brewer, Untitled (2012) @ Parlor Gallery #
  • Classic Asbury Park @ Asbury Park Convention Hall #
  • An @obeygiant mural on Ocean Avenue @ North Beach Asbury Park #
  • I just ordered something called a “rom bucket,” this might not end well. @ Aqua Restaurant & Bar #
  • Look it’s @rgoshgarian!!! Hot!!!!!!! @ Aqua Restaurant & Bar #
  • Name That Bar #asburypark #
  • I think I want to start a trend, “parent cosplay” … and no, I don’t want to explain that one. #
  • What a day …to watch that trashy Bravo show or not? #
  • Do you know how many people have told me Eli Klein is nasty? I don’t know him but I thought I’d share. #GalleryGirls #
  • OMG I’m already bored. #GalleryGirls #
  • Ok, I’m going to get a drink. Alcohol has got to help this. #GalleryGirls #
  • So, can someone explain why there are no men in the show? #GalleryGirls #
  • Why not? // RT @katymastandrea: Watching #gallerygirls reminds me of a real wold/the hills. Don’t hate it. #
  • Ha! // RT @MarGretaAnne: fuck these bitches #gallerygirls #bravo #
  • OMG, you win // RT @drawclose: @hragv they have to cast boys, since the vag is all underage? #
  • Wait, what happened to it originally? // @KellyCrowWSJ: …intern…touting her dad’s collex being worth millions is reviving my gag reflex #
  • ? // @Irethsurion: Watching #GalleryGirls ??women were all immediatly mean to each other. I thought I would learn more about the NYC art scene #
  • Joe’s Shanghai sucks nowadays. Tourist trap. #GalleryGirls #
  • FTW /@VAJIAJIA: In conclusion, the art world is all about stupid blonde girls, stupid Brooklyn girls, and eating Chinese food. #GalleryGirls #
  • Doesn’t it seem like the set up for #GalleryGirls is thinner than most Bravo reality shows. I feel like we’re already on episode 4. #
  • If only it was drunker // RT @hereisafantasy: Gallery Girls is just a drunk “Mean Girls.” #gallerygirlssip #
  • Snookie would be a step up // RT @veken: @hragv I miss Snooki. She could maybe make this show watchable. #GalleryGirls #
  • Wait, I just realized that #GalleryGirls and Girls may be related in an (almost) alternate reality. Except one has really good writing. #
  • Wait, is this a gallery or clothes shop? #GalleryGirls #
  • Class? I assume you mean like high school // RT @taralconley: Is this like a class war thingy between white people in NYC? #GalleryGirls #
  • I don’t think I can make another episode. #GalleryGirls #
  • I almost miss Work of Art. #GalleryGirls #
  • ! //@KaleenaRivera: @hragv Saw…1st 10 mins, then…had to choose between…remote control &…shaking razor I held next to my wrist. #GalleryGirls #
  • French youths fire on police in overnight clashes #
  • You know when they say, today is the first day of the rest of your life? Today it is particularly true for me. #
  • Your Election is being Bought by 47 Billionaires (and they are Buying War, Climate Change) #
  • Just when you thought you’d heard it all before … // Nigerian wives ‘rape husband to death’ #
  • Horshack from “Welcome Back Kotter” is dead. #sad #
  • Btw, can we all agree that Terence Koh is a meh artist (maybe interior designer?) at best? Btw, did you know he still owes me $20 from 1999? #
  • This took me forever to compile //RT @hyperallergic: Who to Follow on Instagram: Art Edition – #
  • $1 million // RT @BitxhLove: @hragv Are you a critic for hire? Critique by commission? I need a write up on my paintings. Thanks in advance. #
  • Sorry, can’t. I got a husband to support and he smokes trees. // RT @BitxhLove: @hragv damn bro. I only got $80k in the budget. #
  • OMG, I should’ve mentioned this may be my favorite Instagram pics of at least the last month: #
  • Ouch! // RT @mollycrabapple: Remember when storming another country’s embassy to kidnap people was the sort of thing Iran did- not Britain? #
  • Followed! // @RudyHuxtable: @hragv You know who you’re not following on Instagram? Me! ( @bespangled) Unsurprisingly amazing list though! #
  • Why are LA people so insecure about their art scene? Get over it. #
  • It was a form of sabotage // @TwoCoats: I blame @hragv for the time I’ve just spent figuring out how to get back into my old Instagram acct. #
  • A sleek video of Dubai #tourismporn #
  • And we’re supposed to believe him without proof?! // RT @mckaycoppins: Mitt Romney says he has never paid less than 13 percent in taxes. #
  • To be fair I think he wants to tax us atleast 30% // @starwarsmodern: @hragv besides his desperate desire to be president, why would he lie? #
  • I love that the @oatmeal is using its power for good. Build a Tesla Museum! #
  • If you haven’t read @choire‘s The Pretty New Web & the Future of “Native” Advertising post, you should…like right now #
  • I’m compiling a list of street artists that are talentless hacks … oh, where to end the list. #
  • Means “They shall not pass” / @RobertMackey: Nadezhda Tolokonnikova of #PussyRiot wearing “No Pasaran!” tshirt in court #
  • Soo brilliant! “No Pasaran!” is a Spanish anti-fascist slogan used during the battle against Franco in Spain. #
  • I bet #PussyRiot and @aiww have a lot to discuss. #standinguptoautocraticregimes #
  • Get him to say Dick Cheney too FTW //@artfagcity // @jesseberney: OK reporters: your task for…day is to get Mitt Romney to say “Pussy Riot.” #
  • WHAT?! // RT @felixsalmon: <sadface> RT @grynbaum: Bike share in New York City delayed until next spring, @MikeBloomberg says today #
  • Are you bragging or is this a cry for help? //@NoGoPhoto: I just reached Level 2 of “Mall Rat” badge on 4squqre. I’ve checked in at 5…malls! #
  • OMG // RT @zackbeauchamp: A terrible, terrible day in Israel – see this ( and this ( #
  • Well, @veken and I walked out of our apt and realized we were both having a retro music moment. #
  • Nice line #graffiti #williamsburg #
  • I gathered some choice tweets // The Best & Worst Tweets About Today’s Pussy Riot Verdict – #FreePussyRiot #
  • I guess @Hyperallergic isn’t blocked in Saudi Arabia or Iceland. #
  • My martini. #bluecheeseolives #
  • This was my favorite thing I made today. #FreePussyRiot #

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