Links & Comments (2012-09-08)


  • It only took all summer but we finally decided on our balcony set. Classic Canadian modernism: Solair chairs #
  • Ugh, obviously there’s nothing more pressing to do // Hamas to ban porno sites in Gaza #Palestine via @Adnan_Z_Manjal #
  • The Worst Vandals Ever #streetart #williamsburg #
  • Marriage is for … #graffiti #
  • I spotted this juxtaposition in Toronto and broke out laughing. #
  • Nothing like a visit with Goya’s “Manuel Osorio Manrique de Zuñiga” (1784–92 @ European Paintings @ The Met #
  • What a wonderful way to look at paintings. After Xie Huan, “Elegant Gathering @ Metropolitan Museum of Art #
  • That’s quite a painterly tshirt. On the L train. #
  • Dual birthday celebration with @jandrewARTS and Deborah Check #
  • Today is the first day of the rest of my life. #WOOT #
  • A total must-read // It Is Broke, We Should Probably Fix It: The Nonprofit Model and the Arts – #
  • The most common first names of my Facebook friends. Y’all are a bunch of people with pretty common names. #
  • What the hell was that?!? #DNC2012 #
  • Starting to think these conventions are about looking at audiences & figuring out which crowd you’d be most comfortable hanging out in. #DNC #
  • Wow, ok, this is powerful stuff. A family’s personal medical story does a lot. #DNC2012 #
  • Gov Strickland’s Santa Claus line was awesome. “If Mitt was Santa Claus, he would fire the reindeer and outsource the elves.” #DNC2012 #
  • Was the Gulf War really the longest war in US history? Holy shit!! #
  • Fuck, yeah!!! // RT @gregorg: Having a hard time getting fired up by a non-swearing Rahm Emanuel. #dnc2012 #
  • Soo true // RT @ARTnewsmag: Show me the Monet: #dnc2012 backdrop looks like those Water Lilies #
  • Dear Obama, Please pass the Dream Act! #DNC2012 #
  • We’re there any Asians at the RNC? I don’t remember any. #
  • Loving the “Arab American Democrats” signs. #DNC2012 #
  • Ha! // RT @AlizaySteinberg: “Maybe 23 cents doesn’t sound like a lot to someone with Swiss bank accounts…” YES GIRL! PREACH! #
  • Were there any rainbow flags at the RNC? LOL #
  • Gov Patrick talked about arts education like it was a good thing. #WOOT #DNC2012 #
  • I like the “Forward, not back” slogan. Effective. #DNC2012 #
  • I can feel the electric energy at the #DNC2012 through the live cast. #
  • Great! // @alexisohanian: The Democratic Party Platform Promotes Internet Freedom; #Internet2012 Campaign Looks Bright #
  • I think @JulianCastro is going far. #DNC2012 #
  • Pass Dream Act!!! // RT @petitemaoiste: #JulianCastro brings it calling for enactment of the DREAM act #RNC2012 #
  • He’s great! // RT @MagicMarcSF: Wow! Julian Castro is delivering the inspiration!!! Like to see a new charge in this party #dnc2012 #
  • Yes!! // RT @jenbee: “The American dream is not a marathon or a sprint, it’s a relay.” This guy is seriously knocking it out of the park. #
  • Word! // RT @soumiyalakshmi: @CoryBooker, @devalpatrick, and now @JulianCastro. Damn. Feeling good about Democrats + our future. #dnc2012 #
  • Where the hell is @felixsalmon …I miss his tweets! #
  • OMG, I so needed help with strategy and my middle school friendships!! #DNC2012 #
  • Obama & his daughters watching Michelle // RT @jenbee: That’s right Barack, you should be proud that she’s your lady: #
  • OMG this god person is making me want to vote Green. #DNC2012 #
  • Yes! /@Ms_Kianga: Painting by Susan Rothenberg? /@thinkprogress: Barack, Malia & Sasha Obama watching Michelle on TV #
  • LOL //@mariuswatz: There’s a Google Street View inside the White House. It looks like a really expensive Holiday Inn #
  • Wonder Woman’s invisible jet! // RT @jomc: Dream about glass aircraft you can see out from all sides. No stuffings obstructing view. #
  • Good sign hack #streetart #williamsburg #
  • Where can I watch the DNC on the LES? #
  • The @FrickCollection has some of the most stunning art rooms in New York. It’s hard not to fall in love with Vermeer and Rembrandt there. #
  • French tourists just asked me where the @MetMuseum is. They were standing at the corner of 79th and Fifth. #
  • Renaissance water sports. Lorenzo Lotto, “Venus and Cupid” (nd) @ European Paintings @ The Met #
  • Hey miss, can you stop using your smartphone in the galleries please? Erastus Dow Palmer’s “Indian Girl” (18 #
  • Detail of a Peruvian colonial painting (c.1765–70) attributed to Cristóbal Lozano. @MetMuseum #
  • Holy shit! Cats with cash stained glass at the Ca$h Cats @tumblr art show. LOL @ The Dumbo Loft #
  • Everyone check out @nicrad‘s Ayn Rand-reading kitty at C$C$ @tumblr #
  • Scared looking kitty in a late 18th C Qajar painting in the Doris Duke Foundation collection currently on di #
  • Everyone deserves a trial, even Osama bin Laden deserved one even though we knew he was guilty. #DNC2012 #
  • Yes! // RT @petitemaoiste: @hragv war criminal tried in an international court like Nuremberg- that’s what democracies do, yes #
  • Dreamers! Give them a path to legality! #DNC012 #
  • The #DNC201 and #RNC2012 are night and day. I can’t believe they’re even for the same country. #
  • Thumbs up! // RT @LauraElkins: Biden quotes Clinton including his index finger #DNC2012 #JoeBiden #BillClinton #
  • How about the dead and wounded Iraqis and Afghanis? It would’ve been classier to acknowledge America is NOT an island. #DNC012 #
  • Clichés are the only bipartisan thing left. #DNC2012 //@harikunzru: The hinge of history? The cause of change? I can’t keep up. #
  • I get it. They chose Dick Durbin to make Obama look even more interesting by contrast. #DNC2012 #
  • Obama, make me fall in love with you again. #DNC2012 #nopressure #
  • Good tax cut line. Snip snip. #DNC2012 #
  • I think he just said that line to me. We made eye contact through the Internet. I felt it. #DNC2012 #
  • What, no kissing?! // RT @soumiyalakshmi: @hragv you totally had #cyber w #POTUS #
  • They’re not a relevant demographic, obviously. // RT @petitemaoiste: What about Palestine??? #
  • The #DNC2012 app just went into meltdown. USA! USA! USA! #
  • Or atheists,… //@soumiyalakshmi: I’m sitting here w Israeli friend who said the same thing re: Palestine? (right after “what abt Hindus?) #
  • Take it to your book club, commie // RT @starwarsmodern: C Bomb! #
  • Correction: Gays are the source of everything. Good and bad. #noproofjustis #
  • Touché // RT @gjurasicpark: @hragv now he is telling me that is all about me. i did it! me! #
  • My crown is at the pawn shop. // RT @soumiyalakshmi: @hragv also, you’re all related to royalty. #justis #
  • Does Obama have hecklers? #DNC012 #
  • Obama is bringing it now. He takes a while to warm up, but he does. You can tell he’s feeding off the crowd. #DNC2012 #
  • WORD!!! // RT @black_von: I wish Obama would have stood in front of blazing rainbows instead of patriotic stars. #
  • Klaus, you’re at the DNC? Is Obama getting a retrospective? // RT @klausbiesenbach: #
  • Wowza //RT @KellyCrowWSJ: Los Angeles Contemporary Art Museum Postpones Gala Amid Turmoil – Bloomberg via @BloombergNow #
  • This is so backward // Judge grants bail to young Christian girl accused of blasphemy in Pakistan #
  • Politico is unreadable and their commenters are worse. #
  • Oh boy, Kanye wrote about Kim K back in 2009? cc @BKLYN_Brummie #
  • Brooklyn just became the second most expensive place to live in the US. Second only to Manhattan, SF is third. #
  • We’re psych’d! /@alexhalperin: Congrats to @hragv @jilnotjill &… @hyperallergic ‘s expanded…team. We expect big things! #
  • Portrait of Johann Joachim Winckelmann by Anton Raphael Mengs (nd) at the @MetMuseum #
  • Francesco Caîro’s “Allegory of Painting” (nd) at @MetMuseum #
  • Thomas Micchelli reading at his solo show @ Centotto #
  • Tom Micchelli and @jilnotjill chatting about art or something @ Centotto #

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