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  • Ok, going out at @ArtPrize, not sure if I’ll have signal so I may have to talk to people face to face rather than on Twitter. #barbarians #
  • OMG it’s a giant iPhoneade of small iPhones. Thank you, @ArtPrize! @ JW Marriott Hotel #
  • Aaronel deRoy Gruber, “Citiplex” (c.1968–74) @ Grand Rapids Art Museum #
  • Andreas Von Gehr (Santiago, Chile), “re-bio-Gehr” (2011) #ArtPrize @ Grand Rapids Art Museum #
  • Ellsworth Kelly, “Blue White” (2006) @ Grand Rapids Art Museum #
  • Detail of Susan Clonthorne & Sally Thielen, “Search for the Key Letters Home” (201 @ Fountain Street Church #
  • Detail of Gabriel Dawe’s “Plexus No. 18” (nd) #artprize @ Old Federal Building #
  • Detail of Jeffrey Augustine Songco’s “Hosanna” (nd) #artprize @ Old Federal Building #
  • Ann Morton, “The Collective Cover Project” (2009–12) #artprize @ UICA (Urban Institute Of Contemporary Art) #
  • Gudmundor Thoroddsen, “Oculi Quator, Four Eyes” (2011) #artprize #
  • Loving the wooden ergile. Detail of Michael Rea, “Tsavo Maneaters Part 2” (nd) #artprize #
  • Detail of Design 99 installation @ SiTE:LAB @ 54 Jefferson | Artprize #
  • I’m ready to cry. // Palestine Conditions “More Brutal” Than in U.S. South of 50 Years Ago, Says Author Alice Walker #
  • I am getting kitsch overload today at #artprize Justin La Doux, “On Th @ Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum #
  • Dale Rogers, “Flight” (nd) #artprize @ Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum #
  • Fabric of the Universe (Grand Rapids, MI), “The Magic Carpet Temple Wo @ Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum #
  • My first Jesus sighting! James Wisnewski, “Descent of the Spirit” (nd) @ Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum #
  • I have no explanation. Thomas F Muller, “Primary Emergence” (nd) #artp @ Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum #
  • Yesterday I saw a lot of good stuff it today has been all strikes. #ArtPrize #myeyesarebleeding #
  • I don’t know why this Native American burial mound has a number but I hope it wins! #art @ Ah-Nab-Awen Park #
  • My first sighting of anti-#artprize #streetart On a path by the Public Mus @ Public Museum of Grand Rapids #
  • Sandy #notartaprize @ Public Museum of Grand Rapids #
  • I don’t know if this intended to be funny but I assume it is. Pretty hilarious. J @ Amway Grand Plaza Hotel #
  • After two and a half month of awful allergies, they seem to be going away. #miraclesdohappen #
  • My weekly list of must-read/see links // Required Reading #
  • At Top 10 awards ceremony for #artprize @ Rosa Parks Circle #
  • Richard Morse, “Stick-to-it-ive-ness: Unwavering pertinacity; perseverance” …one of the Top 10 finalists. #a #
  • Detail of Adonna Khare’s “Elephants” (2012) which is one of the #artprize Top 10. @ Grand Rapids Art Museum #
  • At Critical Discourse panel at #ArtPrize …here’s the audience. #
  • Spotted this tshirt in Grand Rapids. Not sure what to make of it. #
  • I liked the playfulness of these sculptures. Mallory Baran (Grand Rapids, MI), “Concretely the Remix” (nd) # #
  • This pic is for @starwarsmodern and only him #artprize @ The B.O.B. #
  • Joan Waters (Phoenix, AZ), “Ultimate Reality Show” (nd) #artprize @ Public Museum of Grand Rapids #
  • Jesus fanboys in Grand Rapids. @ Amway Grand Plaza Hotel #
  • A take on critic’s panel I was on yesterday at @ArtPrize …I think she wanted us to be more cruel. #
  • Delusional // RT @RosieGray: Paul Ryan on @SykesCharlie show: “We were actually winning the Medicare debate in the beginning.” #
  • Mr Peanut!! // RT @RobMaguire: @vanartgallery You had me at dancing peanut. #
  • Second anti-@ArtPrize #streetart stencil spotted. #
  • Shie Moreno, “Homage” (nd) #artprize @ Van Andel Arena #
  • Zac, can you run for King of the Jews? #realityshowthatshouldexist // RT @Zacharycohen: Ugh Jews. Am I right? #
  • You know why @ArtPrize will NOT be an art world destination? It’s not the quality of the art, it’s the lack of cocaine. #antiarttheory #
  • I’m really glad that in the hometown of the Ford Presidential library there is a street artist going around #
  • I’ve gone to @Sitelab at @ArtPrize 3x this weekend. Whole thing is really good. Ran into Jerry Saltz and he was kvelling about it too. #
  • Alexander Calder’s “La Grande Vitesse” (1967–69) with @LauraIsaac intervention. #artprize @ Calder Plaza #
  • Undine Brod, “Walk With Us” (nd) @ Calder Plaza #
  • I have a real question. Is the majority of CNN’s audience people in US airports? Because its largely unwatchable for longer than 30 minutes. #
  • Can someone explain why the Scott Brown/Elizabeth Warren is soo fun to watch? #2012election #
  • A book like the Bible? //@dansaltzstein /@nytimestravel: Have you ever traveled somewhere because of a book, TV show or movie? #fantourism #
  • Awesome! //RT @Colossal: DIY mechanical flipbook kits? Where have you been all my life. #
  • We’ve decided that Hyperallergic’s next hire will be editorial food taster, so that I don’t die from stray nuts at lunch. Almost happened… #
  • You’re right. We need an in-house baker // RT @justusbruns: @hragv get a baker! Carrot pies with icing all over!! #
  • It really is hard to capsulate #ArtPrize for those who haven’t been but I’m trying … I swear. #
  • Ok, I mean encapsulate. Damn DM’ers // @hragv: It really is hard to capsulate #ArtPrize for those who haven’t been but I’m trying … I swear. #
  • I think my brain stopped working. Where’s the manual!?!?!? #
  • Just found this old note from @cmonstah‘s Art Nurse, Miami, Dec. 2010 #Rank #
  • Oh no, whatever you have is fatal! // RT @VB2023: Just told a friend that @lenadunham is the Shakespeare of our time. #
  • There are so many more options for people like me with no broadcast or cable tv to watch something like the presidential debates live. #
  • Ending War! Ending War! #DenverDebate #
  • What happened to Romney’s eyes? #DenverDebate #
  • Not a single candidate is answering the questions. #DenverDebate #
  • Coal issue is silly. Those states are already voting for Romney, no? #DenverDebate #
  • Good to know // RT @shanacarp: @hragv no, pennsylvania is in play, and is a big coal producer. virginia might be in play as well #
  • Obama is turning it on…finally, this was getting dull. #DenverDebate #
  • No control what so ever. He is not qualified to moderate this. // RT @AntDeRosa: Lehrer has lost control! #ReutersLive #
  • This boring debate means Obama wins. #DenverDebate #
  • A moral issue? #candidateplease #DenverDebate #
  • Great idea // @elbowtoe: I would love to do a series of portraits of all the “people” that both the candidates cite as examples. #Debate2012 #
  • With his performance Jim Lehrer is making the case why PBS has bigger problems than their federal budget. #DenverDebate #
  • Why are libertarians obsessed with telling us they’re not politically correct? #
  • I’m guessing tomorrow’s headlines either read, “Zzzzzzzzz” or “Romney to Fire Big Bird.” #
  • Soo sad // RT @felixsalmon: Lehrer has completely lost it. #
  • I think all three of these individuals on stage right now fell like extraterrestrials to me. #DenverDebate #
  • “Expensive things hurt families.” = Best Bizarre Quote by Romney Ever! #shouldbethetitleofabadnovel #DenverDebate #
  • Is Romney crying? #DenverDebate #
  • “that’s why Americans don’t want Medicar… I mean…” —Romney #DenverDebate #
  • Hmm… @Veken is telling me Obama is setting traps for Romney, that will result in fact checking headlines. #iwanttobelievehim #DenverDebate #
  • Agreed // RT @VB2023: I can’t stop thinking about whether these guys will be the last two candidates to have gold wedding bands. #oldschool #
  • I think Jim Lehrer is cutting off Obama more than Romney. #DenverDebate #
  • Is it over? Phew. #DenverDebates #
  • I watched the #DenverDebate on WSJ Live & then had to change to HuffPost Live cuz the shitty commentary started as soon as the debate ended. #
  • Most of the bloggers on HuffPost Live think this debate is a draw but Obama was more likeable. #
  • Did I learn anything tonight? No. #
  • Digging this Obama/Romney kissing gif. #
  • Five Art Projects That Change the Way We Browse the Web via @hyperallergic #
  • WOOHOO! // @DeliRadio_com: Congrats to our #sevendaysofstreaming contest #winners @chairness dee love & @hragv!! #
  • Nothing like a GIF to cheer you up // 10 Hilarious GIFs and Memes from the Presidential Debate #
  • Soo … who is coming to @Hyperallergic‘s Third Anniv party tomorrow night? #psyched #
  • Is this called war mongering? // Lyons: CNN censored Ahmadinejad, engaged in War Propaganda #
  • Puerto Rican Fighter Orlando Cruz Comes Out Of The Closet As The First Openly Gay Boxer #
  • Is there a checklist? /@AleksandrJohn: I #curate …paper clips in my desk drawer. No one has the right to diminish that! #
  • Don Pedro showing off the refurbished House Party. @ Pierogi Boiler Room #
  • Check of the awesome cake Kara Romano made for @Hyperallergic‘s 3rd Anniv party! @ Pierogi Boiler Room #
  • If you’re going to tweet about tonight’s @hyperallergic 3rd Anniv party, use this hashtag! #Hyper3 #
  • Awesome, @thewigmusic did a great set tonight. Everyone raved about it. Amazing. #Hyper3 #
  • Post-party chill. #Hyper3 @hyperallergic @ Pierogi Boiler Room #

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