The T**** Presidential Library


My only question is if hardcore MAGA supporters would hurl themselves into the hole at a certain age, like something out of Logan’s Run (1976), as a sign of devotion and faith. The other question mark is the location. I know Mar-o-Lago has been floated but I think the Trinity blast site in New Mexico (maybe right on top?) may be a better location. I know the site is only open to the public twice a year and I’m fine with that or maybe they can only open one of those two opportunities, but, hey, I’m flexible.

I assume the gift shop would be mostly MAGA merch, and the vodka bar on the roof would only serve the “official” liquor brand, which would be named after the orange dude. The dumpster fire would burn like an eternal flame attracting zombies similar to how insects buzz towards a bright light.

The other possible location is the Asteroid Belt that exists between Mars and Jupiter, which may be a better longterm solution, but I’ll let future generations decide that one.

Either way I’ve taken liberties with the word “library” here because we know it will probably be anything but that.

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  1. Love it, but somehow I feel like the term library is misleading. Although… maybe it could be like the “firemen” in farenheit 451:

    “Monday burn Minority Rights, Wednesday Truth , Friday Freedom, burn ‘em to ashes, then burn the ashes.”

    And like giant flat screens everywhere

    • I don’t like that your model suggests it will be open daily. I am very much against that because I think anyone who works there should be allowed to take time off to go golfing any day they want.

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